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The Best $400 Automatic Everyday Watch: Hamilton H70455733 Review


Tho much is taken much abides and tho. We are not now that strength, which in old days moved earth and heaven that which we are. We are one equal temper of heroic hearts made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive to seek to find and not to yield, OK? Hi, guys, and welcome to the show. You join me here back in the war room. Because, of course, it’s raining like cats and dogs outside typical the two days. I have allocated to shooting a review and it’s nonstop rain, so we’re going to do it. Old-school style and I had intended to go to the World War Two and Vietnam War memorial here in Philadelphia because we are, of course, talking about the Hamilton car Key automatic, a watch that is intrinsically linked and inspired and it’s designed by this. Which is my wristwatch check? I’ll also go into that in just a moment, but if you’re not familiar with Hamilton, we’ll do a quick recap of the history, but I have to say it’s a brand very important to the history of the Channel. I think my first. EDC video featured the cocky King now synonymous with Hugh. Laurie, the British actor comedian musician All-round Childhood Hero because he wore it in house. So without further ado, let’s recap The history of Hamilton. Hamilton was founded as far back as 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, not too far away from the city of Philadelphia like many watchmakers This old. Originally, it made clocks, then Marine Chronometer s consumer pocket watches. And perhaps what it was. Most successful venture was a massive amount of railroad watches. In fact, it had a staggering 56 percent of the US market alone. The latter evolved into wrist watches as styles and technology naturally evolved. Its involvement with the US. Military by then had already been well established and more than 1 million watches were also sent overseas. The company was extremely successful in producing marine chronometer X and deck watches in large amounts to fill the needs of the United States Navy, as well as other Allied navies to simultaneously, it conquered the civilian wristwatch market, especially in the interwar period with endless Art Deco masterpieces of which you can still find for an absolute steal on the used market. It was World War 2 and then the Korean War and finally the later Vietnam War that saw Hamilton reach its military production pay pecs during the booming 1950s Hamilton, by then was well into its golden age. Most notable is the charmingly distinctive, asymmetrical and now legendary 1957 venture. A watch being the choice of Elvis Presley. Not only was his timepiece untraditional, but it was also the world’s first electric watch. This dalliance with celebrity would continue up until the present day with Hamilton being featured in over 500 movies from Stanley Kubrick’s Landmark 2001 Space Odyssey to the more recent Christopher Nolan’s interstellar and countless more. And I picked these examples in particular, because in both instances, Hamilton actually designed watches, especially for these movies, But this was nothing new. The earliest cameo by Hamilton was on the wrist of none other than Marlene Dietrich in the 1932 film Shanghai Express during the Sixties Hamilton innovated by acquiring the Swiss watchmaker Buuren, and developing one of the first micro rotor based automatics. This also saw the end of American manufacturing in Lanka by switching to Switzerland and using the Burin factory, This then culminated with Hamilton being sold to SSI H subsequently the watchmaking juggernaut Swatch Group in 1974 But before this final chapter of Independence, Patema Hamilton watch Lancaster, Pennsylvania developed the Pulsar, the world’s first digital Watch that, incidentally, even made it an Sir James Bond’s wrist in Live and Let Die so fast-forward to today and Hamilton survives and thrives unlike many lost to the quartz crisis of the 70s dominating the entry to middle level. Swiss made market. So now you’re familiar with the story. Let’s take a look at the watch itself, starting off with the dimensions and basic specifications. This is the reference h7 0 4 5 5 733 A prime example of just why Hamilton is so loved and prosperous. It is essentially a military field watch that has been refined into one of the best all-around watche’s. Money can buy under $500 in fact. I paid as little as 400 on Amazon Prime and some of it was saved, because obviously it comes in a strap and not the bracelet version. It’s also worthy to note there is different dial colors so first of all, let’s go over the dimensions. We have a diameter of 38 millimeters. A slenderness of 10.3 millimeters extremely thin Lungta lug were looking at 47 millimeters and a very strap compatible 20 millimeters lug with a definite crowd-pleaser. Undoubtedly, the weight is an extremely comfortable 64 grams and it was actually more like a dress. Watch to be honest in keeping with its field, watch roots of being light, unobtrusive and discreet. The case is constructed entirely of stainless steel. We have a very slightly domed sapphire glass, both on the front and on the back for the display back, the watch comes on, this bolstered leather mat strap with a kind of very slight grain texture and a contrasting white stitching to compliment the details of the dial. It is fastened by an entirely brushed and signed traditional pin buckle. Now this is where it gets interesting. I’m gonna bring in my little vietnam-era. Ben Rastas the milspec. I’ve done a video on it already. But I have to state that. This is virtually indistinguishable from the milspec watches. Hamilton also made during the same period so essentially, this is like the ancestor’s clothes as the ancestor of this as were gonna get. This is the sterile dial, But essentially, the numeral’s layout is very, very similar. Hamilton it, along with several other American watch brands during that conflict, was also contracted to make the now renowned field watch for mostly American and GIS, However, unlike the parkerized finish of this, which was dictated by the military specifications deliberate because it’s designed. So it doesn’t reflect light and give away your position in battle. Obviously, this is the first in a series of notable refinements in order to bring this former military watch into a more versatile civilian form. You’ll notice the bezel. There is in a high polish and reminiscence, actually of the Rolex Explorer. If a little thinner the size increases the second big step up that really does modernize it, and interestingly, they have kept the syringe style hands, which are almost unchanged. Except these are steel, whereas these are completely painted white there, and also they’ve given a vivid kind of dash of crimson red to the arrow tip of the seconds there, which I think is actually quite a functional upgrade and also a rather charming touch as well. The glossy black dial is where most of the upgrades continue and it sets it very much apart from the pure utilitarianism of its ancestors. Here, we see a stunning amount of detail with several concentric sections, starting with the Sunburst center circle in a glossy black containing the traditional 24-hour printed markings that is surrounded by a delicately Geas’s track with loomed