Basel 2017 Watches | Traser H3 Tritium Watches Review – Novelties From Basel 2017

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Traser H3 Tritium Watches Review - Novelties From Basel 2017


Hi, this is mark from. Long Island, watch comm. And today we’ll be talking about Tracer Watch’s tracer watch! I’ve been carrying since 2008 had know pretty much the day and the date exactly and show you why in a minute? I’m going to show you whether I received. But treasure watches are tritium based watches. They’re similar to if you never heard of tracer similar to a brand like Luminox ball night, Smith & Wesson. If they’re still around all those other brands and basically, treasure watches are self-illuminating radioactive watches. They contain little glass vials to have a radioactive gas where your active gas reacts with the tube. It’s in and the coating on the tube, wall emits visible light to you and me that we can see and perceive as color and the color spectrum in pretty much follows the Rainbow. Get any color you want. I did a video. It’s probably over a year ago. Now at this point on what tritium is and I’m going to redo it. I’m going to do another video. I’m going to publish it under the guise of watch and learn and I’m going to really get into the in depth of tritium illumination, but in short, the watching will show you today are all tritium based and have little glass tubes, and you’ll see in the video that have this radioactive gas. The tritium using these has a half-life around twelve and a quarter years. So, after about twelve years, you get about half the brightness, another twelve, another half the brains and it keeps decaying on and on and you may have heard heard of this as a radioactive decay. This is what radioactive decay is. I’m going to show you just a couple of watches. I’ll be showing you today, Officer. Watch with the gunmetal case and the orange accents. And I’ve got a GMT. The Aurora, two time zone GMT. This one’s got the blue dial. It’s a really nice looking watch eye. They all use. What is called? These are these? GT LS these gas tubes that tracer makes and I’ll get into it in a minute. Who tracer is owned by something That’s important to note now. I’ll go over this in the watch and learn when I do that video. Who knows when I’ll do it? I got a lot of thoughts in my head. The radiation that’s emitted can’t trades. Human skin can’t penetrate a piece of paper. It’s a beta radiation. Its very low level. You know it like. I said reacts with the tubes. You can actually see it, but as far as for physical health on anything else that you know that we think the radiation is associated with from a health aspect. I’ve heard it said before I didn’t research it. I’ve heard it said that the potassium in a banana releases more radiation than one of these tubes. Anyway, let’s get over to the table and check out trays. Rh3 tritium is a ch3 symbol tracer. A ch3 watches so. I figured this is just a good way to start the overview of all the watches. I have. I think eight watches here. I can see in the viewfinder. Obviously, the one major one with the luminous dial my fingers in front of it. Maybe you see a smattering of other tritium based illumination around the table. I’ll flip the lights back on and you can see, indeed. I have eight watches. I’m going to try to go quick. A couple of them are from the same series, so I’m going to do in detail on one of them and just move on to the rest, but before I do, I do want to just say you know this. These watches really do have tritium, and they really contain radioactive material. And just to show you how serious this is. I’m going to show you a little something that I got in the mail very shortly after I started carrying these watches, so picture this your four or five years into your online venture to sell wristwatches. You get a new brand of watches called tracer that was recommended and you get not one. But two certified return receipt copies of this in the mail from the US. Nuclear Regulatory Commission And there’s nothing really identifying in here, but what it basically says. Is, you know we went on your website and we see that you have watches that have tritium in them. You’re not allowed to sell them unless you have an import license. So the license holder for these watches is actually somewhere in Buffalo. Now every tracer watch comes into the country. I believe this is the logistics that I don’t know too much of coming through Buffalo and then they funnel their way into the distribution stream. So there is a license holder, and you just need to trace your watches back to the original license holder, which I do since I purchased from the authorized source in the USA. So anyway, let’s get into the watches, so everybody likes novelty. So we’ll start with the Novelties. This was announced at Basel 2017 