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Hamilton Khaki King: Mixed Feelings. Review


All right, guys, I bought my first Hamilton. Watch and I should be so excited to review this, and I am pretty excited to review. This and I have lots of mixed feelings about this, so let’s take a look at it. Um, today we’re looking at the Hamilton Khaki King 2 [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]. Hey, guys, uh, this is Dave. Welcome back to just the watch. The Budget Watch collecting channel where I like to talk about everything related to watch collecting on a budget and today we’re taking a look at a watch from Hamilton and Hamilton is a brand that I have had my eye on for a long time. Uh, you know, I haven’t really gotten into many Swiss made watches before, especially from major brands like Hamilton, but basically every other Youtube channel that I watch out there Absolutely loves Hamilton and I think I’m going to love Hamilton. I don’t know if I love Hamilton yet. Um, this is a watch that I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings about since I’ve gotten it. Sometimes I look at it and I feel like, okay. This is the by far the best watch I have ever handled. Um, it’s the kind of watch that I could be happy with for the rest of my life and never need anything else and other days. I look at it and I’m like, man. I wish it had better anti-reflective coating. You know, the bracelet doesn’t quite, uh, have enough micro adjusts and they kind of cut some corners here, and I wonder why they didn’t do this. So yeah, so I think part of my part of the challenge. The the focus of this channel has really been on watches. That are really incredible values. You know, you can find some pretty impressive specs in the micro brand world or out of Chinese watches. Um, or even from places like Seiko and Orient and things like that for not a lot of money, and I’ve kind of come to expect at a certain price that you would get all of those things And even looking at the specs of this Hamilton. I knew it wasn’t going to quite hit all of those boxes, but yeah, there. There were some things that I expected would be there that weren’t, but then at the same time there were definitely things that this brings to the table that that I haven’t seen out of any other brands. It’s really hard to describe exactly what I mean. Though I feel like the the Hamilton, uh, design language and just looking at the watch, it just feels like it really exudes a level of maturity and confidence that you don’t see coming out of a lot of micro brands or newer brands. You can tell that this watch is coming from a company that has been making watches for over a hundred years. You can tell that they have really been perfecting these designs and the cues that they put in here. They don’t need to do anything Flashy to get your attention. They just are executing a really well made watch so but the interesting thing is going back to what I’ve kind of experienced before is I think a lot of micro brands and other brands they sort of try and compete with, uh, brands like Hamilton? Um, on a technical level by offering, you know, really incredible technical features for the money, but often the designs are a little bit more mismatched, maybe a little bit more trendy and not as timeless, so it’s a really kind of, yeah, interesting conflicting thing getting my hands on this this Hamilton. For the first time now you probably noticed the paid promotions tag. This is because I got a discount from Jomoshop so that’s. The only thing that I got from Jomoshop, They gave me a discount, a pretty significant discount on this watch but big. Thanks to them for providing that Anyways. Let’s take a look at it and I’ll show you some of the stuff that I like some of the stuff I love and some of the stuff that I really am kind of scratching my head about. Here’s the Hamilton Khaki King 2 This is the one on the metal bracelet which you know. I always try and get the metal bracelet if I can because I like having that as an option. However, this watch is a strap monster, so I’ve got a couple of straps. I’m going to try it on later on in the review and we’ll take a look at it packaging. Uh, which you know? No one should really care that much about, But it is great with hamilton. It’s a fun experience, unboxing, but let’s get that out of the way, Okay, First, let’s get the dimensions and specifications out of the way you’re getting 40 millimeters across, um, a fairly long 50 millimeter lug to lug. So the lugs are fairly long on this. Uh, which does make it wear a little bit interesting well. See that on the wrist in a minute here, 20 millimeter lug, opening so lots of great strap options there and one of the most impressive dimensions is the thickness. So you can see. It has a dome sapphire crystal and including that dome sapphire crystal. It’s only 11 millimeters thick, but the case itself, you know, it feels like it’s probably under 10 millimeters. So if that was a flat sapphire crystal might even get it under 10 which is just pretty incredible for a field watch, especially an automatic field. Watch now! I forget what Hamilton has branded this movement. As if I remember correctly. This is a modified ETA movement and what they’ve done is. This is one of the ones with the extended power reserves. So this one. Uh, you know, the typical ETA, 2824 has a, uh, smooth, sweeping high beats, uh, secondhand beats. Eight times per second. They’ve reduced that to a to kind of a more standard six beats per second, and I believe they’ve