5990 | Patek Philippe 5711/1a-014 + Sealed 5990/1r-001 – First In The Uk! | Watchtrader & Co Ep.5

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Patek Philippe 5711/1a-014 + Sealed 5990/1r-001 - First In The Uk! | Watchtrader & Co Ep.5


Look at this one that we’ve just bought Harry. It is the AP offshore summer edition, but this is actually the babyliss, so it’s limited to 50 pieces. Love, this watch Rose Gold watch and it was only produced. I think in one year 2018. What’s the money? It’s perfect, you can see the conditions perfect. It’s not on worn, it’s slightly used, but it’s it’s as new as new condition. It’s an unpolished watch, Uh, very collectible. Um, money-wise. It’s probably worth around 60k right there. It’s not called that like, but I don’t want to say anything because he told me that, okay. Whenever then I was like, look what we’ve got. That’s not a summer, that’s about fabulous, And he said big blocks. Yeah, we’ve got a correction. Just remember about Bibles like if you you wait. What’s the correct name for it? Weight loss Bibles there. You go, guys! You’ve been contradicted. It’s a big loss, not about us so, but you learn something new every day from the godfather. There you go there, you go either way. If you like you, come by, okay. Harry, we’ve got a very, very special watch for you here. It’s believed to be limited to 600 pieces in the world and it’s going to be produced for one year Only and the watch in question is the patek Philippe 57114 in stainless steel with the green dial. Take a look amazing watch. I believe it’s it’s probably one of the first available in the UK. This is actually an EU watch from one of our regular clients. Don’t ask us how he’s managed to get it. But he has, it’s a long process, a little bit of a flight backwards and forwards, but it’s here there it is there, so that’s. The 57 11 14 with the green dial. But also we’ve managed to receive. This is the first one we receive is actually single sealed. This is the five 990 so that’s as it would come from. This is as it would come this. This is single! SEAL so it would come in a small shipping box, which has been opened. So this hasn’t been, so that’s been open. So now this has it’s what you call single sealed, so it’s unworn. It’s fresh as it has as it would leave the factory. So there it is there. It’s the 5990 in rose gold with the blue. Dial so something like this untouched Still in the plastic is an incredible investment piece for somebody to put away. Where do you see these right now? Market price. It’s difficult to say so the retail price. I believe is around 80k for that watch, but the waiting list is probably endless. There’s so many people going to try and buy this watch somebody with a maximum spend and a good relationship with the AD. You’ve only got a really small chance of ever actually buying something like this at retail, but realistically, if you want the watch on your wrist today, you’re going to be paying something around something around the 200 000 mark. We don’t know, we don’t know, but the the the green dial is a beautiful watch. Yeah, and it’s in stainless steel, probably going to be one of the last of the 5711s ever produced, but this watch is only going to be made for one year and 600 pieces. Only where this, whereas this watch. Obviously you’re gonna, you’re buying a rose gold piece with the blue. Dial patek have never done this combination before so personally, I prefer this and but investment wise, I’m not, I’m not too sure. If it was actually on my wrist, I would go for this one. Try it on fifth Fifty. You’ve gotta take it well. Is that the deal? Is this actually the other one what’s up? Yeah, I have 41 [MUSIC] It’s nice like that, which meant like twenty twenty bucks. That’s a thing that’s a thing. It’s hard like picture Diamond watches because it doesn’t like. Listen, then I mean, that’s. What, what can you say? What deal was hot involved on it? That would be the best man 14 promised. Yeah, was like 13-2 It cost! It cost 13 This needs 40. Yeah, you’re not doing 250 me. It’s disc on corn. I promise you I. Can I promise I’ll show you? I wonder if I could no movement at all 13 5 finisher straight at the point 37.50 the matter. Thirteen five, two cheap man. Hi, from me to me. I promise hello would be the best. I promise Ill D. I’ll have it the deal final for 35 like I’ll take a No. What 137 35 35 and that’s it. No, there’s only one thing to do there either 35 there. You go spotlight, So let’s see it’s