Blue Mako | Orient Blue Mako – A Closer Look

Austin Daniels

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Orient Blue Mako - A Closer Look


Welcome to watch symposium. I’m Austin, alright? I’m getting ready to switch out watches. I think I’m gonna put the Orient in its box. It’ll probably stay there for a few months and I’m gonna get out the Explorer too. And before I put the Orient away. I thought I would not give it a review, but just give you guys a closer look at it. I talked about this. Watch a lot and I mention it, so you know? If you’re looking for a starter watch, if you’re getting into mechanical watches, I would highly recommend this when it’s, you know, it comes in at a good price, one hundred and seventy dollars, and it’s really not gonna eat into your good watch fun too much, but it’ll it’ll give you a taste of what it’s like to own a dive watch and a mechanical watch and like. I said in another video. I mean, if you if you get this watch and you really like it. I think you’d love us. Steel sports Rolex, so or an Omega. So let’s take a look starting with the clasp. Alright, so it’s got the Orient logo, which is kind of a nice touch if it didn’t have the Orient logo. I would think that was kind of shoddy and cheap now. It’s got the flip lock. And then you depress these, which is kind of nice, you know? Putting it on and off is kind of nice. You don’t really have to depress these. You can just pop it down if you want. But taking it off is is very easy. You know the inside of the? I go so these are called scissors. Mmm, kind of plain, nothing, nothing there. This is a little bit loose, okay. This is a little bit loose. Try to show you guys one of the biggest gripes. I have about the clasp. Is this little lip right here? I don’t know if you guys can see that, but that raises quite quite a ways up, and you know, it’s just something that you could catch something on, or, you know, always fear, you know, catching one of my daughters, you know, in this like the their skin or something like that or whacking them, and now it’s it’s it’s kind of soft around here. So don’t think it’s really dangerous, but yeah. I mean, you know, if you have a young child, I don’t know if I would want. You know those corners again. It’s not sharp, but you know, kids will sometimes bump into you and stuff, and so that could catch them in a way, and you know, kinda. I guess it could hurt their skin. So that’s sort of a grape on my part. I don’t know why it doesn’t lay flat. I think it could be the bend of my wrist, but anyway, that’s one complaint. I have of it another. I guess would be the fact that these don’t taper down. I think it’s just cheaper to make these all the same. You know, they don’t have to make different sizes. They just make all of them. So, of course, it’s a more economical way to to do a bracelet, but you know I do. I do like the taper down. Look, I don’t know if taper tapered, bracelets feel better. I mean, this is a really comfortable bracelet, but but I think you know that’s just indication of cost-cutting, not not having those those different different links. I mean, I think a lot of more inexpensive watches Just have that straight that straight band, unlike the you know tapering of say a Submariner. Alright, hollow end links and, you know, look at that, That’s that’s a that’s a real problem. I’ve never really abused this watch and it’s. I guess it’s been a couple years since I’ve had it and I have. I don’t want it so much, but they’ve already really stretched out now. The GMT master. Two that I have, and the Submariner have Halloween links and they are not nearly, in fact, they’re they’re, they’re fine, they’re perfect and and you know, you talk and hear about the the rattlesnake of Old Hollow End Link Rolex as well. You guys hear that that’s a that sounds to me like a rattlesnake, but it doesn’t have the same kind of quality rattle that that a an old. Rolex, would it more Chi More cheap kind of sound to it more. I don’t know Teni, But that said, even though my sub and my GMT master to have Halloween links it, they really don’t rattle. I mean, you know, in theory. I just have to say that. It there’s not a whole lot of difference when when the watches are on the rest, you know, my Explorer to has solid and links, And so you know if you’re if you’re if you’re looking at a Rolex and it’s got solid in links, that’s of course, a better option, but if you’re looking at one and you really like it, But it’s got the Halloween links. I really don’t think it’s gonna be an issue. I mean, the the metal must be stronger, thats. I mean that my my Rolex says, even though they’re, you know, over a decade old. You know they are, you’re? Flush and they’re tight and there is not a lot of rattles, so I don’t got enough. You got on a tangent there, but still all right, let’s just take it off and and we’ll look at the bezel now. The pit glows. In fact, the the loom is one of the best things about this. Watch me that the twelve to six the nine, of course, all the indices and the sword hands glow. It’s a it’s a fantastic. You know, glowing, watching it. It does light up like a lighthouse. The bezel, sixty quick bezel, which, yeah? I don’t mind that at all because I’m sort of OCD about. You know, I like it to be right on the markers, and so you don’t really have to worry about that half points, but I guess if you know if you’re trying to time something, and you know, the minute hand isn’t quite on the marker. You you know, might it might be kind of nice to have 120 Click bezel just to get it right in the middle there now. This isn’t quite popped in there. It is, there’s there’s. No rollback a bit tight. If your hands were wet, you’d never be able to to turn this. If you were in the ocean, you’d be. You wouldn’t be able to turn this, and also that this is really. Um, kind of rounded up here. I think it was a little sharper then. I’ve preferred it would be a little easier to turn, but at the same time, it’s there, not a lot of sharp edges on this watch. So it’s kind of safe around kids. So if it was just a degree sharper around here, so you could turn it a little bit more easily. I think I’d prefer it, but but it’s