increased the size of the main spring in there. So the end result is that you’re getting a watch with a full 80 hours of power reserve, so there’s one very impressive technical feature to get a movement with an 80 hour. Power reserve is not something you see very often, particularly under 500 particularly if it is a Swiss eta-based movement. And that’s something that I did notice a lot with this watch, I would wind it up, and then I would come back to it A couple days later, completely expecting it to be wound down and having to reset it, but it was still ticking away and doing great. Um, so I I really like that. Feature of it and I think that is kind of a pretty cool movement, but if you are one, that really prefers that ultra smooth, sweeping second hand. Um, you do lose that with this. Uh, this is, you know, it’s good. It’s got the same kind of sweep that you would find in, like an entry-level Seiko nh35 or something like that. Another minor disappointment with this watch is that it only has 50 meters of water resistance for a field watch. I would prefer to have at least 100 meters does not have a screw down crown. Just a standard push-pull crown. Also, the bracelet is very solid, really great brushing and just a really beautiful bracelet. I really like the bracelet. Clasp is very good, too. Nice milled. Clasp very easy to operate nicely signed with that Hamilton logo. However, one major drawback to this is that it only has two micro adjusts on there, so that gives you the equivalent about half a length of adjustment and what that means is that you should have no problem really getting this watch to fit right on your wrist at the time that you size it. But if your wrist changes size at all, if it swells or shrinks, you’re not going to be able to adjust it much without adding or removing links, and that’s kind of what I’ve found is all adjusted. I’ll get a great fit and then I’ll come back to it later in the day or the next day, and I’ll feel like, Oh, it’s a little bit too tight. Now it’s a little bit too loose, and that’s normally where I would rely on a clasp with more micro adjust to kind of, you know, get that little custom fit as my wrist size changes. I can’t really do it on that on this. I’ve either got to go back and add another link or just kind of get used to it being not quite the way I’d like it to fit, so I really wish they would have included at least one more micro adjust, probably two. I like to have at least four, um, or five, even but two is really not enough to get the kind of fit. I normally like another thing you’re going to notice throughout this review is that there are a lot of reflections on this watch. I don’t believe there’s any anti-reflective coating on the crystal. And that is something that you notice a lot sometimes almost to a comical degree. Now some of you will probably point this out in the comments that the date looks misaligned. It might be a tad to the to the right, but most that’s the shadow from my lighting, If you if I, uh, you know if I sh if I get a little bit the light shining flat on, I have a light coming from this way. So there’s a shadow being cast onto the date because of that. So let’s talk a little bit about this watch. This is Hamilton calls this. The khaki king. There’s a huge line of khaki watches. They tend to be military inspired watches. Um, they have some pilots watches in that line. A lot of field watches, and that’s where this one comes in. Um, the king. I, you know, I kind of think that this is what I would look at. As sort of like, an officers watch kind of a little bit dressier. You’re getting a polished bezel, which is unusual for field. Watch you’re also getting that day-date complication, Which I feel like kind of, adds a little bit of elegance and dressiness to the watch as well and that was one of the main reasons I picked it. I I like that now. If you. If you want just a pure field watch, that’s all about, um, functionality. Hamilton, has you covered there? You check out their khaki field line or the field automatic or the field mechanical. A lot of great watches there that have more of a true functional. I think dna in them. This one! You know, you get a lot of that military. Look, you get something that is going to be rugged enough to take out in the field if you want. But it also dresses up pretty well, too. Obviously, one of the main features is that day date display again. That’s going to be a polarizing thing. I like that day-date display. I like that cutout. Even though it does interrupt the dial, I feel like the the symmetry is preserved with the way that they’ve done it, and I’ve always kind of thought that sort of date or that day display at the top of the dial is a cool look, and I think they’ve done a good job of working around it. So with the chapter ring you can see is really detailed, You know, marking down two fifths of a second and you can use that, so even though you know, parts of the dial is cut away. Um, you can still read everything because the chapter ring. Has you know enough markings to continue to allow you to read? You know, minutes and hours, even though the 12 oclock hour isn’t there, you still got that little 60 minute marker at the top, which can very easily stand in for it. The dial has a nice kind of black sunburst finish and so in the inner part of the dial where you have the 24 hour markings going on, it’s a sunburst finish. It’s very smooth in there, but then you go out to the part where the 12 hour markings are and in there. It’s sort of this grooved, uh, circular