39mm Watch | How To Choose The Right Watch Size For Your Wrist. – Ep 19

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How To Choose The Right Watch Size For Your Wrist. - Ep 19


So when I was looking to buy my first watch, one of the things that really kind of confused me. I was really wondering I was like what size watch. Should I get? And you know, I saw a lot of stuff on the Internet. It seemed like big watches where the trend? I wasn’t too keen on getting like I didn’t like the large watch style. So everyone was recommending a lot of the watching tees, the enthusiast for recommending smaller watches and either would. I really started wonders like well. Actually, if you know what it actually is a big watch versus a small watch because what I found is, It really depends on how big your wrist is so. If you have a large wrist, you can wear a larger watch and it won’t look as big as if you have. A small wrist, obviously kind of simple stuff and so. I started looking around and one things I really wish someone would have made would have been just a comparison saying. Okay, so here’s this size wrist, and this is a picture of a watch. That’s this size and I could just kind of look and see some different comparisons and I had a hard time finding things like that, so I decided to make that, so that’s what this video is. I got two of my friends to help me out. One friend has a six about a six six point. Six inch wrist wrist roughly so on the smaller side. My brother has a seven inch wrist so kind of in the middle and then. I have a fairly large wrist of a seven and a half inch wrist and then I just got five watches from my collection That are five different sizes. And we all tried them on and Im. You know, gonna line up side by side and just kind of talk through. You know, my opinions on what size is good for different size wrists. This is an extremely suggestive thing so. I think it’s less important what I have to say versus. You know, you just be able to look at these comparisons and decide for yourself, but I’ll give my opinion and input as well, but all that said, let’s go ahead and jump in and take a look and see which watches we’re looking at and how they look on different sized wrists. [MUSIC] All right, so this is the video? I’ve been kind of wanting to do for a while. And this is the lineup of watches that I’ve got. Basically, what would what’s gonna happen is? I’ve got five watches here ranging in size from 37 millimeters all the way up to 50 millimeters. I’ve got two friends with me That have different rich sizes and myself. We’re just gonna try on each one of these watches and kind of see what they look like, and hopefully that’ll give you a better frame of reference of how you know. These kinds of watches might look on your wrist, so you can kind of, you know, measure what your wrist is and find the wrist model that lines up best with yours and try and figure that out before. I go on, make sure you guys subscribe to the channel if you’re interested in this kind of content and also drop me a comment down below. Let me know what your wrist size is. And what’s your favorite case sighs, you won’t separate your watch sizes for your wrist, but with that, let’s go ahead and start jumping into the comparisons here and take a look and see how they look on different wrists. So you’ll start with the Seiko Snk 803 which is an extremely popular entry-level automatic watch. This is a 37 millimeter diameter. Watch and as you can see. I think it looks great on a 6.6 interest. That’s my again. This is all my opinion, you know, but largely this is for you guys to decide for yourself. Seven inch wrist. I think you can pull it off. I don’t think it looks too out of place. Looking on my seven-and-a-half wrench we’re in interest. It looks a little small to me, and that’s whether it is. I I don’t really wear it very often anymore. I did for a while, but just tends to look a little too small. In my opinion next, we’ve got the forty point five millimeter Orient, Bambino version, three again, very popular. Watch right now, and it’s kind of in that. Suites, all right, I think 40 millimeter is one of the best case sizes. I think it looks great on almost any wrist, and I think you can kind of see that here, but it for a dress watch. I feel like it does wear kind of large. If you have like a six six and a half inch wrist, six point six interest, it’s a little bit bigger but for a seven inch or seven and 1/2 inch wrist. I think it looks great as a dress watching for me. It fits my wrist perfectly, that’s how. I want to dress watch. Look on my wrists. Next we’ve got the 42 millimeter citizen. Nighthawk So it’s a little bit bigger And this is where I think you know for. If you have a smaller wrist, you know, maybe 42 millimeters is gonna be in my opinion. That’s sort of the upper end of where you want to go. That’s starting to look pretty large on that six point six interest. But again it still looks great on a seven inch wrist and this is my favorite watch size case size for a seven and a half interest for my wrist for me about forty two millimeters for casual watches. Kind of that sweet spot for a dress dress watch. I prefer a forty millimeter for my wrist. But for casual watch, 42 is great next. We have the 45 millimeter. Argan divemaster. So this is looking, I think pretty huge on a six point six interest, but that’s kind of what Argan goes for. Their style is large watches and so they would encourage people with smaller watches to wear a watch like that. So you can definitely get get away with it. If that’s what your preference is for a seven inch wrist, seven and a half inch wrist. I think it looks