G Shock Gw A1000 | How To Set Casio Gw-a1000-1 And Gw-a1000d-1 Watch Review By Valencia Time Center

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How To Set Casio Gw-a1000-1 And Gw-a1000d-1 Watch Review By Valencia Time Center


Hey, guys! Belen, Co time center here and today. I am very pleased to be introducing to you. A brand new watch from Casio G-shock G Aviation Series. This is the GWA 1000 – one to watch his cockpit inspired and it features a brand new triple. G resist structure from G. Shock, the triple G resist is supposed to resist forces from gravitational dropping centrifugal gravitational force and also vibration. Also with this watch, Casio is introducing their smart access system. Which, if you’ll notice on the side, the watch has a crown. It’s an electronic crown, and it also has a V drive motor, which will be able to see basically with the features of the watch as we go through them. What I want to do is show you guys how to set this watch. Some people might say. Hey, that’s you know, counterintuitive because these watches set themselves, but not everybody is in a position to receive the signal. If you do want to receive a signal and you want to try to set it up outside your window, you can set this watch up to manually receive. So if you were to manually receive what you do is hold down your bottom, right button, what’s they call? B you hold it down for two seconds. One two, the second hand will rotate around to the letter. R That means it’s ready to receive when it starts to receive the second hand will jump down here to W which means working or receiving. I’m going to not wait for this to actually happen. Just press any button to get out of that manual receive mode. If you wanted to get the watch to automatically receive what you do, is you press? B one time. Unscrew your crown and pull it out right now. You’ll notice that the second hand jumped around to why why means yes automatically receive. If you don’t want the watch to automatically receive the signal, you can rotate your crown to n. I’m going to leave it on why, because why not if the watch will actually receive the signal? That’s a good thing. Most of us are not in a position for the watch to receive a signal all the time so from here. I’m going to screw the crown down. I’ll show you how to do that. You line up the little red line with the red dot? You push it in and you rotate it around until it’s lined up with the white line so from here. I want to show you guys how to set the watch if you had to manually set it. The first thing that you want to do is make sure that your watch is in the hometime setting. We know that our watch is in the home time setting because at the bottom of the screen there that little red hand is pointing to the day of the week as long as it’s pointing to the day of the week. You are in your home time setting. If it wasn’t, it could be pointing at a couple of the other functions on the watch. You press your bottom left button. See, and you’ll see that you can rotate the hands around to world time. This is your stopwatch mode, Countdown timer, a la or your home time. So now that we know that we’re in our home time, what you want to do, you want to pull your crown out? So in order to do that, unscrew it, it’s going to kick out just like any other screw down crown, It’s spring-loaded, pull it out, You’ll see that the second hand rotates around to a city code right now. It’s showing NYC New York City for me. I’m in Los Angeles, so I’m going to run it backwards till it shows you LAX. You can run it both ways, so I’m going to run it around until it shows LAX and then. The first thing that you got to do is make sure whether or not your watch is set up for standard time or daylight savings time in this case. This watch has an automatic setting for that. If you press your top right button a and you hold it down for two seconds to see that little red hand move notice. I went to STD, that’s standard time. Hold it down again! Dst daylight savings time. Hold it down again! It’ll rotate back to eighty that’s automatic. That’s where most of us are going to leave it. So from here now. I know that I’m in lax. I want to set the time. I’m going to hold down the bottom left Button C until the second hand goes to 12 Now we can set our time. All you do is rotate the crown. It’s really, really simple, so let’s say for the sake of this video that it’s like 9:30 one thing to notice if you just rotate slowly, it’s going to take a while if you rotate this fast three times, it’s going to speed up, gets better, do it again and it works double time, so let’s set it to 10:13 So right, now we’ve set our time to whatever time it is where you are. And now we got to move on and set the date to set the date. You’ve got to press the bottom left button. C twice when we press the bottom button, see twice. You’re going to see that the date in that window is actually going to move a little bit to let you know that it’s ready to be set, so we press it once twice. You see it, move down and up. That means