Br 03 92 | Bell & Ross Instrument Br 03-92 (br0392-blc-st) Luxury Watch Review

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Bell & Ross Instrument Br 03-92 (br0392-blc-st) Luxury Watch Review


Hi. I’m Tim. Welcome to our Channel and thanks for logging on. If you enjoy these videos, do me a favor and subscribe to our Youtube channel right here at watch box reviews. I really appreciate it and I’d be able to send videos like this to your inbox as soon as tomorrow morning. If you like this watch, you can buy it by trade and sell luxury watches 24 hours a day and globally on the watch box comm and today we’re discussing a brand. We rarely feature on the channel. Its Bell and Rawson Since the Bell and Ross instrument be r03 – 90 – steel stainless steel, it’s part of the 2007 to present BR0 3 instrument collection, Of course, the first bone. Ros’s instrument watch fundamentally changed the destiny and direction of the company when it bowed to boss the world 2005 but it was big 42 was more wearable for most and that was the 2007 BR0 3 series. That you see here now? Bell and Ross is name. We don’t discuss too often. They actually recently commissioned me to do a series of videos for the channel. So there’s gonna be more of them coming. This is not one of the sponsored videos. This is a timepiece that we own and you can see that. It’s a versatile and handsome flat square of 42 millimeters in both directions. Its thin – at only nine point. Nine millimeters thick. Keep in mind that a Rolex Daytona is 12-point -. So what does have a sheer side? It is very flat and it will easily slide underneath any dress cuff, including a tight sleeve lug to lug. It’s a little bit broader, but not much 51.5 millimeters. It wears kind of like a Panerai lumen, Or in that. The size of the case is the size across the wrist with the lug serving not so much to flare out and extend it visually, but just to drape the strap over the edge of your wrist and you’ll note. The strap is wonderfully broad as its 33 millimeters from side to side. I always like when a broad watch has a broad set of lugs and a broad strap to match, it prevents the watch from moving on the wrist, nicely matched strap to lugs and looks to case. You’ll note that you will use your. Bell and Ross 1.3 millimeter hex key That comes with the watch to swap out the strap. It’s held on by screws. That’s the way it should be done on anything that costs more than one thousand. US dollars luxury should mean security and security means you replace spring bars with some sort of Groo. Now you can see. This is one of the rare opportunities. I get to wear Velcro on the show. I would wear Velcro pants, Velcro shoes. They would have to rip the stuff right off of me. You can rip your Velcro open. Thanks to this! Bell and Ross factory strap. That’s a combination of woven nylon with a wonderfully broad and comfortable large stitch base, so it doesn’t have that coarse and somewhat abrasive feeling that nylon often does. This is smooth and rather comfortable, you’ll note. The handsome blasted finished. Bell and Ross buckle. It’s not quite a NATO strap. It’s a Velcro strap, so it’s the kind of fitment that you would see in utility applications. I know a lot of pilots wear Velcro straps over their flight suits. It’s simply easier to adjust on the fly. Even if you’re not actually flying, it’s simply comfortable and adjustable. No matter how you wear your watch or where you wear your watch. The case is a tripartite assembly. That’s pretty simple. You’ve got a case back, which is satin, finished and promises combination of 100-metre, water-resistant and an automatic movement. It is that it is also steel. You can see the full nomenclature of the watche’s reference, and it’s very slim. You can see, there’s a case back a mid case and a bezel. The bezel is surprisingly detailed. This bell. Ross likes to portray itself as a manufacturer of two watches par excellence, But what it really is is a Parisian art house that creates and markets Avant-garde design. Yeah, they’ve got the instruments. They’ve also got a bunch of skull watches with diamonds. So this is just design on the masculine side of the house combination of polished facet, wringing the entirety of the bezel, with a little bit of a rounded profile to soften the rectilinear geometries of the case. You’ll know there’s a small amount of overlap about the bezel and the case band, which I find to be the most delicious detail of the case construction. And then you have a combination of bolts that physically hold the case to the or the bezel. I should say to the case. The reason they’re not aligned like an Audemars Piguet royal oak is because they actually are screws, whereas what you see on a Royal Oak is a set of bezel bolts that thread in and have a counter threaded screw on the underside, so the alignment here is purely a function of their actual duty to bind the case together. The Sapphire is flush. You can see it is completely flat in an instrument style. The entire watch from the very first in 2005 was designed to emulate the look of analog instrumentation on the flight deck of a 20th century aircraft as a result. It has that particular aesthetic, but it also has that functionality. Legibility is sensational, with huge, broad sword style hands, a luminescent and counterweighted seconds hand oversized indices, especially for the hours, an enormous bubble style quarter Arabic s–. Now there is a date window. Which is there for you guys who are going to wear your watch every day. That’s practical information to have one of the funky things about Bell and Ros’s reference numbers is that they’re always printed on the dial and the last two digits always relate to the movement inside when you see 92 For example, that means the watch is either powered by an ETA 2 8 9 2 or a Selita SW 300 which is the Selita version of the 2 8 9 2 design. When you see a 94 that means an ETA 2 8 9 4 and so on and so forth now there is a very small step aperture for the date, and it’s a monotone disc, so it’s basically there when you want. It disappears when you don’t. The crown is thin, nicely knurled so you won’t have any difficulty gaining purchase of it. I’ve even done some of these sponsored videos for Bell and Rawls with gloves on my hand because manufacturer Boutique video and it’s still easy to grip the crown. It’s a pushdown crown. The watch still has a 100 meter water resistance. Pull it out stops. The seconds handed as hacking seconds. It also has a quick set function for the date. So we just roll through and make sure we were in the danger zone. Get out of the 9 to 3 sweep. Now you have the ability to quick set the date turn in a counterclockwise direction in the intermediate crown position, and you can quickly cycle bi-directional winding automatic, very smooth. It has the 38 hour power reserve and beats away at 28,800 operations per hour. It’s a 25 jewel movement. You’ll also note attention to detail is strong with this one. Little things like the overlap of the bezel, the polished bevel of the case top and the four bolts that are used to join the dial to the case nicely, echoing or screws that are used to join the case top to the mid case. It’s a handsome effort, and even if Belen Ross is a Chanel own fashion house that specializes in fashion for men, they also home GNF Chatelain in Switzerland, which is one of the absolute top case manufacturers in the world. So what you’re putting on your wrist is absolutely hardcore hardware and some of the finest available you can see and can purchase this bail and Ross instrument, BR0 3 – 90 – steel on our website and were back with the bell and Ross instrument, BR 0 392 steel, black and white by date, big and blue by night. This is a purely functional watch. I mentioned there’s a high fashion factor with Bell and Ross and you can see that the watch certainly meets that criterion by day, but at night, it’s no-nonsense whether you’re an aviator or just an armchair aviator. This Bell and Ross brings the good see it by the light of day on the watch box.

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