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Citizen Bz1020-14e


Hello, friends today. We are going to make a neurology video in this case. It is the site of my project, El Vegetal, 1000 2014 And it has been a long time since I wanted to make this video but between whistles and flutes. It has been postponing today. It seems the time has come. The case is a little different as. You see usual blue details for Bluetooth. And here we see the clock. The clock is made of steel with a rubber strap. In this case, there are other professions. Good name, of course, instruction manual guarantee. The instruction manual in this case is very small, which is a very small paper because they are downloaded from Internet is cystitis. Well, let’s see it here. We have the image of the clock. We see that it is dial black with blue details, things that attract our attention for a blue detail. Also in the crown, the crystal that, as you see from is of Sapphire doesn’t know what makes it practically radiable, and we see that it does one a different size is not the usual, nor is it curved flat. Mir is more of an effect as well as a trunk of a cone. The truth is that this is very, very beautiful seen in the hand. The storm impresses him from cevico beautiful. Well, here we see it quite well. Closed threaded steel lid. We see that team of all such all the stories and somewhere. It also puts it submerged. Bility is water resistant 10 bar that we can comment on the watch that is at having Bluetooth what it does is connect with our mobile phone and from then on either control the watch from the phone, or we also have the option from the watch to look for the phone when it is. We have lost when pressing a certain button. The phone plays backwards from the phone. Make clock ring. Well, the most important thing about the watch is that it is eco drive that is it works with the light that reaches it. That is, we do not have to carry it around, which is the problem main of all smart watches. This is that at most in a week and put whatever you are about to never charge because with each light but not works that even being in the dark for six months offers that is the time that would be working without more resting position and not connecting with anything. We don’t have it now to see We have the spherical one below that indicates the function in which we are stopwatch alarm time and the time of another country is depending on now. The clock goes to be working normally 9 in this case here marks the time 24 hour format that is to say 9 in the morning without merging to 9 at night would be marking it around there PM. The PM zone in this spherical here marks the day for us of the week to see. If we get the focus, right there we have. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and [Music]. Then that reporting position. Please, no, we have, and thus this clock, marking the hour minutes seconds and the day of the week and day of the month in this is what goals at sight and giving the buttons. We have different functions. For example. We go to the button above and is the one we use to connect it with the mobile phone. We are going to do the test. The first thing is to activate Bluetooth is activated and now we open the citizen application that previously we will have downloaded from the app store of one. Because here we see it pressing the button above. We connect the clock. If we look the inexperienced leaf and marking for that means that it is connected in the moment he connects. He starts to leave us on the phone. A little like this color is an image that moves to make the mobile because this is disgusting now, having the reflection, nor does it look fatal dirty because this is the representation of the amount of light that is reaching the watch. If you brought it closer to the light. If you put it more red, more pink. It takes politician. He does not know, but you see how he is turning yellow red as we are removing it from the light, because if we are getting more and more bluer, white, the color of when it was just below, it goes slowly, but do not mark very abrupt variations, but we are arrived at a unreal. Not only do you have 30 seconds of avalanche, if not, not do it then. I know It makes us go more and Cancun. Well, then that is the good thing the first curious thing that we see when we connect it. If we press that, I down the symbol of the graph marks us. The graph from the record of light that it has had today is to say that we have seen that it has. Been dark until a moment ago, but we turned on the light. We can also see the record of light per week. So we see that in the last week, it went up a little here and came back to go down is and we can see it Even in the month and in the month, we have the graph also of the light that has been receiving along a curious thing to Greece of life in this case from the same Africa and on the 15th on the 16th. Sorry, must have with the light nearby. He takes it out the street or whatever and has received a lot light the other days. You see that it is with very little light that it has received. As it existed, it has normally been stored in the box. Evidently, not accidents, the stories that we can see from here, we can see the time of any other country. A world map does not come out if now. We suppose that we are going to