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Let’s take a look at a couple of really cool citizen blue. Angel Edition watches and they come in different editions as well, different color ways and everything, but it would be nice to see and I wanted to do this comparison for you guys showing these both side by side with a Nighthawk and then I’m not exactly sure what everyone’s calling this guy, and there’s there’s some other citizen models similar to these that I want to try out in the future like the Navi Hawk and some other things, but these are pretty close to in price now. Granite, the Nighthawk can be bought cheaper in the non special versions this one currently because it’s a newer release. I think I paid 330 for it and then this guy here because it’s been out a little while you can snag these up for just over three hundred dollars like three hundred five dollars on eBay eBay, I think so, and they have a lot of the same similar features as far as depth rating and obviously overall appearance. This one’s a radial. Well, when I say they have a lot of the same features. This guy here on the left, it’s gonna pull away on a lot of things. It’s chronograph. It has a sapphire crystal. It is radio-controlled. See what else? I’m pretty sure you can set a second time zone. I’m not sure on that, you know, has some of the specs there. I haven’t played with it a ton. So whereas the Nighthawk maybe wears a little bit smaller because of the shorter lug to lug, but overall like the thickness and the way it wears and everything is pretty similar. Bracelet quality is really good on both of them. They do prefer the on wrist feel of the Nighthawk More so than this one, but this one definitely presents a better overall value for what you’re paying, you know, unless you delve into the non Special Edition Nighthawk So then those are like under $200 I’m pretty sure, so I’ve done separate reviews on both those. So if you’ve watched those, but here’s the Nighthawk On my 7 on the 8th Triste wears really good. This is a mineral crystal mountain sapphire, and here’s this guy. Betty, my wrist has romanized, turned down lugs, so it does wear really good so and then just for kicks. Neither one of these are loom monsters and I didn’t really charge them, but there’s a little quick look at the loom. I have to say the Nighthawk Just because the hands have more real estate on them. For the loom, plus, you have the 12 in the six, which is easily identified. It seems like it’s better loom, but it it really isn’t there about the same loom was other than the hands are just larger, so there’s. You know, more mistake there for the low so, but I mean, really, if you loom, then you need to get yourself a Seiko diver. That’s that’s where the little monster is, but really cool. Watches depends on which style you want to go with, and they’re. Both really good options depends on what features on the silo. You want to go with so anyway? Guys, that’s just a quick video. Didn’t want to go too crazy with it. They both have other versions of these. Do not have that medallion inlay or whatever. You want to call it of the Blue. Angels, there is another forget. It’s more of a red theme to another just exhibition type flight group. I think they’re out of Europe. I don’t think of the name of it, so there’s another version That’s similar to the Blue Angels, but it’s a different colorway and everything – so I’d. I’ll probably remember the name of it after I stop the video, but you guys couldn’t mention it down in the comments, And if I think of it, I’ll put it in the in the description, but anyway. I’ll see you guys on the next video. I got tons of watches coming in, so it’ll be funny, more calm.

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