Citizen Bluetooth Watch | Citizen Proximity Ecodrive Watch Review

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Citizen Proximity Ecodrive Watch Review


Hey, guys, this is. Peter, from fine watches dot-com. And that’s fine. Watch easy, calm and my jury bunch come today. I’m going to do a quick review of the citizen. Proximity watch. This is one of this is the second version of the proximity. Watch so available. Yeah, there are five more versions of this watch in different colors now in stainless in two-tone. The citizen eco-drive watches. I’ve covered those before interview and try to put a link in the article here. These watches are free. Slicking that under the dial is a solar cell, so it charges a rechargeable capacitor inside, looks like a rechargeable battery cell. And if you expose it to about 10-12 hour’s worth of light over the course of a day or two, it will fully charge the capacitor. One nice thing about these smart watches, and there are some my smart watches and like a smart watch like an Apple watch or a Samsung watch. But the nice thing about these is you don’t have to charge it every night, so for those of you who are like me and they’re used to older mechanical watches or newer quartz watches and probably would forget to charge your Apple watch every day. This is a nice change. These proximity watches from citizen vibrate when you get notifications via your phone, whether it’s an Android phone or any Apple iPhone. So you’re not gonna see a display version of this, probably not yet. I’m sure sometime in the future citizen or psycho or Bulova will eventually come out with a display version of this, but it probably will have to be recharged every night. The LED or LCD displays OLED displays require a lot of power. So you can’t run it on these little rechargeable cells. The the slick thing is if you sync your phone up to the watch, then you can set the time you can set your alarms. This has multiple alarms. You can also change your time zone and multiple alarms and have it vibrate on things like Facebook notifications, text messages, email, Instagram posts. And the like. So I’ll show you a little bit of that. The first thing we have to do is to sync up our phone with our watch, so we’re gonna do that now, and we’re not just gonna so you can see on the citizen app that comes up and you’ll notice that it starts with the light level, so I’ll show you that here has a light level display and the next setting is notifications. That’s where we change. The notifications follows settings and app settings and then information help files. Now if we were connected to the watch already, then this instead of being grayed out the BAL would allow you to set your alarms and then the local time this will allow you to change your watch time, so we have to turn on the Bluetooth local time or step back in. I’m gonna let the lodger reset to what I have currently is the local time, which is not correct okay now. I’m going to push the a button twice. Let’s see if we connect if we connect our screen will start turning green and it did. You can see, you know, we’re connected. Our screens got a big blue dot in it and the shaded areas for the setting of the Dallara and the time have highlighted. So I can go over to the local time on the phone and see if we can get a shot of that without too much reflection. If I select local time, it comes up with the local time. I’m going to select New York and then this blue button here will set the New York time. So I’m gonna hit that, and you can see at the same time now. It’s syncing my local time with my phone. So we’re just going to watch that kind of cycle through until it gets to 11:50 there. We go the next cool thing that you can do and. I’ll hit the back button here. The next cool thing you could do is set your alarms. So if I press the alarm button. It shows me the alarms that I have set. I currently have three alarms set one for Friday at five forty one one for weekdays at seven oclock and Saturday at two oclock. Now, so I want to see if we can get back there. Turn that one off and program the phone, so it’ll send a little message to the phone to via Bluetooth and turn off that alarm. We go back to Alarbus and I should just have this one here. I’ll turn that one off and then we’ll go back to alarms. And if I want to edit this, itll. Just sit that come over here, and now you can see. I can set it for whatever day I want it to go. So if I want Thursday Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday, in addition, I can just change it to let’s say noon at Monday through Friday. I’ll hit set and then program the phone. OK, that’s how you program your alarms. The other cool thing you can do is to check the light levels. So this little level button here. If I press the level button brings up a little diagram if I can get in and focus, you can see the light level that the phone is getting or the watch is getting. It reads the data from the solar panel and tells you that during the day. This is how much light the watch is getting, which is pretty cool. Because now we know how much light the watch has gotten, and I can go back and look at the week or the last month, which is pretty cool. So that’s how you monitor your proximity watch. The other thing that you want to do is notifications under notifications. I can have my phone of I or my watch vibrate if it’s a link loss, if somebody facetimes me. And it’s particular to the iPhone, if I get messages, Male, 3 different kinds a calendar event, if I have an alarm, programmed reminders, Twitter, Facebook Messenger from Facebook hangouts, Instagram line, Linkedin, Skype and so on so you have probably 115 different options, 18 different options that you can have your phone vibrate on not just or anything else, so that’s pretty cool and you can turn those on and off. So if I want Facetime calls to vibrate my watch, I can turn that on or off and it’s pretty slick. You can still have it for all or you can select contacts. Your contacts can be brought in. I’ll go back via the Settings button where you have a generation manager. So if I want to link all my contacts on my phone, that’s how I would do it. That’s pretty much all you can do with the app. Now, one thing to remember to remember, is that one cool thing about the citizen watch is that it vibrates only so you never have to worry about the battery draining down. The bad thing about this is if you don’t have the app running on your phone in the background like I do here And a notification comes in on your phone. The sad thing is you won’t. Get any notifications on your watch. So the app has to continuously run and be linked via Bluetooth to the watch. So that if you do get a Facebook notification or a text message, then the watch will vibrate, so you just have to remember that if you have an older phone that has a weaker battery, it’s going to drain that battery, it’s. It does use a little bit of app time on your on your phone, Whether it’s a Samsung or an Apple product, so keep that in mind, and that’s about it to pair your phone. You always have to be in local time if you’re in any of the other three options. Chronograph alarm or time you cannot. Bluetooth pair your phone so anytime that you want your watch to vibrate to send you the notification. Just remember that you always have to be in. El time the dial indicator and that your app has to be running on your phone. I hope you enjoyed this little quick review. It’s a nice watch. I’ll put a link to where you can get these watches on my affiliate site from Amazon. And, hey, I’ve been wearing this watch for a few months. I’ve, you know, done all kinds of things. Whether it’s holding up really we’ll, nice sapphire coated crystals. So they’re pretty durable and again you don’t have to worry about battery changes or battery charging. Take care guys and enjoy the review. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more, hit the subscribe button and the little bell can give you notifications when I put up more videos. Take care, have a good.

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