got all boxing. People, hasn’t it. Grab it! That’s your box ill. Grab your card as well. Do you know what do you notice with like? I see I’ve seen it on Instagram. Like you knew streetwear, didn’t you? It was just pricey seller. I’ve sold so many of them. I’m not surprised because like. Obviously I spoke to you before about it. And you said you wanted one with you. When you came in with your dad, you said about that. I think I was wearing one. Oh, you’re hard! I think the other one and I thought you know what it is. I thought, like, obviously I’ve seen this posted. I was thinking sitting there sitting there, and then I just thought I think it’s a value for money. So whenever you want to part X again, something we’re not going to give you, like, we’re pretty much getting. I’ve told you how much it cost, and I’m telling you the truth. That’s what I’m going to say three wearing it. You know, that’s why I didn’t really sit round all day and just say oh, like 20 quid off because I know you’re not good is boring. I’m truthfully a cosplayer in grand school. Whenever you want a part exit, you know exactly how much pretty much you’re going to get by. Oh, that’s it, it’s like three times I’m exit. I’ll do it now, you know, you’re not exactly going to get much less back. Then that’s what that’s important. That’s always wrong ill. Do your invoice as well. Well, it’s a good job. I trust you because I didn’t even trip that lady. Yeah, there’s no cap on your car. So I kind of took an advantage. I thought it was going to get declined. I appreciate that like thank you, see? I thought, yeah, I’ve seen it. You knew yourself. I was kind of I’ve been after for a year. [MUSIC] In stock just bought it now 4500 boom. So first watch yellow gold mock dial Daytona. This is the discontinued mob dial just got discontinued this year. Then they’ve changed the dials to the, uh, meteorite dial. Now, next one, please. Yup, master, 40. Rhodium brand new. What’s the reference? One where twelve six six, two one twelve, six, six, two two, twenty twenty 2021 2021 brand new. Who’d that watch come from? Have you got the buying cheaters? No John needs to do the branches to be done. Yeah, 10-5 10-5 lovely that okay, Yacht, Master, 40. Mil brand new hot watch next one Milgaus’s brand new again effort, reference 116 116 400 400 GB price 7-2 explorer 2 White dial needs a Refurb 6 one one six, five, seven, eight, two one six five, seventy two one six five seven eight age 2017 2017 How much eight grand I think? AK or for 17 batter? Can it be man next one yacht Master, Two full yellow gold. One one six, six eight one That’s in stock. Is that when I came back, I’m back from London. That’s it so that needs to go straight in the stock. So this one’s just come back from refurb. We bought from a customer, there’s. A few light hairline marks. We’ve just had it, refurb, so it’s now like back to brand new another watch. Just come back from Refurb. This watch is actually a client. It’s a customer’s watch. He bought it from us, but he just wants a a light. Uh, valet like refurb on the watch, So it’s back like brand new. We’re doing that one free of charge from ladies AP with the black. It’s a royal oak with the black dial in the factory. Diamond bezel? Jack actually bought this one from a a dealer, Another dealer in London for someone or just stock. No, I just fancied it. You know, just fought for never had one with the battle for a while. You weren’t on your day. Release down, London. Make the most of it two-way pea’s, Harry. Uh, the royal 41 mil in Rose gold, both brand new pieces with the chocolate dial. These sell for around 80k around 80 000 each. Both of these are now sold. We’ve sold both. Were they sourced? Uh, on a client request. We had one previous. We had one last week, which saw we got a lot of inquiries on it and so we just located another two piece end of our two pieces, and we basically just filled the order, so if anything does sell and we’ll have a client, we’ll have two clients on the same watch. We’ll try and locate the watch and try our best to fulfill the order. If anybody has this watch with the blue dial, we’re looking to buy, uh, all the brown either. We’re always looking to buy any royal oak. Be a gens! Be it, ladies. Um, any ap? I bought this one today. That’s nice and forged carbon the carbon carbon offshore. Yeah, for five grand. I’ll show you some of these, but I think we can always locate anything that you need as well. So you know, just like. What are