This is one of a bunch of trays of watches. I’m going to show you that were announced this year. It’s his gunmetal case to see the gunmetal. Its kind of like, faded lime-green dial with tritium tubes on a rubber. Strap all the walks. I’m going to show you. Today are quartz driven. Something that’s important to note. It was brought to my attention that maybe don’t advertise it enough. The tracer watches are indeed, so it’s made they are made in Switzerland. They qualify for the Swiss made label. What’s cool about tracer? Is that the company is owned by? MB micro tech. And you could go scope. Check us out online. MB micro tech is the competent actually makes the little tritium vials. The vials are supplied to industries all over the world. One of the biggest industries probably is defense. They’re used in gun sights and things of that nature, but then they decided to brand their own watch label. That’s tracer! I assume named after a tracer round, but that’s tra CER. Not sure where the name comes from. You can see. H3 is on the dial. H3 is the symbol for tritium. It’s a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, And I’m going to do another one. Do a watch and learn on tritium based watches. I did something a while ago. I didn’t get into too much detail. I want to do it again and show the difference between tritium and standard luminescent paint like this dial. So this dial is coated with a film of luminescence, probably super-luminova. And then if I pull up if I pull in really close on the dial and the hand, you can see the tubes. Those are gaseous tubes. G TLS, gaseous tube light source or gaseous tritium light source. I’m not sure which one it is. I got it written down somewhere and those tubes are filled with tritium gas, and that is what emits light. So I’m going to flick out the lights for a minute, and now you can see right now. It’s clear the dial takes over. The dial is much brighter than the tubes. No reason you can see that 12 oclock tube is because it’s an orange, and that’s in contrast to all the other tubes, which are green, but I’ll bring up other trays or watches next and after a while, this dial will fade because it’s super-luminova, which emits and then the tubes will take over. And then you’ll just see the tubes, so it’s really a cool watch. This is a with get into specifics. It’s around 400 bucks. Its 42 millimeters in diameter, ten and a half thick 49 tip to tip. It’s got a 22 mm meter lug, 100 meters water resistant push-pull crown As I said it a Swiss quartz movement standard three handed date movement, the crystal on this is anti reflective sapphire, and it’s got a screw down case back as you saw before product code branding. Swiss made water resistance tritium. This just a really is a cool. Watch so this is one of the new watches they came out in. Basel and I’m going to show you basically next. I’m going to show you three other watches That came out of Basel. They’re all from the same series before we put this one away. We should mention. This is tracer model number 107 4 to 4 So next up is the officer. Pro which comes in. I’m gonna say three color schemes. The plain black, it’s the black with the orange stripe and the black with the green stripe. If going from front to back its model numbers, 107 4 to 4 4 to 5 and 4 to 6 This is one else. I’m sorry I might’ve already misspoke. This was 107 for 2 to 4 to 5 and 4 to 6 okay. The side specs are the same on all of them, which is 42 by 10 and a half by 49 which the same as the watch We just saw its twenty two millimeter lug solid screw down case back one piece, nylon strap, black. It’s got the bruster or matte hardware. It doesn’t exactly match the case perfectly. That’s a little gripe. I’m going to have, but again It’s that gunmetal case, which it’s not solid, black PVD. It’s actually it’s almost like aged like a dull gray now, like titanium much deeper than that, but the standard stuff applies here. It’s three handed quartz movement. Now we have tritium illumination. So now you can clearly see. The tritium is a t25 which means it’s got 25 mil acure ease of radiation inside the tubes, the twelve. Oclock tube is orange, and that provides a registration. So you know what twelve OClock is, but I mean, these are seem in the background, too. They’re super easy to read in the dark and this light will last for they guaranteed to last for at least 10 years. The half-life is around 12 years now, so up to 12 years, it’s half as bright as it was when it came from the factory. The good news here is that since the factory that makes the tubes is the factory that makes the watches, it’s it’s like fresh produce. You know, the tubes are fresh. They haven’t been sitting in inventory for 20 years or 20 years. They’d be dead, not dead, but we’re not admitting enough light that missing inventory for three to