Hublot Geneve Watch | Ich Habe 4 Wochen Lang Eine Hublot Getragen!


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Ich Habe 4 Wochen Lang Eine Hublot Getragen!


This is the Hublot Bigbank Mecca 10 and it is a watch with crazy people strengths on the one hand, but also a couple of really important weaknesses that you can’t overlook. I have exactly this Mecca 10 now. Four Worn almost every day for weeks, and I tell you in this experience. First review how the watch wears, which five features distinguish it, and after that, especially the two weaknesses that this watch has and about that, you hardly ever hear a review, a lot of fun. But before we get to the five points, I would like to see you in today’s video still at Connex. They thank us not only for the film, but also really to wear and to test so that we really made it available to you can offer a real experience review anyway. I get a lot of questions of you. Optronics is trustworthy and they are actually one of the largest dealer in all of Europe And the advantage for you is that there is one 100 percent security can buy one because every single one of them can only buy from there. A watchmaker is opened and checked for all. Those who are still for Christmas planning to buy. A luxury watch is particularly worthwhile between the ages of 23 and and to stop by on November 30th at the Black War of Koniks because there there are the highest discounts all year round of up to 61 percent on over 800 instantly available watches from 32 manufacturers and with the coupon code, There is even an additional discount in different amounts, different clocks And so we’re going straight to the hublot Bigbank Mecca 10 Sometimes the most important thing is how a watch is worn and how it is. I said in advance that it is just nothing for everyone. The clock is big and with it. I mean, really big. It is not only 45 mm in diameter and sits 15.8 mm on the wrist above all, it has a lac du distance lac of 57.6 mm, and that means those who have wrists under 175 mm really should measure and make sure the top of his wrist that these wrists are at least 58 mm wide and 165 mm wide, for example, Definitely too big, at least. I have that from many of got you guys as feedback, Instagram and still. I have to say that I got this. Watch is much more comfortable than me because that suits you very well, for example, and detailed processed rovers trap on which the clock comes that has, but also a big weakness. But we’ll get to that when we carry it. I noticed that the clasp made an imprint in the fastener skin leaves. That doesn’t bother you further. You should complain 10 Just wear the watch a little more loosely. By the way, the watch is made of titanium and therefore not as difficult as it looks and almost no one actually mentions it at the time watch in reviews that they are actually 100 meters waterproof and therefore already suitable from the effect. This watch brings a powerful presence with me. I often had the feeling that people were looking at my wrist when I was out and about. And I would even say almost even more often. It is consequently a golden Rolex submariner, and I have, and whoever likes it conspicuously will get this watch. Liked Hublot is sometimes even accused of not being particularly great, processed and overpriced watch brand without history or tradition, which only produces pure, but will do it via the meta10 says he has himself Honestly not really concerned with the clock because this clock can do more and Much more than that, and that brings us to point number two. The next feature is maybe even the most important one. The clockwork here is not just a complete One built by hand winding mechanism called Calibra UB 1201, developed by Bloh, but it also has two special features that every technology lover will rave about bring number one. The movement is completely skeletonized. You really can see through the whole plant. And at the same time, it has its very own, very modern look, and it is almost reminiscent of something like an engine as a typical clockwork. Distinguishing feature of the Meka 10 are above all the three bar on the back on which the complete clockwork is built, however. We can also see many details from the front, such as the open balance wheel 8 oclock or the two energy reserves of the clock, the feud houses, and that is exactly what makes the watch so special. Thanks to these 24 cases, the clock runs ten days or 240 hours without rewinding, and as a reminder, most clocks only manage to get past 12 oclock for two or three days. The energy is sent evenly over the 240 hours to the display released. And you can take this path that the clockwork takes by the energy complete track. In summary, it can be said that it movement is really perfectly made and that brings us to a point where. With most skeleton watches before a point of criticism is with watches, you have to be normally decide between good readability or scaling of the dial. Two features. Make the monkey’s special first. The watch is through the silver-colored show that differs from the rest of the clockwork stand out very well and with the generously used white, luminous fit on the lines and indices can actually be read without problems and that too. Secondly, at night, the displays, even on the