Armida A2 | A Quality Diver From Hk! Armida A2 Black Two Tone Automatic Dive Watch Review – Perth Watch #134

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A Quality Diver From Hk! Armida A2 Black Two Tone Automatic Dive Watch Review - Perth Watch #134


[music] Hello, guys! Welcome back to the channel to today’s review where I am gonna take a look at this Armida piece! Now you may have seen the unboxing video from a little while back, so this is again the packaging that you would have seen if you caught that. So our media is a Hong kong-based company and what I like about them is they are unashamedly declaring that right at the front of your website, So you know, it’s gonna be Japanese Seiko irritant movements, but they do have some movements which are Seletar and as her I believe in in some what they’re more expensive models, they do say that the watches are manufactured in. Hong Kong and autumn are shipped from there. So you won’t find this on Amazon? Oh, at least I have not found this on Amazon or other retailers on this search in this case is interesting, You know, it is a solid plastic diver’s case with a bit of a connection here that you can, you know, put a string or rope through to tie it to yourself as well. So you know the nice, solid rubber ceiling there on the inside that you can see that will make it actually waterproof. I believe that people have tried this, and it is indeed a waterproof diver’s case and with that a meter on the side there, so let’s just put the packaging aside and show you the inside. So this is a simple label and the basic instructions and the serial number on the inside there. Okay, and you don’t really need instructions If you are watchin. Thews iasts for this because it’s a simple three hand movement, and now this one, just another note. I guess a public service announcement. You’re got to be where to keep it on one side to make sure the watch doesn’t fall out when you open this foam container because it really is just sitting like that. I guess when you buy a new, It will be wrapped up in the protective plastic wrappings, But you know, subsequent death. Just just be way of that little family. Okay, so here we go, lets. Take a look, so what we have Here is the meter, a two doll in 2-tone so gold and black two-tone with steel with the NH 35 a movement. And that’s a right up front on the named after watching your listing there now again direct sale only as far as I understood it to be. So The MSRP is 349 USD on the website. I think they often do have 15% discount, at least in the recent Easter Day, They did have a sale and I understand that that comes on fairly regularly, so you know, you’re gonna be able to get 15% off and so a debt that roughly translates to around at three hundred and three hundred dollar mark. It should be so the movement in here and in this Our meter is a Seiko, NH, 35 A. So you’ve heard about that before 21600 Peaks for our 24 jewelry. Ref Lee Speaking. So it does have the quick set. They in this case implemented at a 4:30 window, which is interesting and that’s. I guess a white number on a black circular disc there. So you know it kind of contrasts against the black and doesn’t to stand out as some marking on the 430 spot, So I think that’s a good choice that they’ve done there. And and you know this movement, this hacking and it does have manual winding this world. The case is 42 millimeters three one six. L steel, it is 14 millimeter on the thickness with 22 Millimeter lug width, which is appropriate for this size lug to lug distance, is 51 millimeters and it comes in fairly hefty, actually. I have to say, you know. It feels significant in the hand and it comes in at a hundred Seventy five grams. Which is you know, which is significant is about the same as my Horas Atrás state, for example, So the finishing here you you will see, right. It’s got the Polish top-end size, So they haven’t taken on the. I guess the challenge of doing a transition between brush and Polish sides, brush, top and Polish size, Which is what a Rolex sub would be and with what you know. Other emerges have taken on. So there’s something often like there. It does have a brush bezel side, though. So if you look at the bezel itself, the top surface is polished, hopefully that comes through now, but it does transition to brush finish on the the side surface of the bezel, so they have at least taken that on the case Back. Of course, in this diverse style Watch is screwing and it’s got an interesting pattern. I mean, if we look at the that, actually not just for the tool that you will use to remove it. I mean, they’ve got how many there 12 notches, You know, which is I guess more than the tool would have, but it’s an interesting choice that they’ve chosen to go with. You know, this kind of, like pattern as well in the middle, and then some features that they described 300 meter sapphire steel. What not okay with the crown here and just take a look at the crown? It’s got a nice itching as well. That’s deeply etched a there, so it’s not. I guess a proud sign. It is actually an etched in a there, so with that screw in crown. And of course it’s gonna be a screw in crown In this design. It is rated at 300 meter water resistant. And that’s why I read they do test. Your watch is pretty thoroughly, so you know, you know? I believe you can actually thoroughly trust this to to perform to its water rating without much of a question. Here, you know, they’re the the company do market themselves as a dive watch company unashamedly, you know, making quality dive watches out of Hong Kong, so that’s kind of their briefing. They’re the doll here is, you know it’s got a bit of a gloss there, but not not too high, glossy. It is noticeable. When you catch it in the correct light angle. It’s got apply it. Marcus, with