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Cartier Ronde Croisiere Watch Review | Ablogtowatch


Everyone, Aria labs over the blog to watch. Please subscribe to our videos on Youtube and like this video. If you find it useful, This is a review of the new for 2015 card, a row and cross CA. I’m probably not pronouncing that perfectly because it’s a very French word. It means cruise in English and you can always leave it to Cartier as a well Swiss and French company to come up with products that as Americans, we find them difficult to pronounce. So if you’re native French speaker car D as a brand for you, if you’re not, they’re kind of always going to be laughing at you anyway. So the Rond Cross DA is a new entry-level sports watch from the brand and I’m holding up the most expensive version. This is about five thousand three hundred dollars because there’s a little bit of 18 karat rose gold. But you can see it’s a nice, thin, not large, but it’s 42 millimeters wide, so it’s definitely on the larger side for car. D a brand. It has a sort of retro, diverse style bezel. It does not rotate though very much a car. D a styled dial with the Roman numerals. They’re sword style hands. A lot of nice little elegant touches there, and it comes in three versions, steel and like. I said this one has a little bit of 18 carat rose bowl a little bit. I mean, the crown a little bit on the bezel. And then it’s actually just gold-tone there on the dial. This one has the gray dials. You can see now there’s a lot to like about this. Watch there’s some issues with the watch that I discussed a little bit more in the written review, but I wanted to discuss some of those things up front generally. I like this collection a lot. I think it’s I think it’s handsome. I think that that card need did a nice job with what they were trying to do. It wears very well. It’s really comfortable. I like the shorter loves. I like the all polished case because that’s sort of very reminiscent of vintage style sports watches and it. It’s under 10 millimeters thick, so you can see that it has a very slim profile on the wrist. Which is something that? I definitely enjoy a lot. The problem with this watch is to some serious legibility issues and it’s a little bit confusing, so here’s the gray dial version, like I said, and and this is sort of kind of halfway between being legible and not particularly legible. If you noticed, Cartier decided for the crosshair to have skeletonized hands, and that even means the second thing you look at the tip of the second stands there, there’s a little round piece that normally would be filled with a loom You disguise it. So this is a sports watch. It’s water-resistant to 100 meters that has no loom not only does it have no loom, but it has these these skeletonized hands, and I don’t know why I just I really don’t know why there’s no real purpose that they can serve outside of some type of a. I guess a stylistic element or some type of design thing where they decide to do that. Now there’s one version that that it works. Okay up and that’s someone with what they call the silver dial here. This is actually my favorite version, and I like sort of that. High contrast, dial there with the silvered face. And then you have the black hands and our markers. This one you can read the time. I still don’t think that the hands have any business being skeletonized. I and again. I go into this in more detail in the written review talking about why this practice happens, Why watch designers are doing it, but it is something that I just I don’t like normally. It’s not, it’s not a design element that I’m particularly into, and in a watch like this, It really appears as though the parts of the hands that should have been painted with luminance. They just said, you know, let’s not do that. Let’s just galvanize them and again. This is a sports watch. So it’s meant to be legible. It’s meant to be something that you can see. You know, in darker environments and things like that, so the fact that they kind of said, you know what let’s take a sports style watch and then make it so that it can’t satisfy all those 40 things. It’s just kind of strange. The bezel uses their the A DLC coating for this black, so it’s it’s it’s one piece of metal here, and there’s no gaps or something like that. It’s just they use a DLC, which is a very, which is a very tough and durable black coating there and again It’s it’s it’s a very handsome looking one. They did a very nice job and again. It wears very comfortably, but you have these these legibility features, and that’s kind of a shame because otherwise this isn’t watched a great price. It has an in-house made cardio movement. I believe it’s the calibre, 1847 M. See, that’s their standard automatic for Hertz very modern movement, very acceptable movement. I like I like that. The strap here. I think it’s actually careful of the leather. Even though it’s meant to look like this kind of vintage, you know, kind of canvas, a fabric style there. So this version, the Silver Disma is my favorite one and again it’s super comfortable. You have somewhere between a sports. Watch in a dress watch. I’ll call that an elegant sports watch so very casual. You can wear with a lot of things. Cardi had the right idea. They really did because. I think that they needed this. A step up from this would be the Khalid Collection, which has the diver, which is their sort of real sports. Watch so to say, because it’s a 300 diver, But I think 100 meters. This is totally fine and again. I just really like that thin profile, simple, elegant and classy and so this version with the silver. Dial, you know again, it’s something! I like a lot and I think that people enjoy this one. However, when it comes to this model, especially I mean, I’m not doing especially you can see in certain lighting situations. You can read the time, but it’s not easy. It’s it’s almost definitely not easy because you have polished dark elements on glossy dark elements, And you can see even as I move it, watch around. Yeah, you can do it in certain lighting situations, But I frankly, don’t have don’t really like to have watches that I find so difficult to read so again. All they need to do is sort of, you know? Put better hands on there. Maybe, but they’ll do it my future. I hope they do because again. This is a watch collection. I really like on the on the gray dial. You can see what they did with the hands, is they? They did a satin finish, so there’s a little bit more contrast there so. I’d say the ones in all steel. Good this, this particular model. Well, I just think has too many flaws, and I also think that the premium that that they’re asking for the gold material. It’s a little high. It’s it’s about $700 maybe a little bit more than the actual spout. That’s about $700 more, so there’s not, it’s not a huge premium, But you’re basically going a little gold on the bells on the crown. The colors look nice. This actually has the potential of being the best looking model if the dial is a little bit better, so that’s this version. So this version cost five thousand three hundred dollars and these retail for four thousand six hundred and fifty dollars, which is a really solid value for a Cartier watch wooden house in House made movement. If you like the dials and you can live with it, then you know, any of them should be fine, But if legibility is a concern of yours, which it should be go, you know, with this particular model here with a silver dial and I just sort of want to encourage Cartier to fix this model. Maybe, you know, fix those hands again. I’m sure there was some reason they wanted to make sure that it had that that I don’t know more elegant. Look, maybe that’s what they think the skeletonized hands do, and maybe it didn’t look as good. I’m sure they test it with lumen. Something was wrong with it, but maybe there’s a couple tweaks they can make because. I think that a watch like this. Even if just had solid, black hands would be really great so again. This is a Cartier Ronde cross the air again That means cruise and you can see the full review on a block to watch soon, thanks.

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