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Citizen Jp2000 Aqualand Promaster


Alright, guys! I got a bit of a impulse. Buy from me personally. I bought this watch. Just the cool factor on it was just off the charts as soon as I discovered it. This is the citizen, JP. – Zero Zero Zero or JP. 2000 – 0 8 E. And it is the citizen Aqualand Pro Master Series. You guys know? I’m are a big fan of the Aqwal, Aqwal and series. This is the hyper Aqua Land that I purchased a little while ago, but this one being a me. Digi was just gonna be super fun to own and play with, especially with the Seiko Army coming out, which I’ll hopefully have one of those. I think next week, so I’ll be able to show that next to it as well, but I don’t know if that cameras picking it up, but that orange on that minute hand is like nuclear. That thing is crazy, visible and pops instantly, plus you have your little digital digital display up top screw down crown 200 meter water. Resist the crown threads on this are horrible. They are so gritty. It is not pleasant to mess with, but you really shouldn’t have to because of this module this caliber. C 5 to 0 is battery operated and it does the day date and all that stuff so like even up top here. If you push the set button. I get to have 5:47 pm. It’ll do the seconds. The seconds are off right now because I unscrewed the crown and hacked it. So I I have to reset it up, but and then you can do it for like the date of a month and then it’s Saturday and then if you go through the set function, you set the year and all that good stuff, but those are your main displays you can do mode, there’s alarms and then, of course there’s a coronagraph feature here and there’s options with that. And then you can just go back to your time. You can do 24-hour time. You can do a bunch of different stuff, so let’s talk about the size of it. I measured the bezel at 38 millimeter. And then I measure the watch from like around this mode. Button up to the set button. I measure it at about forty four and a half millimeter, but you can see the K shape. There’s a lot of like contours and protrusions kinda wears more like about a forty three mil watch. I would say 42 and a half 43 even though it is a little bit wider, and it’s certainly wider here. I think this is close to 50 ml. If you measure it all the way here, the lug to lug is only just over 47 SEC 47.2 the thickness is, it seems like it’s thicker, But it when you measure it, it’s only 14.3 that is not horrific. I think for the thickness mineral crystal there. It’s not sapphire this. This is a bit of a WTF here. The lug width here is 24 Mil this in my opinion should have been 22 mil because these straps are like, really stiff. They’re not great, so I might have a bit of a challenge ahead of me to find a nice nicer strap for a 24 mm. What else can I say about it here? We’ll do a loom shot. Let me give you a wrist shot. You can see it has a really nice screw down case back here, and it has a bunch of information. Do not open service centre, blah, blah, blah. But I mean, if it needs if it needs a battery, I’m going to do it, but you can see even the case construction. This bit here or it protrudes out for the depth gauge is all part of the case. It’s really solid, so there’s a close-up of it. Everything lines up, really good. The bezel, the chapter. I mean, there’s no like weird quality control issues here, the bezel action on it. It’s going to be a 60 click, and it’s it’s not amazing, but it’s effective. I’ll just put it that bad. I guess like it works. It lines up and it does what you would want your bezel to do. It’s not a pleasant, You know, fidget spinner, but it does it so won’t. Give your wrist shot. I’m not gonna fully strapped down because the the strap is so rigid that it’s a pain in the butt to mess with, but you can see on my seven and a quarter. I think it wears great. This doesn’t really come into play even when you’re doing these numbers, and then you have your offset crown, so super fun. Super visible. I’m gonna have, I’ll have some fun wearing this. I think it could even potentially get looks because it’s so bizarre looking if somebody notices your watch. And they see that depth gauge sticking off to the side. I’m curious to see if it gets attention or not, you know, watches usually don’t get attention, but sometimes if you got some funky stuff going on with it, it just might so here. It is next to ask ax. You can see size-wise it’s. I mean, it’s a little bit bigger, but it’s totally wearable. If you’re wearing a test ax, you could wear this guy. No problem, price-wise. I’m not sure how available these are going to continue to be. I’m not sure what the release dates and all that good stuff was. These have been out a little while that probably already even discontinued. If I’m not mistaken, I’m not sure that. Says Europe 398 I paid four hundred forty nine dollars on eBay and it shipped from somewhere in Asia. I can’t remember so it’s. It might be a little tricky to get one, but they are out there and this is new old stock comes with the module comes with this, you know, display? You know this? Whatever it’s cool packaging. So I like it when you get the pro masters like that, and I didn’t thumb through the manual or anything, but I’m sure it’s gonna have some other things that it can do that. I have to find my English language and read and see about the depth meter and there’s some other things that can do with a chronograph and stuff so pretty interesting. Watch, and you can see in the background here. I also got this citizen in this is another pro master limited model. I will do a video with this very soon. These are super cool looking. There’s like four different colorways if I’m not mistaken, but I the red bezel. Dwande is the one I wanted to check out, and then, Of course I got my hyper Aqua Lance. Um, I’m having a lot of fun with the quartz watches, the more affordable stuff, even the automatics and it’s fun to play with them guys. So if you are getting if you feel like it’s getting stagnant in the Hobby like venture out a little bit, go outside your comfort zone, maybe buy something just because it looks cool, and it’s not, you know, has a bunch of horological history or value or anything, even though, like this one does technically, But you guys know what? I’m saying like. Keep it fun, so let me give you a loom shot. Oh, yes, she glows. The hands are definitely brighter than the dial indices, but it definitely glows. I don’t think there’s a light on this thing anywhere, no? I clicked some buttons. I didn’t see a light anywhere, so alright, guys. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you on the next bit.