these? You know, like why they’re not like diving ones like they’re quite like they’re. Just, yeah, something like this. You’re looking like seven grand onwards for this with the smooth bezel, then fluted white gold bezels like, like, nine grand onwards or something like this six and a half. That’s a good one I used to perpetual 41 more, that’s. Good, yeah, submariner. That’s good. Both of these like six and a half. It’s that’s a black doll. Yeah, is it an occasion or anything or is it? Yes, yeah, what you got at the minute, but it’s got a black face. You want something you wanted? Something like that was more like different. Yeah, so probably like, like, you know, like something You would never. I’d say probably something like a day, just like a date. Just 41 is probably your best bet. This one can be like 12k Yeah, um, 9000 onwards sub it. They’re discontinued now, so it’s quite a good watch investment while he’s really good. Yeah, so they make that in a 41mm now, not the 40. Or something like this C dweller that’s full set. That’s everything worth it. That’s 2007. Ill. Take a classic watch. If if he’s going to keep it for a long time, I’m guessing, like investment wise. That’s quite strong. Yeah, that’s very similar to a submariner apart from its Pre-ceramics 7 500. So that is technically a divers. Watch what you’re on about, but you’re not going to use it to go diving. Realistically, I like two. I like the two colors, so that’s. Um, brand new. That’s 12 brand new. That’s a Wimbledon doll with a green. But yeah, I can take your number. I’m looking anything that will get in stock. That’s like around that kind of thing. I don’t want anything you’re too famous already. Honestly, my photograph when I’m buying watches. Oh, that’s two today as soon as we get anything in within that budget. I’ll just send it in if you like it. If it was something you’ve gone from five to twelve, I’ve gone from an Audi to like a Mercedes or something that we’re Mercedes. [LAUGHTER] Well, if it’s 12 you’re definitely going to get something like that. You’re like this is better. I haven’t got invest. I think better than crypto. Yeah, do some research. See what you like? Send me and we can locate it for you. Jack, since granddad’s been on the Youtube, he keeps getting pestered off mainly women to do watch repairs and potentially looking to party exchange. I’m not linda dean anymore. [MUSIC] No. I just like to come along and say hello. And today I’m not come with any more watchers. [MUSIC] Hello mate, okay. How are you, you’re right. Yes, um. Do you know you had one on this morning? Yeah, did he? Yeah, just keep all this. You’re not going to use it like this. Oh, football being. Are you injured for a long time? I was a dummy angle. Yeah, I’m a buck on my hamstring. It’s just the way we’re training. Yeah, that’s ridiculous. Yeah, it’s ridiculous. It’s so intense all the time. Good manager, though. Yeah, he’s a joke like, even if I would like to do what winners, three one you still bring the tacos on? Yeah, just pushing small. I just pushed. You always like you never see us. Take your foot off. The pedal and nothing easily should win no games. We got a good one. Yesterday you came from the other people. Yeah, well, I was. I wasn’t at Newcastle as a kid lately. But what, uh, just wasn’t it? Yeah, you know, yeah, yeah. I forgot I know the last time I bought a watch. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He bought one off. He’s not one girl. Yeah, same as yours with a diamond down on the bezel, Didn’t you? You saw that backwards? Um, I’ve still got it. You still got it? Yeah, you’ve got it. Yeah, don’t remember you want to do it. Pretend, yeah, yeah, I might as well keep it. Yeah, so I just kept it. Then we’re getting one from the club as well. Yeah, we’re getting people promoting last year would be fancy. Well, the club I’d give them a one, The supplier one but, uh? I think they just go direct with rolex. Um, it is. I think so they’ve done that. Just done that where they just got the club like every every watch. Do you know who I think? It is. It’s a large stewie. Dallas noise. I think this one like Belfast, though. Yeah, that’s who sorted them out. I’ll probably be yeah. Yeah, from Belfast. Yeah, but no, that’s who’s that on Youtube. Yeah, that’s me, that’s all. Yeah, what it happened with, like a lot of the streamers as well. Do you play on controller the actual people, uh, thank you. [MUSIC].

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