your date is ready to be set to set the date. Just rotate your crown. What’s great about this? It goes forward and it goes backward so now our date is set today. It’s the 26th we’re going to press C. One time the second hand is going to rotate around and it’s going to show you the month right now. It’s September, that’s why it’s pointing to nine that will be October November December January February March April May so we’re going to shoot all the way around to September. Press it one more time and now we’re able to set our year when the hand stop will see the hour hand is showing you the 10th of the year, so it’s 2010 plus two, which is where the minute hand is so it’s 2012 This would be 2013 2014 I’m going to run this all the way around past 9:00 so you see 2020 right, – on the hour hand and zero on the minute hand, so I’m going to run this back around. So we’re on 2012 and now that you’ve said that we’re done, Your time is set your data set. The year is set, push the crown back in and the day is automatically going to set up because it already knows the day based off of the year. So that’s how you set the time guys. When you first get your watch. It will probably be set up already. Just maybe to a different city code in the event that it gets out of sync. That’s what you want to do now. This watch has a very, very cool feature. It’s got a thermometer, but it’s all analog and. I want to show you guys how to use that. We’re in the timekeeping mode. This is the only way it’s going to work. Is if it’s in the timekeeping mode. We know that we’re in timekeeping because the red hand is point to the day of the week to get to your thermometer. You tap a right now. It’s showing us a Celsius reading. We know that because the second hand is pointing at the C, The Celsius is pointing at the positive because it’s plus zero degrees. It’s over zero degrees, And in this case, the hour hand shows you the tenths the minute hand shows you the one’s position. If you don’t do anything for a couple seconds, it goes back, so we’re going to do it again and I’m going to show you what this is reading. So from a Celsius position, It’s reading 29 degrees Celsius. Right, if from here, you wanted to change it to Fahrenheit while you’re showing a reading. You pull your crown out like I just did, and you hold down a for two seconds. Now it’s going to show us a reading in Fahrenheit Fahrenheit. Reading is a little bit different in this case. The minute. The minute hand is showing you the tens. The second hand is showing you the one position, so this is showing 84 degrees The hour hand shows you the hundreds, so if it was over a hundred degrees, the hour hand would be pointing at the one so. Oh, 84 degrees. The good, the good thing about this guy’s. You’re only gonna have to do this once. You don’t have to do this many times. Most of us are only going to read either. Fahrenheit or Celsius. It’s not something where you’re jumping back and forth, so don’t get too hung up on this from here. We’re done, push your crown in. We’re going to keep it set on Fahrenheit Because that’s what I would use. After a couple seconds, the hands are going to rotate back around and show you the regular time setting just like that. So that’s my review, guys. I just wanted to show you some of the different features. The the way that this watch is set. Let you get an idea of the electronic crown right now? It’s unscrewed. We’re going to push it back down and lock it to give you a couple. Other looks at the watch that little logo on the back. That’s the triple. G resist structured logo to show you all of the the three points of the triple. G resist! They’ve got some little instructions on the back. There, which is kind of cool. Give you a look at the other side of the case. You’ve got this little rubber shock resistor on the side. I wanted to give you guys a look at the GWA 1000 D. We also got this watch in stock. It’s the same exact watch, but it’s on the metal bracelet. It’s the black! IP bracelet for this watch. I’m going to leave, it wrapped up, guys. These watches are extremely special. We’re only going to get one, so I can’t show you any better than that. They are cosmetically a little bit different, though. If you’ll notice the little red hand at the top on the D metal bracelet, its white, also the red hand at the bottom on this. Watch on with the metal bracelet that’s white as well. So there are those watches side by side. Slap it on my wrist to give you a quick idea of how this watch looks size-wise. It’s very, very similar to the GW 4000 series. I have a seven inch wrist guys. So if you can get an idea very, very comfortable, very good and the watch close at. I took this picture with my cell phone of all things in the Dark Pitch-black room, and it came out very well. So that’s our review, guys. I hope you enjoy it and as usual. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit us at the website that you see at the bottom of the screen. Thanks, have a good one.

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