Glycine Incursore Review | Glycine Incursore 3873 Review – Handwinding Beauty At Affordable Price

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Glycine Incursore 3873 Review - Handwinding Beauty At Affordable Price


[MUSIC] Hello and welcome to the wash sake channel where we bring you all the good and honest watch reviews. Welcome to this video. This is called a blast from the past n. We are talking about this. Watch here on the review dance. This is the glycine. Incus, or 387 3 now. I call it the blast from the past because it’s a slightly older watch. I bought this watch way back in 2013 19 or 2012 and I briefly mentioned this watch when I was doing a review of my glycine combats up last month, so one or two viewers actually contacted me and they asked if I could talk a little bit more about Mike Lysine, Interser 3 at 73 and Here. I am doing this video just for you so before we begin the review. Let me just run through with you. Some background information between me and the glycine in Kassar, 373 now. I like this model a lot. In fact, this is the second time I bought this watch. I first bought the glycine Investor 3 at 73 way back. I think 12 years ago in 2008 At that time, this watch had no applied logo on the dial. It had only the glycine word printed across, and also it didn’t have a decorated movement like this. He had a Hotmail decorated movement but not decorated and plated with the glycine logo, and that version also had a much better packaging. It came with a wooden box and a spare bracelet or a spare rubber strap, but these days you are getting it with just the some kind of a PVC padded box and only one strip, So I believe this is the Mach 3 because at the back of the case, it says enter cell reference 387 3.3 So take a look here, it says Point 3 I believe this is the Mach 3 And hence we get to see a little bit of changes or improvements to the overall build and quality. So let me just run through review. Some of the basic specs on this watch. This is a huge watch. It’s got a case of 46 millimeters across And at that time 2008 2010 2012 I think big watches were the trend, so it didn’t feel so ridiculous back then, but today I think. 46 millimeter watches are finished there over. And as a result, this watch has been in the watch case for more than a year already. It’s going to stay in the case for a long while because I don’t see myself wearing such a big watch anymore. So despite the very large case diameter of 46 millimeters, the watch has a thickness of eleven point seven millimeters and I’ll say that’s pretty thin for a watch this big. So if you take a look at Panerai, they’ve got cage diameters of 44 but the case thickness is typically about 15 so this one comes in at under 12 millimeters, largely due to the flat sapphire crystal on top. It’s got a mineral crystal at the back block width is 24 millimeters, so this will please a lot of strap change fans or at that time 24 millimeter straps. They were a very big thing. Also, it’s got dual lock so really. I think this watch for peace who are in favor of changing the straps. Now, perhaps one of the biggest or the worst negative point of this watch is the lateral buckling. It is really long. It comes in at fifty six point five millimeters, and that’s really too long. I think you know these days. You mix it out at about 50 51 millimeters and for a watch like this with long thin locks. Fifty six point Five millimeters. You’re going to get a lot of luck overhangs, and I think today. If you wear such a watch, it’s not going to look very good unless you have a very big wrist. Eight point five to nine inch. Maybe so just some more information regarding the specifications. It’s got a really big crown very comfortable to hold the grip and wine. Just listen with a Cris winding, all right, this crown here is about nine millimeters, and it is embossed reverse and gray with the glycine logo, the castle logo and it’s also got a really big crystal diameter so legibility. Is the winner for this watch? The crystal is thirty four. Thirty seven point five millimeters. So I would say this is one of the biggest I’ve seen in all my watches so now. I’d like to pay attention to the case back well. This is a mineral crystal clear speck. But you get to see the lovely engraving on the movement. Now this movement is a generic. ETA six or ninety seven. The Hanwha movement? I think power reserve is about 46 hours and strictly an wine has got small seconds at nine oclock, right and really, The decorations and movement is just lovely, nice card, a plated movement and this is fully engraved with the pricing crown logo. I spent some time to talk about the case design, so it’s got a relatively flat case, flat and thin, but it does have a lot of curve to its mid case. All right, here you can see the mid cases, it’s actually very much curved, but due to the long lock to lock, you’re not getting much of the benefits of the curved case because overall, the luckylucky still very long at things 56.5 just way too long. The brushing on the case is just lovely is beautiful, very well done. You’ve got a small, slim bevel here That is polished, but otherwise, the entire watch is done in a really nice brushed finish. I really love this brush finish. I would say at that time. I read that this higher than the Panerai one. One one because that one has got a full polished finish and this one is got a full brush so with a finish like this. I think it looks better for this type of field or officer kind of style without the bling and the shininess. I think this is a winner. Then let’s go on to the dial design and one loop. You know, this were, of course, Draw comparisons to Panerai. Alright and one of the reasons why I saw the first one I bought was because it looked too much like a pen or ISO at that time. I did not own a banner I. I was sick and tired of people telling me, he said, Uh, Panerai you’re wearing. So I decided to not wear this watch. I sold it but later on in 2013 I was fortunate enough to own a Panerai, so I bought it again because I like the design and built for this watch and really I. I think this style design is very good. Very clean, very simple, very legible. It’s got the simple stick markers, of course is called. Arabic numbers, 12 3 6 Otherwise, you got stick marker’s, pencil. Hands and these are loom and the loom is done in a green tinge when you would go to the loom shot in a while. And, of course, this is the newer version. I bought this in 2013 and it’s got that applied. Castle will go just under 12 foot marker, and I quite like this design because it’s uniform that the marker is here and it’s also engraved onto the crown. So let’s switch off the lights now and I’ll show you how bright the loom is on the glycine in Castle 3 at 73 boom. Okay, now it’s really bright. I think I would say this is as bright as any psycho or Panerai. I’ve seen very nice you. Numbers, stick, markers, hands, even the small markers at a small seconds hand. They are fully healed very nice, so all in all, always say, this is a great watch. It’s really well built. The brushing is very nice, nicely decorated movements, very simple, classic design. I apologise for other finger prints here and the crystal designs really nice Looks really good for a rugged officer. Kind of watch, but I must say it is let down by the overall large size of the case. Well, it’s really way to be even for today’s standard. I think nobody is going to wear a watch That is over 45 or 44 millimeters anymore, so it’s looking really silly with the long overhangs. If you’ve got a very big risk, of course, it’s not a problem, but if you have a risk under seven and a half inch. I think this one will look big on you. So it is worth pointing out that at the time that I bought this piece. I bought it about seven years ago and I. I think I must have paid about US. Dollars 500 on eBay. I really think it’s a good price for such a work, and in case you think I’m trying to avoid the question here? It is a reshot off the glass in Inca. So take a look at the long overhanging locks. Really, it looks a bit. Slee, in today’s trend today’s trend. I think you know 38 to 42 that’s about it. If you go any bigger and you don’t have a very big risk, so it’s not a good idea, so there you have it. The glycine in Casa 3 is 73 really nice. Watch very simple hand winding watch. It’s got 200 meters, water resistance, and I don’t see any reason why you should fault it for the specs and the boot and the quality, but the killer blow for this watch. It is a huge case diameter and the crazy long lock to lock length. So I don’t see many people going for it over anymore. These days, it’s definitely going to stay in my wash box for the next few years. So here’s the wash lucky signing off together with George. We’re gonna say goodbye. See you next week. Bye bye! [music] you!

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