Bulova Precisionist Review | Bulova Precisionist – The Best Of Both Worlds? Full Review

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Bulova Precisionist - The Best Of Both Worlds? Full Review


Like so, many of those who take up an interest in watches. It generally starts with a watch that draws us in initially as a result of its design or specific function for most of us that would be a quartz watch as we grow in our interest and desire for watches. We discover the mechanical movement, usually in the form of an automatic luxury. Watch, it’s on this path. We find how exactly the sweeping hand motion works, and it’s at this point when we realized that resistance is futile. But what if you could have the best of both worlds enter the Bulova precision [Music] you. Hey, guys, welcome back to the channel. If you’re new here, my name is. Dave, may the Schwartz be with you to my returning subscribers. Welcome back! If you haven’t subscribed yet, please take a moment to do that. Down below before we dive into this review of the precision is watch, we must first learn just a bit about the history involved with his design, specifically the movement that it is powered by below bows. Accutron watches first appeared in 1960 utilizing a three prong tuning fork that powered a one transistor electronic oscillator circuit and was also known for its faint hum more accurate than the mechanical movements of its time. This design was essentially the precursor to the Quartz Watch movement boom, one of the more popular models that featured this technology was the below of a space view and the lunar pilot chronograph. There’s many videos out there that discuss both, but one of the major downsides to the lunar pilot chronograph has always been its size, the case diameter, 45 millimeters case thickness of 13 and a half millimeters and a case height of 52 millimeters. It’s these dimensions that have kept some men from making the purchase of this watch, Even though it celebrates a very historic moment, not just Horological II, but with regard to space as a non commercially available, Bulova Accutron Watch was actually taken to the moon by Buzz Aldrin. They did a limited release. Celebrating this now that we’ve covered a bit about the history of the Accutron movement, lets. Go over the watch that I decided to purchase recently. That has a modern version of this technology and that’s the biloba precision assistance. Number 96 b15 8 It features a 42 millimeter case diameter case thickness of 9.3 millimeter and case height of 49 millimeter. This particular model does have a mineral crystal. I personally feel it’s deserving of a sapphire crystal. There’s a genuine leather black strap with alligator embossing pattern, a strap is 20 millimeters in width and has a traditional steel buckle That has the biloba tuning fork logo featured and there’s a charcoal, gray and black dial on this watch and it is in the form of a dress watch as it only has 30 millimeters of water resistance. The crown itself has a very unique swirl pattern that does not screw down but does include the below of a tuning fork logo in position 1 The date change happens quick and smooth in position to the gear ratio leaves a little more to be desired as it takes many rotations of the crown in order to make one full 12 hours suite date change begins around 11:35 and quickly turns over at around 1206 am. The case has a stagger design that gives the watch this multi-dimensional effect that also is reflected in the dial design as we can see here while the case thickness is only nine point. Three millimeters. They do a really good job of making. It appear even slimmer than that now. The dial has this interesting swirl pattern that gives some texture on this multi-level face that has applied faceted stick indices being highly reflective. They play nicely with the light. The outer ring has second markers and applied luminous squares at each our mark. The minute and our hands are also faceted in this unique sword shape and have applied loom as well. The date window is located at three oclock and has a high polished steel box that gives an extra layer of depth on the face so below the branding and model name being precision. Estar listed on the dial, along with the 262 kilohertz indication. The continuous sweeping second hand has the infinity sign, which is also reflected on the case back and a torsional resonator movement uses the three-prong quartz crystal that provides accuracy to within seconds per year and is three times more accurate than a traditional standard quartz watch and its claimed to be one of the world’s most accurate movements. The movement also offers a resistance to gravitational error that makes it superior and performance to any mechanical watch on the market, according to Belova. Let’s summarize and go over price, so the pros to this watch in my opinion are its buttery, smooth, sweeping second hand, its impressive accuracy and smaller dimensions compared to the lunar pilot. Chronograph watch. I like that. This model is more dressy and has a lot of intricate design features, such as a swirl pattern Dial and crown. The leather strap gives it more of that classic dressy look as well. The cons in my opinion are that it has a mineral crystal. The loom is not very strong. In the sense it does not last very long and while smaller than the lunar pilot. I really would have liked to have seen this watch. In a 40-millimeter version, a screw down crown and higher water resistance would have been a nice addition as well. I don’t know if I’d consider this a con. But I personally would have liked to have seen the below of a tuning fork logo somewhere on the dial itself. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but just my preference now. I picked this watch up on Amazon for one hundred and Sixty-five dollars and it’s currently listed for about one hundred and eighty five. You can also find this model in blue and Brown and there’s even a stainless steel bracelet sporty-er version and there’s different variations of this as well. So if you’re interested in this watch, you can get your own using the affiliate links that I’ve posted in the description down below. If you like this video, please like comment and share. Thanks for checking out this week’s watch review. And if you haven’t subscribed, please be sure to do that now and hit the notification Bell for future videos coming up each week. I hope you’re all doing well. I look forward to seeing you at the next one. Take care!

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