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Top 10 Best Alpina Watches For Men Buy In 2021 | Alpina Watches


[MUSIC] Water amounts to more than two-thirds of its surface and is vitally important for the existence of all life. Unfortunately, the threats to marine environment are equally widespread. We pollute the oceans with residual waters, oils, pesticides and plastics. We produce an average of 300 million tons of plastic a year. The most common marine debris consists of plastic and synthetic materials, both of which have disastrous effects on marine life and seabirds, ocean gyres, circle around calm waters and attract loads of debris, mostly small pieces of plastic gathering waste, which accumulates for years. We must transition ecologically and preserve common goods in order to share natural resources equitably, Hence why alpena watches strives to make a difference with a strong commitment to preserve our beloved oceans. We are proud to present. An exclusive range of original. Swiss watches made from recycled plastic the gyre. The gyre’s case is made with recycled pa6 and glass fibre. The PA-6 material consists of recycled fishing nets from the Indian ocean in order to produce a strong watch case material. This recycled PA6 is then reinforced with 30 percent of glass fibre. The gyre strap is also made of recycled plastic, offering you a unique and environmentally friendly timepiece. Take a stand and beyond anything else. Give the gift of time to our planet. Wear a giant. [MUSIC] Hi Kickstarter were alpina watches and have been making high quality Swiss watches since 1883. In 1938 we invented the ultimate outdoor alpine watch. The Alpine 4 it quickly became a reference amongst nature and Alpine enthusiasts 80 years after the Alpiner 4 We are very proud to introduce the alpinerx. The first true outdoor smartwatch, the alpine RX, is on top of everything else. A beautiful piece of Swiss watchmaking, with its sporty and strong looks, high quality materials and refined details. The Alpine RX makes a strong statement and is above all an exquisite piece to wear and it’s just the start. We wanted to bring state-of-the-art connected features while staying faithful to our roots. We combined an analog display with a digital screen and managed to put some great sensors into it. [MUSIC] Instead of making another smartwatch with tons of functionalities, we aim at creating a watch that helps you make the difference. That’s why we center the watch around the dynamic coach so that you can improve your lifestyle by following the tips. Given by the app, all the data is collected in real time and can be analyzed via the companion app. Keep track of your progress. Push yourself further and challenge yourself to new adventures. When I’m happy, nothing’s going to stop me. I’m making my way. Oh, I’m making my way for your love. I will go far. I wanna be wherever you are. I know I’m coming back for you. [MUSIC]. I know I’m coming back to you. [music] your alpine. Your ex will never judge you. It will only help you move forward and accomplish your objectives by now you probably ask yourself why such an established brand is on Kickstarter. Alpina has a rich history of collaboration and innovation. In 1903 the Alpinists, a group of retailers came together to develop new designs. We feel that Kickstarter is the modern vision of that spirit of collaboration into which you are the albinist in order to build a watch. That fits your needs. We are inviting you into the innovation cycle to do so. We have built a configurator into which you can design your own watch amongst over 3000 possibilities. If you do not wish to do so, you can, of course vote for the best design, and we will build it for you. Should you be a city dweller or Himalayan climber? Our outdoor smartwatch will be the best ally for your challenges. So back us now and get your personalized Alpine RX and reach your own summit. Thank you very much. [MUSIC] Thank you. [music] [Music] No [Music] see [Music] [Music] it’s so to celebrate. Uh, this amazing event. Uh, with sent into space. We’ve created a limited edition of our Pannier X Limited to 299 pieces as you know, we’ve had the success of Kickstarter back in 2018. Now we’re really pushing the limits developing the watch. We have here a beautiful design really inspired by the the space and beautiful backdrop that we will see later on also pushing the the functionality so here well, of course, be using the altitude to really, uh, go over. Mount Everest of 8848 meters. We’ve really developed over the last few months different features, we added, for example, the heart rate monitoring strap, which is really a popular request from the Kickstarter backers And now we’re really going into space. The balloon is filled behind us when this gets to peak altitude above the earth, it’s going to be over 25 meters in diameter. The Alpena X is going to be exposed to temperatures as low as -65 degrees Celsius pressures approaching zero re-entry speeds into the Earth’s atmosphere as fast as 250 miles per hour. I cannot wait to see the results on this camera of that watch with a beautiful backdrop of the earth and the blackness of space behind it. Let’s go [Music] [Music] so [Music] you?

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