Meka 10 are still one. Worth a closer look to begin with. There is a central hour and minute and one decentralized second at 9 oclock. No frills, but above all it will. Also no less than three types and ways to display the power reserve of the watch First. You can see immediately that the gear is actually used mechanically on which the numbers 0 to 10 can be seen and that is the remaining one power reserve in day’s, secondly. The dental bank itself is one analog power reserve display. Is the rod on the far right is the Power Reserve used up, but the coolest thing is the small indicator on 3 only when the power reserve falls below three days. Does the display slowly turn red so that the wearer is reminded that he has to wind the watch and when? If I open it accordingly, the red practically disappears again and ingenious and where we are at practical. Let’s get to the next point before. I said that bracelet has one crucial weakness, But let’s talk about one first. Strength talk that many watch wearers miss from other brands. In short, the meta10 from the Uniko Series is one of the easiest and fastest bracelets IGF quick change system that is available in the booking area, simply press the button press and the band is released and can be replaced just as quickly it fixes again. Only one thing should be kept in mind kept in cities with a lot of theft such as London or Paris fall to me. A quick turnaround, perhaps better not a clock or at least not a mega 10 wear because I think more experienced they can take off your watch just as quickly. The last point of processing is also a good transition to the. If we weaken the clock, let’s start with what is really good, Namely, the entire case, including the clockwork in both areas, is the monkeys not only good, but really excellent. That goes from in different shades of the title and the gradations on the side of the clock up to the phase at the edge of the clock that creates a double contour and to the ultra-fine structure of the sandblasted title on the top of the case. And bezel. The only thing that bothers some about this picture is the fact that the. The screws of the watch are not aligned and that does a bit of damage to the watch, perfectly symmetrical picture of the clock. But I did not ask and completely evidently, some find that this is the real mechanical character. The clock shows while it bothers others, so it’s a matter of taste. We come to the two points that are not subjective questions of taste but really weaken the image a bit so far disturb the men. In short, there are three or rather two and a half weaknesses about that. You rarely or never hear anything in reviews, but rather for whom you are more into the depths of the clock forums and Facebook group’s, comments must go or even really wear the watch yourself for a while number. One is the elevator without it. The clock wedges this so tightly with the movement that it is almost impossible to pull the crown out to set the clock. Often you even break your fingernail off, and that’s why it’s whole. It is advisable to simply wind the watch up every ten days so that you can use it. I don’t have to ask so often, because I’m honest, it’s not fun and was actually the reason. Why me on some days In the last few weeks? I didn’t wear the blue, but the second weakness is still the one. Bigger, free, really. Great made bracelet can be found at a 20,000 euro clock should not actually occur. And there are some possibilities. To describe clock as badly processed, which actually to be honest, is unfair, and the two pin buckles can come out on the devil, do not force it into the bracelet or only after it has been worn for a very long time, it is already a bit worn out, so the mandrel has to be halfway in press and then just make the skewers, and that makes me clock two times actually almost fallen under because the bracelet is then relatively solves it quickly and transfers the problem to the clasp because it has a little more play. As a result, it does not close as easily and stands when wearing it sometimes a bit at an angle, which is easy on the high-quality. Look of the watch! It hurts, however, all in all. I would say that these two speak don’t. Make sure that you don’t wear the watches with fun and enthusiasm. I think it can and should only really know beforehand because it is from a watch with a list. Price of 19,600 euros might not actually cost you that much would expect and while we are on the price. There is still a good one message. Hublot is not one of the at all now over priced brands and therefore it is not only quite common that you can even get a discount online from official retailers. You really get the watch with a very good discount. And for example, you now pay only 14,500 euros for the watch on Konext, which is almost 27 percent less and who would like a little more with the coupon Code Kai little less. And that’s the lowest price I currently have online for a magazine and that was my complete experience review to Mecca 10 You now really know everything you need to know about this watch. What both the excellent strengths in this video and features the clock seen as well as the two weaken? And if you like that liked the video, let me put your thumbs up and otherwise see us in the next video again bit then.