grooves going all the way around it kind of, like, uh, you know, the grooves on a record so kind of a cool touch. It’s a really neat, Uh, texture and overall. I think the dial is one of the standout points of this. Watch even looking under macro. I think that the printing is very crisp and sharp. Another thing that I love about Hamilton is the handsets that they use. I love these syringe. Hands very easy to read great black on white contrast here, and then with those little, uh, syringes pointing out and extending, you know all the way to the parts where they need to be really helps with legibility, and it’s just a really elegant Look also cool. Is that really long second hand with that arrow tip going. You know, looks like it Looks like it’s scraping the edge of the case. There goes out so far, so really cool to see that proportioned well also on the wrist. The watch is very comfortable, helped in large part to the thinness of the case, especially in the winter time. Where now I’m wearing a lot of long sleeves, I’m finding the dive watches that I wear a lot are kind of annoying because they get caught on sleeve so easily and it’s harder to kind of move around, but this just slides completely under the cuff with no problem. Um, really slim watching. Um, I mentioned before the the lugs are a little bit long on this. So 50 millimeters. Um, occasionally, it will kind of slide off to the point where you know. Sort of looks a little bit awkward on the wrist. If you have, it tightened up to the point where it doesn’t move around too much, but when it’s loose, it really does move around a lot and especially with those longer lugs. They’ll slide off, Uh, you know, over the edge of my wrist Quite often, but proportionally. I think it looks great on my seven and a half inch wrist. I think you know, as long as it’s sized snugly like this. The lugs are no problem and it’s just overall, really great looking. Watch finishing on the watch is very simple, but very high quality. You get some nice, fine, brushing around the entire case, so you’re getting a horizontal brushing across the sides of the case, some circular, brushing across the the top of the case, the lugs and the crown guard and then a polished bezel. Now the polish bezel is a little bit of a magnet for picking up scratches and things, which is makes it an unusual choice for a field watch, but again I think with this trying to be something of a dressy field watch. I think it matches and it does look great. When it’s in, good condition really catches the light nicely. However, as you can see, it is a little bit of a fingerprint magnet as well. Okay, let’s check out a couple of straps and then I’ll talk about the loom now. One thing that long lugs are good for is allowing NATO straps to have a lot of clearance and field watches. Go great with NATO straps. I have it paired up here with a premium NATO from Mora watch straps, so every now hiking or camping, This would be one of my first choices to pair it up with a Nato strap like this, and I think you get a lot of good looks from NATO straps on the khaki king. Now, as I mentioned, I feel like the khaki. King is kind of Hamilton’s dress version of a field watch, so it makes sense to pair it up with something a little bit dressy like this nice distressed vintage Italian leather strap from Vario. I think this is a really great. Look for it! There, nice taper to it and beautiful. Finish to the leather and they do sell this watch on a leather strap kind of a little bit similar to this. So this is a watch that, yeah. It just looks perfect on a leather strap. I think this nice brown leather contrast nicely with the black and gives you a really nice kind of a little bit dressy. Look, okay, lets. Look at something a little bit more fun. This is a harris tweed. Strap from Vario. Another cool option. I think that it looks great. With the khaki king. I think it’s one of the watches that this really pairs well with gives it a really kind of warm cozy look, but again. I think this kind of shows off the versatility of the the khaki king. There’s a lot of different straps. You can pair this with all right last one. This is a horween leather. Strap from nomad watch works. Nomad is a company that I’ve really come to enjoy. I’ve been buying a lot of straps from them lately, and I think they make some of the best, just simple, high quality leather straps that I’ve seen, and this is no exception. It’s just a beautiful strap and I think that horween vintage leather look really pairs perfectly with the khaki king. So if you’re in the market for a simple, high quality leather strap. I definitely recommend you check out. Nomadwatch works for that, okay. Let’s talk about the loom on the Hamilton Khaki King. The loom is okay, It’s mediocre. The hands glow brighter than the hours and on the black version. At least you are getting all of the markers, including the numerals are looms. So let me charge this up fully. You can see so after you hit it with a black light, you get a pretty strong glow for a little while, but it doesn’t last particularly long. What I will do is do kind of a live. Lube comparison to the Orient Star Sports Outdoor. So here is my kind of other main field watch and Shane. Over relative time, he owns both of these same watches. He did a comparison between the two and he said he liked the Orient better at the end of it and after having them. Both I gotta agree with them. I really love this watch. I have had no disappointments with it again. Maybe my expectations were a little too high because