live. Buenos Aires for put something. Let’s go Click in Buenos Aires and we will send the little arrow is sending us that the clock has the time 106 is going to set us to the 503 We are going to see it because it will soon expand and we see it. [MUSIC] Now we have on what was traveling in Buenos Aires, but now I’m going to Helsinki, Helsinki. That is 1004 We give it to send, and it sends us to the clock to put on in the light of the subway. Then as you see the change of time zone, so there is no. We can handle the clothes from the mobile. Although, of course, since see you right now, how to get to your time zone? The 1004 and more functions that we have because the alarm that we have in this bell in the alarm, it will tell us if we have. It activated or deactivated and in the. In case we want to activate it towards the previous one. Then we activate this bet at 14 630 If we give it to send, they do not exist by looking at the clock and now we have an alarm set to red at 30 as we can see it in the clock and it has made us good because we are going with the little leaf below so that it is in the alarm position. And if my library stops at 430 this thing is the good thing that it has from the mobile. You do it in a very easy way at 14:30 since we have put before 30 adjustments then to the tastings of 30 activities that we want to deactivate by deactivating and sending tells us it has to be has put the position to receive. Put this, but now we have the alarm off the possibilities that we have well in the following position here we have the option to choose with which applications we want the clock to free us or to beep. For example, we have a call phone. We’ll, come on, we want it to ring and vibrate does not notify with the sound and vibration. If we press here, only sound only vibration or both, and we can choose from the contacts we have which ones we want to know, for example. We say all of them are given three selections for with this. Yes, with this. I do not even do in this case. I am going to disconnect because I am not interested either right now. The same thing happens to us with an SMS With an email with Gmail with the calendar with the Twitter, the Facebook in Instagram, the Linkedin, The sky that ends a lot of stories, the Whatsapp and a lot of applications that we can synchronize to notify us when we have an option message in the next option. We have the link information. If we want to synchronize the time with the phone, the clock, we would not have to set it never from the phone we sync and it would automatically do like a radio controlled, always marking the exact time and looking for my proxy smartphone from between the make the phone ring. Yes, we’ve lost and manage power generation data than what we saw at the beginning, the colors and all that with the boat, and there is one more option of manual help updated. FAQ website instructions politicized. All the data out there. So good, because I think that more or less. We have seen the applications from the mobile is one thing he comments also is that the watch can be synchronized with three different mobiles, then, according to we have the work one is at night, and how about we can put it so that if with each other with none with only one to end all that is very very configurable and I think we have more or less seen the functions well to pot soon of what is the mobile application from the clock that we can see Well, then, little thing the truth, because like everything else, we are going to do it from the mobile. Well, here the only thing would be the chronometer option. We remove the crown. We put in the position of the stopwatch and the center position as on the dial auxiliary say about putting marking zero. We start up. We see that we are going counting. The first round makes us to count tenths. Not then a second is worth second. We stop willing to do it. Then we have a chrono alarm and, as I said before, it is handled from the mobile in this case. Right now we have it off. This logic tells us off ignited experience will indicate that the government is placed at the two. Thirty in this case is off in the next position was time and in the next because it is the time of another country that we had set. I want to remember. The last one was Helsinki, which was ten twenty euros. And I think the calendar is there. We never have to adjust it. If we have it synchronized with the mobile because it will automatically be adjusted always day of the week to day of the month leap years Non-leap years. Well, in which it does not have any. And what is the most shocking good because I think that as a summary he [Music] the crystal is a very nice sapphire. The overall design is the clock is impressive to connect it with the mobile phone is always useful, but especially the one that does eco drive and let’s forget about having to walk putting it to load every x time that. It is the biggest drawback that it has in all types of smartphones. These that you have to walk every 15 days at most putting the load No. And I ran out drums or wine section in the end. I think it’s more or less ready, so I’m going to take it for granted any questions. Of course, you can ask me and nothing. Now you know that on our website, you can see all the information greetings. Thanks for watching the video and see you next time.