Eterna Madison | Eterna Eight Days Madison Spherodrive Watch Review


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Eterna Eight Days Madison Spherodrive Watch Review


Everyone, Arielle Adams here with a blog to read calm. This watch has an interesting movement and interesting story behind it from a brand that if you haven’t looked at that, we should probably re-examine. The brand is a turn on the. Turner is a very famous brand because they actually started. Etta, which is now owned by the Swatch Group, which makes most of the Swiss watches that we know and sort of a turn has been around and they’ve been, you know, active or not so active, but they’re trying to be a lot more active now today, aside from making the Aterna branded watches their most known for making all the Porsche design watches. Um, so they basically kept most of the sporty types of watches for Porsche design and for a tour. Now they have some classic looking watches. Some ones, which are technically interesting And, of course, the the kontiki and the super kontiki, which are really cool pieces. This isn’t the Madison collection. The Matteson watches have had this sort of Tonneau style case. This one’s a little bit more square, a little bit more fat because of the movement. The movement inside here is really what the main allure is and it’s kind of interesting thing because this movement is pretty high-tech and looks really cool. The back of the watch here. Is, you know, really neat looking? And and this watch is kind of more of a conservative timepiece. I don’t always understand why. They took this movement and put it in a watch like this, but they did. This is the second watch to come out with the. Sphero drive movement. The first one was also Madison a little bit thinner case. And you could see the Sparrow. Drive in the front. This one is the eight days, which means it has an it’s a manual around movement with an eight-day powers or powers of indicator of the dial in a big date. So let’s talk about what Sparrow drive is for a second so here you have basically two Sparrow Drive mainspring barrels and what the Sparrow drive is is is essentially a way of making the mainstream mainspring barrel more robust If you can see here. I’m winding it more accurate and longer-lasting. So the mainspring barrels have to basically connection points and those involve the spinning of the movement of the the mainspring barrel as it wound and it gets wound and slowly unwinds to release power. What a turn a did is improve these connecting points by using. I believe zirconium oxide ball bearings, which apparently have required no lubrication and very, very little service, so what they’ve done is basically created a more frictionless environment for the mainspring to turn on and the connection points are more robust, So that if the watch gets a little bit of shock or gets thrown around a little bit. Those connection points are gonna stick a little bit more and and be a little bit More durable, so the idea is reduction servicing higher accuracy and a more stable durable movement. And that’s a big improvement because I don’t think there’s been a lot of focus on improving connection points in the main Springs, and I really applaud Aterna for taking the time to do that, so that’s really cool and hopefully all watches in the future will have the type of Sphero drive complication, or I guess, construction said in them because I think it’s really really improvement and it’s really good. Is it the most exciting thing for most people no? I don’t think a lot of people are really gonna understand it or get why it is, But the Turner has it. They’ll make more watches with it. I’d like to see some more sporty timepieces of it, but let’s talk more about this watch. The movement is the! I believe it’s the caliber. Yeah, it’s the 35 10 and I think they’re off to a good start. I think they could make some improvements over time with it. One of the things which is kind of annoying is to adjust the date. You can’t just use the crown. There’s a pusher right there in the case, and you need like a pencil or a paperclip, not that you should be putting metal on metal or some type of a stylus to adjust the date. You know, you can do it just by advancing the time, but you know, it’s it’s it’s. I just don’t know why it is. Maybe there was a reason. There aren’t other complications here, so that’s just kind of a strange thing. Another thing is that it has eight days of power reserved. You see when it’s read, it’s running down. It takes a really really long time to fully whine it, so the crown here, it’s a very attractive crown, and it has a little five points, which actually corresponds to the the logo of a turnout as well five points and with those five points, actually our or it doesn’t imply this model, but they were the ball bearings in the automatic movements that used to have, and so it’s an attractive looking crowd, but it’s not the most comfortable crown from a perspective of winding. It should be a little bit bigger. Maybe a little bit more stuck out because you have to wind this thing a long time to do it. And I, you know that the the red part there is, you see, it’s slowly disappearing, Maybe not as fast as I want to be still winding, still winding and this thing was basically almost completely half wound still winding and what you really want to do is get the red completely out. They’re still winding, still winding and, okay, we’re about good so now it’s about fully wound and so you can wait eight days, but you’re going to be spending like three minutes. Wanting this and this thing is completely down another thing. Is they’re sort of a jumpring quality? I mean, the main Springs. If it’s weighed down a little bit at certain points kind of jump, I think that’s just how it’s designed. It’s kind of a strange thing. I think that the Turner should explain more being like that’s normal. The case itself is I love the dimensions with me. Right now! It’s it’s it’s got to be at least 40 wide and with a tonneau case. Forty wide looks pretty big, so this is. This is actually a rather large watch. The detailing of the case is really really good. The case itself is steel. Really neat. Detailing on there, finish is superb. I mean, I have to say that. This is one of the better finished steel cases. I’ve seen the design for me. Actually looks better on the wrists. Then it does off the wrist. I think it’s a cool looking watch. It’s very conservative, it’s legible. I usually don’t like reading watches that aren’t in round dials, but this one I find is very legible. The hands are the right length. They have a little bit of a loom on them. There are, I think there’s no. Yeah, it’s just loom on the hands. It’s for it’s easy to read the time. There’s a nice sort of polish to it. The dial is. I guess you can call like a brownish color. And it matches this alligator strap. Which is. I have a grayish Brown as well. I think they did a good job with the design. It could be a little bit more sporty. They’re really onto something here with this cool detailing on the the case there. I just think that looks really nice. It’s like they’re on to something cool. If they insist on making it kind of more of a conservative looking watch, the big date is a good feature. The dial is well balanced. I like the watch overall. I think it has a lot of compelling qualities to it, especially to the you know, discriminating. Watch lover. But I think Aterna has a big job in terms of Education. One telling why people should want this movement into focusing on sort of this concept of conservative watch versus technical achievement. The eight days Madison Sphere Drive is not a cheap watch in steel. It’s just over $13,000 which is, which is probably more than most people would consider on a watch like this, but I think that it’s a great evolution and what they’re trying to do. And that futurist Ferro drive watches will be something more and more interesting because I really hope that they continue with the technology again. This is Eterna 8dayz Madison Sparrow. Drive, watch! You can see the full review the blog tree. Calm, thanks.