of how much everybody loves Hamilton. Um, but if you asked me to pick between the two, I would take this one over the Hamilton. So if you’re interested, I’ll put a link to this one down below as well. I have done full review of this also, but lets, uh, but let’s go ahead and do a loom comparison between the two of them okay now. The Orient star has very good loom. It’s not like a dive watch kind of loom, but it is as you can instantly tell much brighter than the Hamilton Khaki King. The loom on the Orient lasts much longer. And it is strong enough that you know if you do, you know, walk from a bright room into, uh, darkness without charging it, you are still going to get some functionality out of it, whereas, oftentimes, if I you know if I walked from, uh, from a lit room into a dark hallway or outside into, you know, a darkly lit street. Uh, the hamilton didn’t. Pick up enough charge on its own to really be functional, whereas the Orient tends to. And that’s kind of really what the you know. If you’re if you’re talking about actual, practical loom, you don’t want to have to charge it in order to get any use out of it. I feel like the hamilton. In order to really get a level of functional loom out of it. You kind of got to hold up to a bright light before you go into your dark. Uh, situation and even then as you can see, it’s already fading. Much faster than the Orient is okay. So what do I think about the Hamilton? Khaki King 2 I’m still not 100 sure, but here’s the things that I like about it. I absolutely love the design. I love the design of the dial. I do like that. Day-date display. That’s one of the reasons I chose this, and I think it works on this watch, and if you don’t like it. Hamilton has a lot of other watches in the khaki line that give you a just a standard date only display. I think that the dial work is fantastic. The textures that they’ve used on there, The printing is really crisp and sharp and just all of the the layout and the font and everything. I just really love it. I also love the handset, beautiful handset, great syringe, hands, lots of easy, great legibility coming from the the dial itself. I love how thin this watch Is that that I just always blows me away every time I put this on, Um, it’s so much thinner than any other field Watch that I’ve really tried, and I do love the the heritage and the the feel of it, and I think that you know that that military heritage that this watch, uh, you know, comes from is just on, you know, you can really feel it. You can see it and you know, it’s on the wrist. You’re just yeah, you you feel that part of history. Um, as you’re walking around on the negative side so again, we’re going back to the technical things. Um, the anti-reflective coating or lack thereof was really distracting. There were oftentimes, I would be looking at the watch and I’d be seeing reflections and I’d be thinking I shouldn’t be seeing this Many reflections, especially going back to the idea that the dial itself is so legible with the markings and the handset and the way that they laid it out. I do feel like you know. Without that. Anti-reflective coating it kind of defeats the purpose because there are a lot of times where you’re going to be kind of straining to catch a good angle, especially when you’re outdoors. The loom is subpar. I would have expected better loom at this price range. It’s not awful it is, it is functional. You can read it in the dark for a little bit. Um, but it’s certainly not something that you’re gonna be able to read in the dark for a long time. Another big disappointment was that there were only two micro adjusts on the bracelet. Because I love the bracelet. It’s a really great bracelet. Well finished solid, really well built, but with only two micro adjusts. I was constantly struggling with trying to get a good fit. That lasted so that kind of didn’t. Sit with me too. Well, so the big question to me now is whether is this a watch? I’m going to keep or am I going to sell it and buy a different Hamilton? And that’s probably more where I’m leaning. I’m probably going to cycle this one out and I. I want to try more from hamilton. I want to see what else they got out there because there’s so much about this. Watch that I absolutely love that I was just blown away with that. I can see why so many people love the brand and there is something there that is. It’s not just about the name. It’s not just about this this heritage. It’s about the design and the execution. It’s about the thinness and the confidence. I think that they are really putting together. An amazing watch, but they’re also not giving you everything that you can get from a lot of other micro brands. If you’re interested in purchasing the watch link to Joma shop down below again, big, thanks to them for giving me the discount and again. If I buy another one, I’m going to probably buy another one from them and see what else because they have a great selection of Hamilton’s for really great prices. So if you’re looking for Hamilton, that’s a great place to check out. Let me know what you guys think. If you guys have experienced the khaki King or the Khaki King 2 or whatever or what you think about Hamilton in general, if you’ve had sort of the same misgivings about some of the, uh, sort of skimping on some areas and just the the design aspect. Tell me if I’m crazy or if that rings true with your experience with the brand, thank you guys for watching. We’ll see you next time and talk to you later bye.

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