Gmt Master Pepsi | Stainless Steel 126710blro Rolex Gmt Master Ii Pepsi 2021 Oyster. Rolex Gmt Mit Dem Oysterband!!!

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Stainless Steel 126710blro Rolex Gmt Master Ii Pepsi 2021 Oyster. Rolex Gmt Mit Dem Oysterband!!!


So, friends today? I have something very special for you today. I want to tell you something in front of what you have never said anywhere in 2000 Shutters in German-speaking countries. At least what we don’t yet exist talking about a Rolex novelty from 2021 Wierling Los so friends. So it’s time again. A special honor that I can introduce you to something. New, I’m happy. I always go for cologne. Watch for our whole company When I meet you. Of course, a watch that you have probably never seen before. I have probably not seen another video that you have seen live anyway, have seen because it is simply an absolute novelty and we have yes. We took the chance like all very first. European ones Rolex GP Master 2 Pepsi with the Oyster Band and accordingly. We can offer you now. We show a little review. We just combine that in unboxing. I would say or make you poor, of course. Leave us behind in any case. A comment follows us. Of course as a little bell. And I’m happy so that I can show you The new Mt with the Oyster Band first. Once we have the outer carton, of course, the synthetic resin box that is. Basically, everything with the old One has not changed that much to the version living in July and now we’re already living here. The clock has I’m basically. The third generation of the ceramic bezel is what speaks for itself current version of the ceramic bezel, with the dark blue one, with the one with the dark blue alternate between 6 pm. And 6 am. And I say wine red alternate between 6 am. And 6 pm. Beyond the center point downwards. I think that’s how I can describe it. So we have the sixth position. This beautiful red wine no longer shimmers that bright red. What the first one’s versions were just there and at the top, we also have a midnight blue tone that is always like that bit changes between black and blue, of course, so we have one black blue tone and so we now have a bit of this effect between the former Rolex Cup between the DMT Rolex Coke and the former GMT Pepsi. The newest band is, of course, politically in the middle again, just like it used to be and the first thing that strikes me when I turn the clock in taking the hand. I find us extremely easy. It just comes from that. I had so far, of course, speaks this configuration, osterland polished middle elements and so on and so on only in white gold in hand that was already there from the 116 719 so from the first one version with the first caliber in white gold and from 126 719 There was the the version on the oyster wall is always only available in white gold. Accordingly, simply a certain haptic One is pre-formed. Yes, takes the clock in the hand and then first thinks this is new. The clock is simple no longer so difficult is simply relatively easy. The question is, of course. How does it feel now if you bought the white gold version on the? On the other hand, you have to say, of course to be honest, and I just got. It already. Discussed a white gold variant currently sold around that 35,000 euros. Something here will be a bit over 20,000 euros accordingly on the one hand, Of course, Of course, the one I say 7000 euros for the white gold for the material and then probably again somehow 3000 euros or something for the fact that you have the white gold watch. So it is with you what you would rather see on your arm personally? I am always in precious metal fan. I like that even if the watch weighs what I like that, even if you can feel the watch and the value of the watch on your arm. In any case, write us what you think of it as you can see it. I myself take the watch in my hand and I just see it right away. Typical Pepsi effect. We have a red hour hand. A 24-hour show that practically makes one turn in 24 hours. We have one. I now call the regular hour hand with this Mercedes applications. So just with the star so that you always see the hour hand. Moving separately can always see what time we are on site. We have what it is, the on-site time. And, of course, we have that original basic functions of the DMT, which was therefore one, had a 24 hours witness that runs with the regular hour hand and so to speak a 24 hour indication. And we have a rotating bezel, which rotating bezel was actually the first function to show 24 hours, which the GM had at all so the GMT 1 variants do not have the option. I hope to set the hour hand independently of the 24 hour display. I was able to explain quite well. What I meant by that. I just put the watch on, and then you see the watch on your wrist, of course. The 40 millimeter variant is clearly very, very similar to that version on the white gold version, very, very similar to the version on the anniversary. Personally, I really like that in the end. It is always very, very fond of them sport enclosures because it just gives a coherent picture. Now in the end, time are, of course, the jubi are alive, just a bit as they say have become a bit more up-to-date, but this is also this typical one GMT Pepsi effect that one would also like to see on the arm or that one in the. As the decades run, I got used to the jewel ribbon. He came every now and then then went back again and again. Then we also have here with us. Of course, the instructions for use, and we have another one is not exchangeable part of this set, of course. We also have the watch card with us. It is the new Rolex card that was launched last October. / November the country code is no longer recorded. The clock here comes now from france, for example. It should be one of the first European watches, which arrives here with us and the new card is. Of course, now, yes is easy. It has become a bit more valuable. You can hold it on. The back of your cell phone is automatically connected to the Rolex homepage. That is what I think is, actually. We also tried a very cool image. It was wonderful works. And, furthermore, there is no country code on these maps noted that at the point, you just have to say that is also one another novelty in the current sets from Rolex. And I hope I could, you guys. I was able to give you a nice, comprehensive review of this watch. Give an overview of what it is now called this watch back on the master tape to get. Yes, I’m looking forward to that discussion. Round, stays healthy until then almost up.

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