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Does Size Matter? Benarus Moray 42


Hello, and welcome to just one more watch. Welcome today to another makeup. Brand review quite an unusual little brand called been a ruse. Now they have been knocking around for the last 10 years, making fairly limited runs of watches. They are based in Germany, but their watches are manufactured in Asia. – to help. Keep the prices down now, the one. I’ve got today to show you. The MORI, 42 cushion case very Kanna retro, a little bit of Panerai bit of 1970s in there as well unusual in certain respects unusual because it’s available in a vast array of sizes. You can actually get this one from 38 millimeters all the way up to 47 millimeters for the big boys. Who, like big boys lets. Flip the camera and have a look at it. So then it does size matter before we get into that. Let’s have a quick look at the Boehner’s website and as noted, you can pick up this. MORI, in four different sizes, 38 42 45 and 47 all essentially with the same case shape. Now there are other differences differences in price apart from anything else 38 I believe only comes in a leather. Strap not a bracelet. I will leave a link in the description of the video today. If you’re interested in picking up one of these, so should you be interested in picking up one of these well? I do like the watch, however, I suggest you. Stay tuned for the moans and niggles session today and make up your own mind. You certainly get a very compelling overall package. Proper leather and suede watch roll branded no cheap. Pu leather today. This one smells really nice and contained within you. Get one warranty card. You get a pretty good tropic Strap with branded banner or a. Sur, buckle there. I’ll show you that one later. You also get a nice branded leather strap and you get the watch supplied on the bracelet so pretty decent package. Overall for 450 US, in fact. I’ve just looked at the banner S website and for the duration of February 2019 They’ve taken 20% off the price of the and I believe all of their watches that takes this one down from 449 US dollars to only 364 US. Dollars now. That looks like a bit of a bargain, especially when you consider all the extras that you get with it, but really some extras and a nice bit of packaging is all well and good, but it’s all about the watch and the watch. I think looks great, so oddly enough 42 mill in diameter, this one, but I still are relatively spelt 12 and a half mil thick, especially when you look at how dome de Safa crystallize I’ll show you that one in close-up later on 48 and a half mil lug tip to lug tip and drilled logs today, as well as a bonus 22 mil lug width, a nice taper on the bracelet, 22 down to 18 back up to 20 at the very nicely edged clasp and sized up for me. 7 interest hits that sports watch, sweet spot, a hundred and fifty five grams bang-on, so all stainless steel construction is three once exhale stainless steel case, crown bezel and full stainless steel bracelet as well and look at that lovely sapphire reminds me of my beloved or a 65 crack and dome there, and as you can see a little bit of purple little pop of color from some. Ar coating on the underside. I think the finishing on the case is really nice. All brushed finish on the sides of the case. You’ve got a radial brush on the top, matching the radio brush on that stainless steel bezel, and you’ve got a straight brush on the logs and the mid length of the bracelet nicely integrated, actually matching the the links on the bracelet with the lugs. You don’t often see a bracelet. Actually, looks like it was designed for the watch. I suspect this one was actually designed for the watch, quite a thin coin edge, rotating, bezel, 120 click, unidirectional, rotating bezel, Nice action locks in place. No back, play there. So the bezel is a good one and plenty of grip as you can see there from that. Crown also has a nice edge logo you’ll see in the case back in a minute. Three dolphins in a kind of Celtic world very nice indeed, and the bracelet is a good one as well can reverse moister links there, but it’s got that straight drop. It’s got the inverted mid link of the end link source. It’s very, very nicely on wrist, indeed, and screw links as well. Nice clasp now seem dolphin, well logo there, just pops out mill clasp as you’d expect for the cash and diver’s extension, hold on. I’ll just click this one back in diver’s extension there. You don’t see an awful lot of these. I’m not a massive fan of them myself. I think most people will just leave it close, but no sharp edges on this one is better than the previous ones. I’ve seen three micro just there, so you always get a good fit. Zoom right in on the dial. You can see all that. Ar popping away very simple printed, dial extra long battens, three different dials. There’s Arabic. There’s another couple as well. I just went for this very simple one. I thought it was nice and clean and legible. Can I segmented fence Post has little lollipop second hand and see three vintage style already on loom on this one, So I gained that kind of vintage Nineteen Seventies. Nineteen Sixties feel. I’ll put out the loom shot. Now loom is pretty good. You get that kind of rich green glow from c3 iridium, but no loon on the bezel, so we’ve got a diver’s watch, screwed around 300 meters of water resistance and a diver’s extension on the bracelet clasp, but you are unlikely to be able to use this one as a countdown timer because it doesn’t feature loom on the bezel, slightly odd choice there, so popping a link in the rather. Pleasant bracelet. And we see a rather Pleasant inched case back those circular dolphins. I do like that logo. Certainly better than a dolphin writing the back of a mermaid. Anyway, the usual spec sheet sapphire, 300 meters And the Muta now! The movement in this one is a 9 0 S 5 that is a no date variant of the 1915 always nice to see a company who takes the time to spec the no date version. There’s a lot of companies. Just remove the date wheel and you get that ghost pull on the crown, but not so today and pretty decent result from the Miata as per usual, this one running away in the winders for a week or so coming in at minus three and a half per day, so a Japanese made 24 Jul Haxe Han wines around 40 our power reserve. They’re pretty good ones these unidirectional winding, though, so you will occasionally