Ana Digi Watch | Pulsar Pz4021 Feature Packed Ana/digi From The Seiko Family For £50!!! 💥

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Pulsar Pz4021 Feature Packed Ana/digi From The Seiko Family For £50!!! 💥


[MUSIC] Hi there, folks! Welcome back to the channel and today we’re going to be having a look at, um, what is supposedly one of the most popular watches at a certain high street jeweller in the UK? Um, it’s a pulsar packed full of features. This little thing, little, it’s not that little. Um, but yeah, let’s get into it. Let’s have a look, uh, very quickly, we have here. You can see our resident Minion holding the instruction book, which doesn’t give you a lot of instructions. Most of them are online, but that is your guarantee it comes in this. Uh, plastic kind of shell clam case. Um, all hard plastic. But, you know, certainly up to the job. Uh, let’s get into the watch it’s. Uh, all 316l stainless steel, The reference number for it is pz4021 and as you can see, it is an analog and digital, so yeah, packed full of features this thing as I said, all 316l stainless steel and we’ll rattle through some measurements for you, we have a case width of 44 we have a lug to lug height of 52. And as you can see, it is quite a tall one. This, and that comes in at 15.6 millimeters. So yeah, fairly tall. The strap starts at 22 mil at the top tapers down to 19.9 so we’ll call that 20 and then back up to 22 at the clasp and the everything is polished on the sides. Um, got a little bit of brushing on the top of the lugs and a little bit of shaping down here just to kind of add a little bit of interest to it, and we’ll get in a little bit closer on that dial. Now here we go now as you can see. This is one of those, uh, kind of low light digital dials and but it’s actually pretty easy to read functions wise. Uh, you’ve got a mode button at the bottom left, which will change your mode and then we go to your day within your second time zone, and then you have a chronograph and then you have a data recorder, so you can store stuff so plenty of functionality with this one. You have a countdown timer, and then you have an alarm and there’s three alarms that you can have on this, and then you have your world time, which is currently set to New York time, and it also has your current day and date on the far right hand side and your digital time at the bottom and your current city at the top to scroll through your cities. You can either press the top button, which will then scroll through the cities for you or you can press the bottom one to go back the other way and obviously continue on. Should you wish to, um you got? Uh, all kind of baton markers for your, uh, your main indices and, uh, around the, uh, the rehort chapter ring. I suppose that is you’ve. Got your five minute markers. And as I said, the date window is on the right hand side where you would expect it. But it’s in digital format as opposed to a mechanical rollover date window. The bracelet itself is, uh, pulsar. Obviously, you know that they’re psycho. Are owned by Seiko. So we’ve got a very psycho looking bracelet. It’s not a push pin one like the normal Seiko. As you would expect, This is actually folded links and they really are very folded as you can see. They’re quite stacked in there. Um, to, uh, to change. Them is a bit of a bit of a fiddle and a faff. Um, this particular one will fit. Maybe I think probably an eight inch wrist. At the clasp you’ve got pulsar, which is stamped in. You got a pressed metal clasp and a polished case back as you can see. It is covered in my fingerprints. Uh, with the, uh. The psycho wave logo on there. You’ve also got your your model name. Uh, the crown is, uh, unsigned. Um, does not screw down 100 watt of me. Uh, 100 water meters, 100 meters water resistant, even and get that one right in a minute. Um, so, yeah, it’s actually it’s a pretty useful daily Wear. Watch cost of these. Uh, considering all the features that they’ve got. Um, they’re 49.99 currently. Um, and you can that. Some places are trying to sell them for kind of their full retail, which is apparently 120 pounds, which actually sounds quite a lot but at 49.99 Yeah, I think it’s a. Yeah, It’s a great little daily. Wear, it’s a a good one for, uh. You know, if you’ve got, yeah, if you need to do lots of timing or anything like that, and you’re, uh, you’re kind of working outside. I mean, this is a great thing. It’s not going to slip under a shirt cuff. I don’t think not at that thickness. It’s quite a chubby thing. The bracelet does. Actually we have female end links, so it does actually drop down, you know, immediately at the end of the end links, which are hollow and so yeah, it does conform to the wrist quite nicely, weight wise. We shall get a weighing machine in here. Here we go. Uh, weight weighs in out of 161 grams. Uh, let’s get that in there so you can see that there. We go 161 grams. Uh, so, yeah, fairly weighty. You certainly know that you’ve got it on. Um, but I think for the for the money. Yeah, it’s, uh, yeah, it’s not not a bad watch, really. Um, you know, Pulsar, As we said, you know, owned by psycho. So you know, it’s going to be reliable. I do believe this takes two batteries, one for the analog and one for the digital. Um, there is, uh. There is loom on the on the indices, But it, uh, it isn’t that great. I’m assuming that’s the Seiko Lumi bright. But there isn’t much of it on there, but it does have, um, a backlight feature there we go. You can see the loom. You got the top left button. Which gives you your backlight, which is very clear. Um, you don’t have to have the second time zone. Set to your, uh. Yeah, if you like. This one is at New York time. Uh, if you scroll through, you can have it at GMT, So if you’re using this at night and you want to use the backlight feature to tell the time because the loom isn’t isn’t shiny enough, then that’s easily done as well. You just scroll through until you get to your GMT. Okay, so that’s it. This is apparently one of the best selling watches in the UK at the moment on this high street shop. Um, I might as well tell you. The name is H. Samuels. I don’t suppose anybody outside of the UK. You’ll have heard of them but yeah. Um, yeah, not not a bad piece, Not a bad piece. I will do you a quick wrist shot and by the way today. I have the Marchand classic driver on, um, so well. Pop that down, we’ll show you what it’s like on the wrist. It’s a decent snap in place, and that’s on my seven and three quarter inch wrist. So, uh, yeah, it sits quite nicely on there. Yeah, because it’s a relatively short lug to lug in watches of these days, You know, you could easily get that on a slightly smaller wrist, but it is like I said it is quite tall. So, yeah, there we have it. The pulsar, PZ. Zero, two one. If you like it, I’ll leave a link down below where you can find it. Uh, it’s available on Amazon as well. Um, might even be a bit cheaper on Amazon. We’ll have a look, and I’ll leave a link to it anyway. If you like this video, if you could leave me a thumbs up, that would be fantastic. And, uh, please subscribe to the channel and hit that notification. Bell, so you get notified when I upload any more content. Okay, that’s it for now. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one, you.

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