go tone a steel. I believe, and it’s got that vintage style, the new sub style diamond and the time hand, so it doesn’t go with the Mercedes hands, right, There’s no Cyclops date magnifier. The loom is on all the apply markers as well as the hands as well as the Loom tip And I’ll put a balloon shot here that you can, you know, just check out for the appearance at night. Linas be GW9 Super-luminova. And it performs just as you’ve would expect it to, you know, Mercer, way through tonight and still visible right into the morning when I’ve worn this overnight 120 click unidirectional, dive style bezel in gold-tone, of course, and kind of a just a classic Submariner style markings and the quality is pretty good. You know, I mean here, that right. There, very, very solid, right and almost two solid. I was thinking. If you don’t, you get a good grip of that coin edge. Bezel, it’s a very nice feeling, bezel, after so here, as far as I have experienced this, the glass is actually flat sapphire with internal anti-reflective coating’s so very nicely done. The bracelet here is brushed steel with a polished gold-tone center link there. So you know the nice kind of, like jewel tone finishing that you would expect in this particular piece? You know, the links at the end right are solid, all right. Take a look at there. You can see just a spring bar visible and then a little spring bar holes there, and you know, the actual class itself. A lot of the pieces are pretty decent. I mean, look at that link. There, it’s pretty decent, right, It’s got a fairly fairly solid type extension, but you know, the actual class housing itself is stem, so that’s probably the weakest point of the whole thing. Really, you know, hard to pick much weaknesses, and that’s really just the one weakness. I can pick out, okay, so so that’s really. The watchlist is put it on for a wrist shot and then also. I would say a quick shout out to a Samuel ball. Who has made this available? You know, thank you. Samuel, for coming forward. And you know, lending me some pieces, you know? Bodhi, Unbox. Them in that unboxing video. But it’s been a pleasure, you know, using and experiencing some of these pieces, so thank you again, and, you know, look forward to more pieces from Samuel coming out later in the Channel. All right, so that’s it. We shot there 51 millimeters, so it is kind of big for my 7 inch wrist. My 17 centimeter roughly size wrist there. You know, it kind of hangs out at the boundary of what’s acceptable. I think all right, so that’s how it looks right now. What have I enjoyed about this watching well? I think it is really well finished, you know? I’ve had a very close Look at this. I think the the the finishing of the brushing the polishing the fit overall. It is pretty good. I mean, look at that case back. You know, it’s got good touches with that design there itching on the crown. It’s got something else. I haven’t mentioned it’s got squealing. So if you look at the bracelet, right. These links are screws. I did not actually push pin like many watches may be at this price point. You know, they’d they are somewhat. Just don’t have gone for screws these days, but you know? I think the majority are still pushpin at this price point. So there they’ve gone for that. It’s got a very clean looking doll, and I like it. How it’s just got Armida automatic at the top and then 300-meter at the bottom and nothing else really extensively. Put on the doll. It’s got that sapphire. No, it’s got a lot of good touches, you know, and I think you’re getting quite a lot of watch for the money. The bezel insert isn’t ceramic right now. I forgot to mention that, but apart from that, it’s it’s not a lot that you can fault about this watch. What can I fault well, you know? I’ve mentioned this, right, That’s a weak point that stamp class housing on the bracelet plastic. But that’s about it, You know, I mean, it is a very much design, of course, right. It’s not a modern sunrise finish until substyle. It’s got that date window. But unmistakeably it does take a lot of cues from the Rolex sub. So that’s not for everyone. Not everybody will like whirring. I know March like this. So if that’s you, well, you wouldn’t choose to pick this up. And then, Lastly, nothing about the watch itself. I think something that I guess It goes up against this price point competition at this price point at around the 300 to 350 Price point is pretty tight. You know, you’re going up against. Seiko, you know, which is real? But he math, right, you know, a lot of turtle watchers, samurai baby tuna, some monster models too available at around this price of below a huge competition. Now this does have the Sapphire Crystal, which I guess differentiates it and lifts it up above the sacrum models, which typically have hard mix middle-class. But you know, it is entire competition at this price place. So this is something that you have to be aware of. If you’re gonna throw down 350 for this, there are a lot of other models. A lot of other watches out there that you would, you know, be in your radar in your consideration, but you know, they do seem to command respect, so kudos to our meter for coming. As far as they have, they do seem to have a lot of models, so presumably they’ve had met with a reasonable amount of success to survive in this tight market. So guys there, we have it a meter, a 242 millimeter in black gold jewel tone with steel. Let me know what you think about this company about this. Watch if you have any. Armada watches or experience with your brand. I would love to hear it guys. If you enjoy my videos to consider subscribing, I put out new content every week, always aiming to be objective and unbiased about all things serology. Thank you again for watching and as always. I’ll catch you next [Music] you?