five years. They are pretty much new, so it comes in this variety. It comes in the orange, so you got orange numbers and then the tritium tubes. The glow is going to be the same. They are the numbers below just a little bit. That’s with luminescent paint. That’s not with tritium, just really cool looking. It pops, so nice and tell me that doesn’t pop as well with the green. What a combination winning combination. I love the second’s hand running right through the stripe on the strap. These are awesome! They’re all 356 dollars again. They all share the same size specs at 100 meter water resistant push-pull crown, So it’s made all cool stuff. You know, a nice easy to wear size for. I’d say for almost anybody, so let’s move on to the last novelty that came out of Basel and now we’ll move on to the GMT of the pack. These are the tracer. Aurora watches. Only difference here is the dial color. One is a gradient, black and one’s a gradient blue see, they start out as black fades to gray and gets the bottom starts out is a very dark blue, and it fades to a lighter blue at the bottom. The dial really cool looking, so these are. GMT watches. I’ll put the blue one aside for a minute. I know I’m putting the blue on the side. That’s weird for me, but you can see. It’s got a GMT hand this red hand. This red hand will revolve once a day and it’s independently settable. So you pull the crown out one click, and you can change this hand to whatever time you want in 24 hour time format, and you’ll see that when a time event is over, the time goes backwards, you can see that. GMT hand will move in sync to keep track at least second time zone so again like before we have tritium tubes, even on the GMT hand really cool. You know, you don’t have to do that, but they do it, and now you might wonder well. How do you see the second time zone? Because there’s no tubes there. We’ll get that in a minute. Well, we’ll shut out. The lights will light it up, but the size on this one is similar to the rest 42 by ten and a half, so 42 millimeters 10 They have thick 4849 tip to tip. Screw down back sapphire anti-reflective 22 millimeter lug. Let’s strap to this black leather lacklustre in my opinion to watch sells for around $350 At least you get the matching tracer buckle if I can wedge it up there it is you set the strap here, just a plain leather strap. Nothing, nothing to write home about, so lets. See what happens when we flip out the lights because that’s what we came here for and immediately you see so. The tritium tubes are blue, which is awesome blue on the hours, minutes and seconds. GMT hand Hope you can see. It is a red slit. The indices around the outside are done in blue. The numbers are done in blue, luminescent paint, so that will fade over time with as the night goes on. And then you have the tubes around the dial on the RN at the top. For your registration, you can see the GMT track. Half of it is done in luminescent paint, which is really nifty, so it just looks so nice at night. That’s so cool looking, and then maybe a quarter. Maybe you didn’t. If you look see my finger tracing around the outside, they’ve actually added a Gasquet. I’m assuming if the crystal gasket is impregnated with luminescent paint, so this will glow for a little while, and it gives this nice border effect on the outside of the watch again. It’s not a tritium, it’s not tritium, light, its regular photo, luminescent light. So this is the Aurora in black like I said it comes in blue, See that gradient dial And I said before it starts in dark blue and goes to light blue, It actually starts at black and goes to blue. That was my mistake and I’m seeing it in the bright light here easier for me to see. Excuse me. Brushed stainless steel case really nice again. This is the P 59 Aurora around three hundred and fifty dollars. The blue one is model number 107 two three one and the black is model number 107 two, three five, So we have finished it up with two more watches. These are in the current existing collection. This is the big date chrono, with black! PVD case you can see. It’s got the big date up there. Chronograph wheels start/stop reset. What I dig about this one. Besides, it being all black and PVD on this black link bracelet. Talk about a man. This thing solid. It feels really good. Is what I like about. This is that the lights are blue and I love blue so that it looks really cool at night, But this is a Swiss Rhonda, 54 tbh movement. It is a 40 millimeter case, so it’s actually pretty small. It’s good for people to want a tremendous watch as one of the smallest watches. I’m showing you today. Even though it’s got all these complications, it’s 12 millimeters thick and its 47 tip to tip as you know, traditional lug style, screw down back sapphire, crystal, 22 millimeter bracelet and still a 100 meters