Arabic numerals and a date window at the three oclock, and this is all ultimately framed by the outermost section that contains additional loom pips and an intricately and very precise printed minute track again in white with a very sharp and crisp contrast, it’s worthy to note here that the arrow hand has been extended over its predecessor to give extra clarity. When reading the seconds there, the extra decoration of the dial does exactly what it was intended to do and gives a loveable savoir-faire and extra Flair, but in no way, inhibiting the ruthless efficiency and legibility of this watch, the dial without a shadow of a doubt is the best kind of evolutionary change from the battlefield to the office place. The addition of the data complication is also another feature that sets it apart from the deliberately simplified military cousin and those who prefer and no date. There is always the mechanical version as part of the size increase, One thing that was boosted beyond the general proportional growth is the crown. You see there and it is also signed as well. Hamilton made it substantially larger. If you see and a worthy economic improvement to, but most impressive of all is the fact that it’s actually 100 meters water-resistant without being screw down, so hats off there. So if you turn the watch around, you will then see an expansive view of the movement via the final departure from the strict form and function of its ancestors with this display case backing, it is a screw down as well powering. This piece is the Hamilton calibre. H 10 which is an interesting little story of innovation in itself. Hamilton’s super conglomerate parents watch also owned the movement manufacturer ETA, and so they took the ETA 28 24 – – and modified it massively to create the impressive C 0 7 Triple 1 which the H 10 is actually based on. They cleverly lowered the frequency from 28,800 to 20 1600 but this dramatically boosts the longevity of the movement, with less friction on the moving parts and in turn significantly increasing the Power Reserve to a remarkable 80 hours as with the 25 drill. Ta, it’s based on, we have a quick set date and then, of course, if we pull it out all the way it is as you see there, hackable and then push it all the way back, and we have manual wines in the first position. Hacking is probably the most important as with its military progenitor. This was, of course vitally crucial in a military context, so coordinate operations, but for a civilian, it just makes synchronizing to a reference time that much a little bit easier. The Monoblock bi-directional rotor is distinctly skeletonized with a hate shaped classic 60s Hamilton, H logo and cutouts as pleasing signature of individualization over. It’s older non-modified. H 10 As you would expect from this entry-level price range, There is no decoration on the movement, except for a little bit of standard pelage and satin brushing. It is also unclear if the watch has been regulated, But I found this particular watch to perform admirably well. With a healthy variation of only about + 7 + 8 per day in accuracy being in the Swatch family, One could also even argue that this is an in-house movement, but at the end of the day. What does really matter what’s more imperative is that it’s highly durable, dependable, affordable to maintain easy to service plentiful parts and if really necessary, economical to even replace so in conclusion. I’ll start with the negatives. Well, they are so minor to be honest. There might as well not be any negatives for this watch personally. I would have loved to see the arrow hand completely painted with luminescence like you see on the the military one here. Of course, this is old tritium, so it doesn’t work anymore, but with the super-luminova you you get fantastic orientation, but I would love to see her loomed up seconds, not the end of the world. Secondly, the strap is well a little bit boring. But compared to some of the cheapo straps supplied at the entry level again. Not much to complain about here. Quality is absolutely fine, Although I have to admit, I wore this mostly on a NATO strap. One could criticize the display back while it is a nice touch, especially if you’re just getting into your first mechanical watch for me. I feel it’s a little unnecessary. It could have shaved off a millimeter and a half really without it. I don’t find it that necessary to see the movement, but again we are in the realm of preference here. This is still very cuff friendly, regardless. Now, if I had to add one thing, I would really like adding it to the watch, and it’s not necessarily something you can’t. Do yourself or a watchmaker is to actually drill some lug holes like the the been rusty. I would have really liked that. Because, of course, it is an absolute strap. Muncie would just have made the life a little bit easier, So the positives well unequivocally an overlooked homerun from Hamilton. We have an almost faultless, everyday automatic. Watch at this price range. It has the Heritage any history buff who values such things in watches, especially when they have such a strong link to the past. It’s skillfully present. It hasn’t gone too far away from its roots so to speak, its design is yet contemporary enough to make it its own thing, but not abruptly different the color scheme as well, mainly black and white with a little dash of red there, we’ll make it compatible with just about anything. But ultimately, what makes this watch so compelling is its versatility, while the strict form and function of its milspec inspiration certainly does limit it to to more casual and less formal situations, whereas this? I think bridges the gap perfectly with its more elegant refinement and will work with pretty much any attire. The tweaked movements will also ensure that if you have to wear it to work every day and then you take it off for something, a little bit more sporty or fun. For the weekend, its massive power reserve will keep on ticking along and it will still be ready to go on Monday. Morning, the 100 meter water resistance also means that it will be able to handle swimming or most situations where water is involved, tastefully executed, classic and aesthetic style size and built for much more than everyday endurance, This Watch’s pure class and its price punches way above its weight. The perfect Swiss made alternative to your more typical Japanese choice that tends to dominate this price range. So I’m gonna leave it there. Let me know your thoughts. Queries comments opinions all the rest of it down below, especially on this particular watch and any other Hamilton watches That are perhaps have tickled your fancy or you wish to see reviewed, don’t. Forget to like this video if you enjoyed it and found it useful. I bid you farewell from the war. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next one. Okay, ciao, now before I go guys. I just want to quickly. Tell you about this extremely cool app that watch box launched. This is my own personal Go-to app for everything watch related. Using the app, you can keep track of the real-time value of your watch collection. It can store watches in your digital watch box and even try on watches using an augmented reality. So don’t miss out. Please go to the App Store and download it. 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