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Eterna Kontiki Date (for Sale)


Alright, guys, it’s. Friday we all made it. Thank goodness we’re here for the weekend and my good friend. Tony sent in his you. Turn our cantika date for ipro until you know, look at on the channel. I don’t think there’s a bunch of videos and honestly, I’m having a hard time finding an insane amount of information on these. It’s a very cool watch real quick. Let’s talk about the size because you wouldn’t think it’s as big as it is. I mean, it is on, it’s on the larger size for, you know, like a sport dressy kind of watch, but it’s a 42 millimeter 50 millimeter like to log 22 millimeter lug width, and it’s only 12.8 that, but that’s including the domed crystal, so it’s probably closer like a 12.3 fact, really, it has a screw down Crown 200 meter, resist very cool case back. You can see it as a Swiss made. This does have the SW 200 automatic movement in it and you can see there has a branded leather strap is as genuine. Leather, handmade smells great, But if you look at the front of it, it almost has like a sail cloth type. Look to it, but it is definitely leather, super comfortable. I love the cross stitching all the way up and down it. It’s a little departure to the normal stitching or no stitching. You know, like you have on a lot of standard watches. You know, we just have it where the fold-over is, but I think it’s really cool that it has it all the way down, and then it’s kind of pad. It’s super comfortable a little bit of detail on the A little bit of detail on the crown. There you can see, it has the indents the V indents all the way around there that’s kind of eternal, a little signature thing. You can see the five little ball bearings that the embed into the dial and they do that. I’m pretty sure on all of the watches or at least all the more recent ones you have the large triangles for the twelve, three, six and nine. And then you have the applied. They’re all applied indices, but then you have the dots going around the inner side of the circle. That would be like your minute track and the center there you can see that is a little bit different of an embossing that is. I’m gonna probably butcher the name, But that is a French Polynesian island, the Rory Island. And maybe I screwed that up. I’m sure I did, and I barely know English. Let alone on the other language, but you have a very cool loop on the back side of that seconds hand. I think that’s a pretty cool feature. I don’t see that done a lot. I think that’s really cool. You have the red tip on there. And then, of course you have. Some loon filled hands the hour in the minute. You can see the loom on the minute. Hand goes all the way basically to show you a really nice pointer, but it goes all the way to that inner track and then from that point on, it’s just a polished bit, and then all the other indices have a little loon dot out on the triangle all the way around, and then you have like the reverse triangle going in, and I’m a sucker for the triangles and like the monster teeth and all that stuff. So this watch really speaks to me. I think it’s a super cool. Look, it’s not done like most watches are, and then you can see the date function down here and approximately in between the four and five evenly divided there. It’s very discreet. It doesn’t upset the balance of the dial at all. You can see for the most part. Now that you’re looking for it, you see it, but if you weren’t looking for it, it pretty much disappears with the white numbers in the back, the black background of it, so it pretty much disappears altogether, so a very thin profile really nice finishing and the brushing and then the relief edge there is polished. And then you polished senator bezel, So I’m gonna toss this on wrist. I’ll show you guys what it looks like on my seven and a quarter approximate wrist size again. This strap is super comfortable. It just molds right to your wrist. I could envision this as being like a very strong sports type weekend. You know, chill type. Everything watch you don’t or you could wear it. Everyday say you’re in a if you’re an atmosphere where you’re in the office and stuff like that. And maybe you’re just burned down a dive watches right now. I feel like I’m burned out of dive watches. I’ve been wearing the king khaki A lot and I could definitely see wearing this. Turn on Cantika, which they do make these and dive watches and they have a bunch of different colorations of even this model. I think this is out of production. I’m pretty sure correct me if I’m wrong, but when I go looking for these. The last time they were sold on gentleman shop, they were at around $4.99 but they have been there long and sold out. So I think you’re really looking at the used market. You have a really nice hardware here. It’s a screwed link and it’s a milled buckle and they did make this one with a bracelet. That would have been really cool to see that as much as I like this leather strap, which we’re coming into fall time. And I think this works really good, but about a bracelet is always my preference. They have some really cool, different, multicolored ones. They have one blue black with like the orange triangles. They had some whites and blues and that a bunch of different color combinations of these. I think it’s a very cool-looking much very sporty looking. And if you have a, you know, I’m gonna say if you have like a seven or a larger interest that I think that you can definitely wear this 42 with a 50 mil millimeter lug to lug. This is going to wear very comfortably on your wrist. Does they have a screw down? Chrome, which is nice. I’m gonna go ahead and move those hands out of the way, and I’m gonna close. You guys out with a little moonshine. I don’t want to go too long in this video. It has a Woodleigh cool packaging to a really nice wood style box, so good literature and the mass, of course, the outer boxes over here so and I’ll put the model number in the description. Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to buy these anywhere guys. So I apologize for that again. Coming at you with a really cool. Watch that, yeah, thanks. Rob, I can’t get this watch. So I apologize for that. But if you watch on the user market, maybe one will pop up so you can see instantly a little bit of pop of color there. I’m not sure how long the Loom lasts, But you have a nice, I think. In the camera, it’s picking a very green it’s. It is definitely greenish, but it’s not as green as like to Seiko loom. It almost has like up. It’s gonna say has like a a slight hint of blue to it, but it’s a very, very subtle, so I’m not sure what their formula is exactly, but it’s not like straight to green. It almost has like a little hint of white or blue almost to it as well, but it’s definitely green but with those polished applied indices. You can see as you get. I have a lamp off into the background, and so there’s very little light in this room, but you can see it just catches the light really good, so this is going to be easy to read and low light. No problem, so there’s a quick look at this big thing so. Tony, for lending this in Super Cool Watch. And I’m excited to see more of Turners in the future, I think they provide an excellent product out of a very valuable price point, especially if you look on the grey market or even in the used market, there’s a really cool offerings there. Alright, thanks, guys for watching. I’ll see you in the next video.

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