water-resistant this one’s the most expensive What I’m showing you mostly because of all the PVD and the chronograph and just the regular overall build of if you feel in your hand, it’s it’s bulky. I mean, I know they sell this bracelet for a pretty penny on its own so that that’s what leads to it being the 585 dollar price tag lets. Flip out the lights and you could see those blue lights. Ah, the blue. It’s so it’s so soothing. I love seeing just the blue like an ice blue orange at the top. Of course, for your registration. And then if I saw at the chrono, you can see the Chrono hand moving and then reset there goes just a overall really pleasing looking watches military kind of feel to it, so the last one. I’m going to show you. Is this model number one zero zero one, three, nine, the smallest of the bunch and the least expensive of the bunch on this one piece. Nylon strap comes in a couple. Different varieties also comes on a textile slash leather. Strap, but if you’re looking at the watch and you, you know, you got a sharp eye for this stuff. You’re like, wow, look at that case. See, that almost got. It almost has no lugs to it. So this is a another quartz one around a 505 based watch. It is 37 millimeters in diameter, nine millimeters thick 41 from tip to tip since there’s. No lug, this is going to fit almost everybody and especially since it’s on, you know, a one piece, nylon traffic and even fit larger wrists, the plastic case now super light. You know, it’s a reinforced plastic. I hate use interim plastic when you’re an engineer. Plastic means so much. It just doesn’t mean, you know, Plastic kid’s toys. It really means any kind of thermo setting compound, but so it’s. This plastic nonmetallic case got the metal lunette on it. Sterile dial. If you notice is the only sterile dial, I’ve showed you, which means there’s no trays are written on it. All we see are a CH3 symbol for tritium and the radioactive symbol, not because it is indeed radioactive swiss-made on the bottom and we’ll do the usual extremely easy to read all t25 tubes, hands markers, registration dot at the top. This one comes in around 175 bucks, which is a really a really fair price for a swiss-made tritium watch extremely inexpensive price. I’ll say it’s an 18 millimeter lug, 50 meters water-resistant. So this is like a really good. I would say a field watch. I mean, this is its rugged. It’s light, it’s comfortable, accurate, mineral crystal. So you know, a lot of things in here had done to keep the cost down, but this is, you know? I’m going to say almost almost the workhorse of the pack, If you will. This is the p50 900 type 3 watch and then the larger one. I’m not showing you any here. Showing them in other videos. Are the type 6 watches. So I’m going to do now is Ill. Try a couple of them on my six and three-quarter inch wrist. And you can get an idea of what they look like on. You okay, now, just because it was the last one to be videoed. It’ll be the first one to go on the wrist and again. This is a small 37 millimeter. Extremely comfortable, lightweight fits me perfectly six and three-quarter inch wrists. I have a hard time imagining the size wrist. If this wouldn’t fit, of course, you have a 9 inch wrist. Maybe you want to look elsewhere, but this gets a comforter word. Next up is the 42 millimeter. Aurora, this is that dual time watch fits me fine, very comfortable again, Not a high profile. The lugs fit well. I think all the watches today are going to fit me just fine. This is the black one in hindsight. I would have liked your eternal a blue one, but you only need to see one. How’s that for shock factor that lime green dial gunmetal case again 42 millimeter fits fine. I should mention that. This rubber is real rubber. It’s vanilla-scented. It smells super Nice, Almost like a baker in here right now. So again, another knockdown. I’ll try the all-black version of that gunmetal officer watch. I showed you I wear this. A word comes to mind covert. I don’t know why, except for the brushed hardware that kind of ticks me off a little bit, but still great. Look and watch a great fitting watch and the strap could probably go tighter, but it’s really nice and then if you like a splash of color, obviously, the lime green or the orange stripe would definitely suit You, that’s about it. I’m not going to try on the black PVD chrono. Because I got a d-stick or the whole bracelet, and I don’t want to do that. So it has been marked from Long Island. Watch comm showing you some new trays or novelties. Please, like this video. If you enjoyed it, please subscribe to our channel if you have not done so yet if you have any questions or comments, please put them down below, and I’ll be sure to address them as soon as I can. Thank you for watching bye bye.

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