great, you know? I think fits fits my wrist really well. I have a 44 millimeter in this 45 millimeter. I wear both of them fairly often. I don’t think it looks. You know, too huge or out of place. Finally, we got a 50 millimeter. Nixon Baja. This is a digital watch. Unfortunately, I don’t have a 50 millimeter analog. Watch with a, you know, Big dial this one. I think tends to wear kind of smaller than the 50 millimeters that it actually is, but you can see there on the 6.6 interest. I mean, in my opinion, that’s looking less like a watch and more like some kind of you know, piece of equipment that he’s got on there, But for the seven interest for the seven and a half interest in particular, you know? I think it’s it’s not too out of place. It doesn’t! Look that huge and it’s you know. I mean, a nice and readable because of that because we’re gonna move on to do a little bit different comparison. Now now I’m going to go through each wrist size and we’ll try three different watches on each size. That are kind of in, you know, sort of what I think is the best range for that, and hopefully they’ll give you maybe an idea of you know you so you can look at what you know. Wrist size you have, and then you can kind of see what different watches will look like on your wrist size, so let’s take a look and check that out, starting with our smallest, so for a six point, six interest. These are the sizes that I like the best. Anything between 37 millimeters and 42 millimeters. I think looks really good, you know again. I think the 37 millimeter is, you know, probably the best for a dress. Watch for a casual watch. I would 40-millimeter, you know, works great, and you know, if you’re looking for if you want a larger looking watch, you know, grab the 42 millimeter for me. Anything larger than that. I think starts to look too big, but again it’s it’s all a matter of personal preference. So next let’s move up to our sort of mid-size wrist. This one is for the 7 inch wrist, so I think anything between 40 millimeter and 45 millimeter looks really good again. You know, for a dress watch, you know? Maybe you’re looking at 40 millimeter or even you could get away with a dress watch. Maybe even a little bit smaller. Yeah, if you look for casual, watch, 42 millimeter looks good 45 millimeter, starting to get a little bit large, and I probably wouldn’t push it too much further than that If I had a 7 inch wrist, but I don’t. I have a seven and a half interest, so let’s get that one up there for a seven and a half interest. Anything between a 40 millimeter up to a 50 millimeter. I think I can get away with again. My preference is I like 42 millimeters kind of my sweet spot, but for you know, dress watches 40 Millimeter looks great again. I have a couple of watches there in the 44 45 millimeter range that I wear regularly and I think they look fine. 50 millimeter. I think is kind of pushing it for me. I definitely wouldn’t want to go larger than that, and I rarely wear watches that size, but I think I could probably get away with it, okay, so this for this final category we’re gonna run through just a couple of sort of relative size comparisons so. I’m trying to find, you know, a watch that looks roughly the same size on E on all three different wrist sizes. If that makes sense, they’ll make more sense when I put the images up there. So yeah, so let’s go ahead and just jump right into it and take a look. Okay, so we have here, so this is that we have each wrist size Six point six seven 7.5 up again, so three different risks. I think each of these watches kind of look roughly the same size on each wrist, so I think a 37 millimeter watch looks about the same on a six point. Six interest looks about the same as a forty forty millimeter watch on a seven interest, which looks similar to a 42 millimeter watch on a 7.5 inch wrist. So that’s just kind of my opinion of relative size, So in what that’s saying, Is that like an average-sized watch? You know, really depends on your your wrist size again. Let’s get one more comparison so this would be a slightly larger. Watch so, you know for, you know, Six point six inch wrists. I think a 40-millimeter is looking a little bit. You know, sort of medium/large. Ish, 42 on a seven inch wrist is looking again kind of a little bit, You know, of a larger size, it’s know it gonna be more noticeable versus, like a 45 on a 7.5 interest so all of these. I think they look roughly about the same size. Even though they’re three different watches on three different wrists, you know, the relative size is pretty similar all that to say yeah. I hope this helps you guys out. As you’re trying to pick out wrist there, pick out different watches for your wrist size. You know for me. That’s always one of the challenges when I’m shopping around online. You know, I’m always wondering, you know? How is this watch gonna look on my wrist? You know, it seems like it’s hard to even find wrist shots because they can be so misleading, depending on the size of the the wrist model. So even that’s not helpful, Really. The best is if you can if you can, actually, you know, try the watch on and look at it and see what it is, but if you can’t do that. I think a video like this. Something like this get. You can have four references. It’s kind of helpful and to kind of keep in. Mind how a watch might look on a wrist. That’s the same size as yours. So, yeah, again, hope you guys enjoyed the video. Please, like comment and subscribe and yeah. I’ll try and keep cranking out more of these, but hopefully this is something you guys find useful and helpful. [MUSIC].

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