feel and hear the the rotors spinning in one direction only but divert case, I think suits these movements the best it’s not all that noticeable with the benders and I must say it wears very, very nicely. Indeed, 42 mill diameter 22 mil lug width would normally be kind of pushing my upper limits. I normally prefer 40 and 20 mil logs, but this thing just disappears on wrists very, very comfortably, indeed carries its weight nicely across the head of the watch and the bracelet, lovely, smooth, brushing throughout and that little red triangle on the bezel. Just add a touch of color. I do like the c3 already own style loom, but a little bit of kind of vintage red on that bezel. I think adds a little something and that vintage style is evident again when you look at it from a little higher up for perspective, 7 inch wrist as noted. I think this 142 definitely the sweet spot for me. 38 Might look a little bit small. I’m not really into 45 and 47 myself, but if you are, knock yourself out. One of these, it’ll certainly wear smaller than that dimensions suggest. If there’s 42 is anything to go by and there it is outside in some natural light, and you get to see that lovely, doomed sapphire crystal, not cheap, those doom sapphire crystals. I assure you, so I guess that goes some way to justifying the 450 US. Dollar price tag on this one, but I gained just a lovely looking watch wears very sweetly nice curvature to the logs as we’ll, definitely helping it conform to the wrist drilled lugs if you want to swap it out for one of the the two strap options. And I’ll do just that for you. What do you think looks good on the Tropic, doesn’t it? And it’s a nice one as well. Banaras itched on the buckle there again, very much in keeping with that kind of vintage late Sixties early Seventies style of the watch, and you probably already know where you stand about divers on leather straps, but the strap itself is a good, putting a texture, nice and thick, some chunky, stitching genuine. Italian leather banner US. Logo, We’ve got the swirl on the fastener and tiny little swirl itched into the brush. Buckle personally. I could have done with a bit of taper. I think it’s a bit too 22:22 a little bit too straight, but again, not bad to be chopped in as part of the package. I know what you’re thinking. This all sounds pretty good so far. The price is decent for the specs. The case, finishing is nice, nice mixture of brushed and polished, as noted, love that piece of dome sapphire crystal. That’s gotta be worth a few quid as have all those extras, a couple of different straps and the nice watch roll. If you don’t like this dial, there’s a couple of others to choose from, and if you’re not happy over 42 again, there’s another couple of sizes to choose from what’s your problem. Judy, well, I’ve got one minor and one major now. The minor really is quite minor, but worth pointing out. I felt have a look. At this random selection of dive watches from my collection in particular, have a look at the bezels and specifically have a look at the Arabic. Have a look at the direction, The bottom of the Arabic. If you like all of them. The bottom of the Arabic s– pointed to the middle of the dial. All four of these watches. Unlike the Ben arose, the bottom of the Arabic spointer222 get used to is just a little quirk, but I thought worth pointing out nonetheless, so that’s the minor. What then is the major well? This is the third banner as Mori that I’ve had come through the house. Prior to making this video, The first one arrived in about November last year. Look good! I signed up the bracelet. Indeed, this is the original bracelet gave their motor a crank and then popped it into the boxy winders started that. Wash, check running. Unfortunately, it stopped after about three or four days now. It shouldn’t be doing that in a window shoe. That my best guess was that the rotor wasn’t spinning freely. It was getting some charge to the spring, but not enough to keep the thing running. I contacted Ralph at Benare’s. He apologized profusely, sent me a second unit. The second unit was dead on arrival. He apologized profusely again, sent me a third unit they had inspected himself and I returned the other two to him now. He is based in Germany. He was off to his Hong Kong factory with the two duffers. I’m sure to hit somebody over the head with them. So if you bought one of these, and there was a problem, I have no doubt that the company would honor you, but the fact remains that I got sent to bad ones in a row, which does put a bit of a question Mark over Boehner as his quality control, which is a bit of a shame because if it wasn’t for that, this one would be giving two thumbs up a firm, two thumbs up, especially at the knockdown price of three hundred and sixty-five. US dollars. So if you are interested in one of these ones, probably in that reduced price, it’s worth taking a risk on the basis that if there is an issue, Ralph will look after you but hopefully booted the factory workers up their arse in Hong Kong last week, so they’re checking these ones properly before they leave the factory, but I compelling overall package, a watch that wears very nicely indeed, and I do love this neo retro styling, seamless steel bezel, a little bit of Tudor black, be perhaps there with the stainless steel one and the little red triangle and that domed sapphire crystal. Gotta be worth a couple of points in my book. Just make sure you give it a good inspection before you peel off the stickers. So there you have it. That banner is Mori. Certainly a quirky little watch. If you like your Micros from left field now. I’m not sure what the chances of getting to duffers on the bounce are, but I would see. It is fairly minimal. Ralph certainly had no problem, exchanging those two for a working model and as noted, he’s off to the factory now to see what went wrong. I’m not suggesting that you’re gonna get a duffer from banners in the post. But if you do, I’m sure they will. They will look after you as they looked after me, leaving that to one side, though the watch I thought was really interesting. Wears well certainly plenty of meat to the thing for your 449 US dollars 42 wore well on my semi interest. But as noted 38 guys and girls were sat in smaller wrists 47 for the big guys. Thanks for watching. See you in the next one.

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