not too bad. The same goes for the the crown. I wish it was a little bit more. You know, coin edge? This is a little soft. In fact, my fingers are a little sweaty. Now let’s see if let’s see if I can. Yeah, it’s a little hard. I can’t even kind of really get it if I stick my finger top and fingernail down in there, I can, I can get it going. Picking on, you know, undo it, You know, it screw down crown, Of course, on this side, you’ve got the the Orient logo and let’s just sort of play with it a bit now, Nan hacking movement, so you can, you know you can go and and set it, but it’s it’s not gonna hack so you can’t get it precise, which mm, you know for a watch this price. I guess you can’t complain about it. It would be a nice feature it would be. It would be a complaint, but but it’s never really bothered me that much. I tell you what I do really like about it. If you’re trying to line up, you get, you can always sort of hack it by going in opposite direction. Sometimes, but have you ever tried to line up your minute hand right to the minute marker, and then you pop it down and it sort of jumps a little bit. Rolexes are terrible about that, But look at that Swatch this it didn’t move at all, so you can really precisely set it. You just wait till the two the second hand gets to the top, and then, you know, make sure that you have it perfectly aligned and then when it hits the top and it doesn’t move at all, that’s a that’s a great feature, so lets lets. Take a look at it. I like the sword hands, okay. I think they look really, really nice. I’m kind of glad that they didn’t copy the the Mercedes hand. Yeah, the sort of hands looked better and it’s just. I think it looks nice and I love the little red on the second hand you go around, Let’s see it’s got obviously a day in a date, and I like the division between those those the day and the date, it’s kind of nice that they have that, you know, separate windows, but lets what’s the advance for it in just. I’ll show you what happens, okay, So the day starts to turn around 11 oclock, so from 11 oclock and that kind of pops in right before 12:00 so, you know, obviously if you’re talking about something like a Explorer 2 or GMT, you know, it gets to right at 12 midnight, and then it just clicks over. You know, which is more favorable, But you know you can’t, that’s. Why that’s why that watch is more expensive. One of the reasons at least keep going and around. I want to say yeah. Just before 1:00 oclock that day starts to turn, and it turns to French. Okay, and then, so if you’re looking at this that, you know 1:00 in the morning, you’d be kind of screwed, right if you wanted to need it to know that day, which, yeah. I guess it could happen. And then by 3:00 oclock, you’re okay, Alright? So it’s there two languages, and we’ll look at that in a minute, okay, and then let’s see if you pull it out one. Quick, come on, there you go. If you one click two clicks out, you can set the time and then one click, and you can set the and and set the date now. It doesn’t reverse, so you just have to, uh, to do it like that. Alright, let’s now it doesn’t catch as well as is like, a really high quality watch, in fact. I know it looks like I’m shaking a lot. I probably am shaking a lot but, okay, so, yeah, that’s not catching Really – OK there. I got it so once. It catches it’s fine, but you know, it’s not smooth like, you know, really high quality. Watch, alright. So what is this little thing for it now by the way? I like I kind of like the aesthetic of of that up there. You know, if it if it didn’t have that, it would look kind of plain, but it just kind of gives us something. This actually does the day. Okay, you unscrew it, and then you can do that would be. French, and then you know, all the all the days, which you know if you think about it if you use this watch regularly, you don’t really once you set the day you’re okay, right, so I think maybe if they had made this the date, it would make a little bit more sense because on say a month with 28 days, say February you would, you know, pop this two times or you know, three times and you could advance it in March on playing March 1st, Right, but I guess if you went too far, you would have to press it 30 times, which wouldn’t really be a big deal, but yeah, so. I probably would have made that to date. Yeah, because once the day is. I mean, you know, once you got the day set. If you continue to use this, you’re not gonna have to ever set the day. Alright, so one thing that I really like about it is the dial. I mean, it’s really clean. I like the twelve six nine. I believe this as you would call this. Um, be a sunburst. I love the blue love. The color, uh, it’s. I think the dial is probably the best part of this. Wash in the color. You know, it’s not a complete copy of a sub. It’s not, it’s not black. It’s got that nice blue. It’s not you don’t have the round indices. You’ve got the twelve, the six, the nine, which is kind of explore one ish. And, you know, you don’t have that Mercedes hand. The the sort hands are kind of nice. I really do like this audience on this. Um, the the red tip of the second hand is another thing. I really like about it, so you know, as far as the aesthetics of the dial. I I really like it A lot as 200 meters water-resistant. Yeah, any gripes about it? Yeah, the the the lack of hacking. That’s kind of a, you know, that’s kind of too bad, but but again when you get ready to get a good watch. I mean, if you’re used to that, then once you get the good watch, it’ll it’ll be awesome. Although if you like if you’re like me and you get a no date sub that you’re gonna miss those that information, right, There are those complications, complications of the day and the date. Anyway, it’s a great start or watch. It’s a great beater watch. I wouldn’t call it a Scheider. It’s it’s inexpensive. It’s it’s humble. It doesn’t try to be any more than it is now. It’s the movement is by Orient. They they make it so. Yeah, it’s it’s worth looking at if you’re just getting the watches, and I can’t, you know, I can’t say that I regret getting it, so it served me. We’ll, alright, take care. Thanks for watching, see you next time.