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Cartier Ballon Bleu Automatic 42mm Luxury Watch Reviews


Hi. I’m Tim! Welcome to what you want. But thanks for logging on today, we’re looking at the Corps de Ballet blue automatic 42 millimeters in polished stainless steel or as it’s known at Cordia headquarters in Paris these days, the franchise since the 2006 release of the Cartier Bell on Blue Line, The watch has become to Cartier what Derek Jeter was to the Yankees in the 1990s or Michael Jordan was to the Chicago. Bulls the absolute face of the brand, the single most successful contender and by far the most important single figure in the business model, the Cardia Ballon blow draws on abundant cardiac history, dating back to Louis Cartier in the early 20th century while expanding on that heritage with all new legend in its own time style styling features that have have advanced the state of the art in dress watch design, putting it on the wrist You can see at 42 millimeters. It lays exceptionally flat on my wrist, which is six and a third inches 16 centimeters in circumference. You can see that the dress watch heritage of Cartier really shines through. I don’t know how thick this watch is. I’ll be quite honest. It can’t be more than 12 millimeters, but the fact that the tumblehome from the top of the sapphire to the edge of the case takes it down to almost flush with the skin means that there is not a cuff in the known universe that will not fit over this watch and seamlessly so because it’s so low to the skin, it’s incredibly close. Coupole to the wrist. The center of gravity. The polar moment as you rotate. The wrist is incredibly small. It feels like a part of you. It becomes one with your wrist and your skin incredibly comfortable. It features individually curved links that sort of get a head start on the curvature allowed by the joints between the links. The watch is a model of fit and it’s a paragon of outstanding. Finish now, the bracelet features these. H section links with intermediate polished centers. The effect is subtle, but there is differentiation. There is contrast, and it’s very beautiful, moving down to the class itself. You can see. It’s a double deployment and double deployments tend to be the easiest to Dom and remove and with a combination of a double deployment and I’ll add twin trigger release. This is a very secure, very high quality clasp. You open it like so no accidental openings here. The double trigger setup. I feel is the best regardless of whether you’re looking at a dress watch or a sports watch, and it always pleases me to see it present. I would expect no less of May’s own. Cartier, now the dial itself recalls Cartier’s all-time classics. The combination of the elongated exaggerated black roman numerals, in high contrast with a silver dial with an inner train sector or train track minute track and then in bored of that. Rose engine-turned Gyo Che patterns featuring Cartier Marquis at 12 oclock and a little bit of visual dissonance, a little bit of calculated asymmetry at three oclock. You see the date wheel? I can see bits of Cordier history being referenced here. I think I can see a little bit of the 1930s Cartier Pasha in the Crown Guard in this gorgeous Kavik on Crown itself. I see references to Cartier greats from the Santos through the crash in the bosom II rounded shape of the case. I can see echoes of the tour -. This is a watch that simultaneously pays deference to history without being a slave to it. And, of course, the broadsword heat blued hands at center! Add a touch of elegance as well as a splash of color that really sets the whole thing off in stainless steel. It’s also a remarkably durable watch and with water resistance sufficient for basically surface swimming. This could be your only watch. This is a stainless steel bracelet, a stainless steel case, water resistant and automatic with a date. This is a valid response to a utilitarian Rolex sports watch and with an ETA to 892 based calibre. It’s also very durable. I’m going to tell you a little secret, but I was wearing my Bond Omega Seamaster a couple years ago while riding a bike at over 20 miles an hour with the same base movement in the watch. Well, I blew out my front tire. And it didn’t end well for me. The watch was no worse for wear, still ticking away to have that degree of durability as the heart of a Cartier, with this much style is in many ways, the perfect combination and in durable stainless steel, a white metal with a silver dial and high contrast in indexes. Really, this watch is as I said the franchise player, but also in a lot of ways. It’s the two-way player, it’s the one. You never take off short of a sleeveless t-shirt. I can’t think of any situation in which this wouldn’t be a welcome accessory, And in addition to your ensemble now the watch does have outstanding condition, but it also has comprehensive equipment. If you go to our website, watch, you want, you can see that This watch includes the original Cardi, a presentation box, the DVD that explains the watch. Even the original polishing cloth, it’s an outstanding watch in a good contemporary size, yet not oversized anything less than 40 these days. Many men deemed to be too small, whereas 45 millimeters some feel pushes beyond the comfortable limits of propriety and good taste at 42 millimeters this. Cartier Balam. Blue automatic is just right as they say. The bottom line is. This is a modern classic Now The franchise player at Cartier and its best selling luxury watch reference worldwide. The Balam Blue is here to stay just as the tank and the tour – and the Santos have become century long traditions in the cardiac catalog. The Ballon blue seems destined to become the icon of the 21st century in the house of Cartier. See it with comprehensive equipment on our website. Watch you want.