Grand Seiko 9f | Meine Letzte Uhr // Grand Seiko Sbgx259

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Meine Letzte Uhr // Grand Seiko Sbgx259


I have read battery. Change is every three years. You do this here or do. You have to make a present that [music]. [MUSIC] Before I date two, thank you that. The first, of course, goes to Markus, who helped with his best buy service that I found this break. The second! Thank you, of course to julia Old ones in cologne. Who sold me the watch yesterday? Alexej, here again. Giant looks, of course, something nice. Thanks again that I was allowed for him. Thank you for letting me have a look around you and thank you for this. Beautiful Rose Co. So let’s see how the whole thing looks in detail [music] but why the hell, a quartz and then another boring one? I would saying that is, of course, always in the eye of the beholder point one when we were in Japan and I bought my titles there I got into the SBG X series in vain back then had the there black or the version with the black dial and the version. With the silver dial in hand. Both of them are just very good at this, generally like the finish clock face. No, you don’t have the snowflake texture, But you have Chris Black In my case. Now A Christian white dial, the indices and pointers with different structures, including symbolic on the on the one hand, the indice’s opera point to the normal roughened surfaces, the finish of the watch in general, the case of the strap as well is really unique, And when I think about it in the price range, that is something for yourself plus. The new works are really interesting for you. One thing is like that, and now let’s go. But Seiko is the inventor of quartz or the Swiss watches have shaken the world by releasing theirs quartz models, And that’s part of the Seiko story. And I didn’t want one spring drive, werk! I find the technology very interesting, but I do then wanted the normal quartz movement and why the accuracy is included those with Plus / minus ten seconds per year. There is still the Saeco So Hayek, UCI quartzwerk what they offer with Plus / minus five seconds a year. You just have to put it that way. In addition, there is how they make the clockworks there and two watchmakers work on it, which are now assembled by hand the quartz crystals. Leave you about three months grow only use the best tune this from the mechanics of the quartz, where it is airy, sealed off in the tank. You have to die every three years. Have the battery changed, and that’s it otherwise. I mean, I’m 50 years in where the watch does not need any maintenance. I mean, what, because if you please? I can tell that everyone is using a quartz movement. This technology with accuracy with low maintenance intervals. That’s just something that fascinates me and when you type that looks at the pointer and how exactly it hits the indices every time stop. Also, what for himself would not have thought that I would ever direction. I’ll go cross. But with the attributes, it’s easy for me. Something that fascinated me and where I can find myself in Japan in love with it [music] then let’s talk about the technical data and specifications speak. I just forgot that 37 millimeters is the diameter. And I still think she looks good on me. Not so small with the white beard. If she still has a nice Sahara presence at Polish, he also helps a little that means you just have a lot of refracted light and that reflections on it are simply terrific. 10 mm, higher. That was important to me because it should be in dressage accordingly, a little flatter slightly on the arm, despite 19 mm stainless steel band wide. I strive that he only have steel tape. So it’s okay for me. 100 meters, water resistance. The crown is not screwed and that is for me. The perfect solution, but a lot with pointer. I like the watch very much is elegant. As such, we don’t have a reward flower, but no flower. Anyway, How the light breaks. Even when there is little light, you can always track the time somehow also read that is a great feature of the whole here, the band, as such, we have half links. We have whole songs. That’s it all normal folding clasp with two presses on which opens and closes quite well. I can’t complain about that. And by and large I find the perfect ones dimensions and the perfect design for a dressage for me [Music]. Then what do I dislike about my big one? I mean, one thing is the transition from bands to the case. Snuggles up there. You can see such a small gap. That was also what mine said. I now also have that hand with a cake with the attack Syco anniversary. Otherwise there is not much to complain about the band as such is an anniversary Taiwan’s. Clearly that could have been a little different a fine. Presentation in the clasp is completely missing. I could fit you on my arm anyway. I guess that’s them. Only two points that. Bother me a bit. I don’t really like it a little conception in the clasp while been beautiful. And as I said in the band, the impact on the case is a bit different. Get that maybe something else too. Crown should be ticking bigger, but these are my three points where I don’t say one hundred percent now. But otherwise, I still am completely in love with the ticker, so not much to complain about [Music]. We talked about what I did. I don’t notice what I’m doing. Because on the one hand, the profile I would show almost say a little patek. Philippe Calatrava sends his regards with the white sheet. Of course you can’t compare it, but anyway, somehow this watch has a lot of elegance about it. Although it is not too elegant is I’m not that dressage type and the clock is despite the 37 mm to wear with a certain presence on the arm. We have the nice reflections, thanks. The support is white white snow-white dial. I mean, there I have it. Long searched for, And that really is Christian. No other way to describe it for me. It’s just like that in theirs. Quintessence the perfect the perfect cannot be said otherwise. I have I said what bothers me. I said what I like, and that’s the way. It is main points. Even now I have to mean. It is getting dark outside. We have sleet all day long. And yet you always find yourself like that. Light reflections on the indices on the pointer on the case. It’s just fun and a great watch. [MUSIC] We love that’s it for today, too again with the review of my Grosjean. The last only in my collection I. I mean, since 2008 I have been active for ten eleven years and it has taken a long time to put the perfect collection together and the big one is for me. Currently the green graduation, of course. I still think there are a lot of things about. 903 Are interesting so to speak Narita edition. Super Beautiful. Anyway, I keep my ears. I buy most watches long term that they stay with me longer. I’m not a pinball machine and I am meanwhile. I think so when I put together a collection where I first times am happy with and I want to enjoy as you are. I still am. Looking forward to your opinion on the clock. What do you think of the browser? What do you think from shopping, boring or the end or cool nice? What is your opinion? Write diligently below in the comments field. I look forward to reading from you. Wish you now as usual. A really nice Sunday afternoon. A good one start into the new week. I’m happy to see you again in the next video. Say at or see you again. Well, in constatin to live in Haiti.

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