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Week On The Wrist: Iwc Mark Xviii


[MUSIC] Oh, man, it’s chilly. I could put gloves on, but she’s sensible. Welcome back to barking, Jack. I’m Adriene. And today I’m back in the mountains, and it feels like it’s Christmas all over again. This place is just amazing. There’s no footprints. This is just fresh snow. Anyway, today we are looking at the. Iwc I haven’t covered it Iw7 channel simply because I haven’t been able to get hold of IWC. There aren’t that many around in the community, and it’s a brand that a lot of people will ask questions about. Luckily, I now have a contact at Iwc and I can get hold of them, so we asked IWC if I could borrow a mark 18 and that’s what we’re gonna [Music] as always, This video isn’t sponsored by the watch brands. Iwc haven’t sponsored anything. I’m not getting paid. I don’t get to keep watch. I’m on the no contract to be positive about the watch. I am under contract, however, to look after the watch. I’m responsible for the watch if I lose it, then I have to pay for it. That’s pretty much it. This video is, however, sponsored by Buck and Jack Dot Shop Overbook injector shop. We have a whole range of leather and native strips. We’ve also launched some new watch pouches, They’re handmade in Italy from some really sexy, soft leathers and suede, so jump over the block, inject nut shop and check those out. There are quite a few. Iwc mark watches, but they all started out in 1948 when the Ministry of Defense tasked IWC with creating a highly accurate anti-magnetic timekeeping device that could be used for astronavigation. Iwc came up with the mark 11 and this was issued to RAF navigators and then later on to RAF pilots as well. The version that I have with me Today is a mark, 18 and sticking to its heritage of names be anti-magnetic, accurate and a pilot’s watch. This has a soft iron in a case which gives it extra protection against magnetic fields. Also, the sapphire crystal glass is secured, so it can withstand sudden decompression. My hands are literally about to pull off. It’s getting quite windy, so I think we should climb up. There we’ve shaded by the wind. You guys can have a nice backdrop of the snowy mountains, and it might be a little warmer. I’m not gonna fall in this time. I’ve got a proper boot this time now as well, none of this. Timberland hipster stuff, neither proper Salomon walking boots. So that’s Karen with some of the specs of this guy. So inside, we have a fleet of FW 300 – 1 of movement now. I do BC gonna get criticized for using this sort of movement, Considering they, they already have relatively commercial relative, affordable in-house movements. No doubt they’re going to be bringing those moods into this sort of watch. I’m just guessing that that’s gonna be the process. But the moment adds Islita SW 300 inside now credit to IWC. They actually decorate the movements, which is funny because you can’t see it because it has a solid case back, but actually state that they polished this move to read quite a high level. We have a matte black dial with very bright white numerals and then that big fat triangle at 12 oclock the hands that we have massive sword hands again, very bright, very clear against that matte black dial. I’m not usually a fan of date windows. I’m not usually a fan of date complications, because I just don’t need to know the date, and also I don’t trust the dates on my watches because they’re I’ve very rarely set the date on my watches. However, this is quite a smart date window. The background of the date will pretty much matches the dial in most angles. The window just disappears, and you can just see the number. Yes, in certain light, you can start to see the shadow of the fact that the date will is in Sept. Under the dial, but I think that’s pretty cool attention to detail the fact that they’ve they’ve done that it allows for the symmetry of the doll to be pretty much bang on at the same time as having the date wheel there. If I Stan it pick which I’m gonna do. I’d like to see them. Push that date window right against the edge. So it’s the same distance from the our marker of three as all the other numerals around the dial. The glass is impressive and annoying. At the same time, we’ve got a double dome Sapphire crystal, which usually I absolutely love, but the problem is. It has anti reflective coating on the top and on the bottom and pretty much in all light. You just get this massive shine of purple blue, and I don’t feel that’s a pleasing color. And also it’s not very good at being anti reflective. I get reflections all over the place taking photographs of this thing. I’ve had it for about three weeks. This is this is week number. Three taking photographs in this thing really is very difficult because it’s it’s such a shiny crystal because it’s so domed it just like this comes in from everywhere. So that’s that sort of it. It’s quite annoying, but when you get it in the right light and you don’t see any of that blue and purple. It looks amazing. It really really look amazing. I know what a lot of people gonna say. Is that the watch looks boring. I had exactly the same feeling about my Rolex Explorer when well before I bought it, I actually bought that. Watch to flip and I ended up falling in love with it, and I’ve kept it three years later, two years later a few years later. I can agree with you kind of ascetically. This is I’m relatively boring. Watch, there’s not a huge amount going on. We’ve just got a steel case. Black, dull white numerals, and there’s nothing overly fancy about it, but I get the same kind of weird enjoyment from this Watch as I do with my Explorer. It’s just so plain and so unpretentious when I’m driving around and I have it on my wrist. It makes me smile. I enjoy the way that it’s just sitting there. Just unassumingly. There’s nothing on it. That shouts. Hey, look at me! It’s that the purpose of the watch isn’t to be flashy. The purpose of the watch is to tell you the time very easily. It’s a tool watch, and it’s there to tell you the time and it does that really very well. I have to get a sound so simple and stupid, but if you compare this to other watches with more complicated bits and pieces on it or other watches with fancy dials or with that slimmer handsets. Everything about this watch is about legibility being a pilots watch. It’s all about being able to tell the time easily, especially if you lose something fast and you’re bouncing around and you need to be able to tell the time. It’s a large watch at 40 millimeters. It’s quite large, but I don’t feel it wears too large, unlike something that is very something that has a huge amount of presence like a thirty nine millimeter Explorer. I find that it’s too large. The presence of the watch is too much on my wrist, whereas with this, this is a 40 millimeter watch, And although when I look at it on my wrist, I feel that’s a large watch. I don’t feel like it’s overly large. I’ve actually worn this a lot. It’s a big looking watch, but it looks awesome. Let’s talk about a strap. The strap that it came on was really quite a fancy strap. The problem is. I really didn’t feel like it suited the watch. It looked a bit too fancy. It’s a very, very thick strap, calf leather. It feels very very well made the problem is. I don’t feel like it suits this watch. I feel like this is a tool which it doesn’t need a fancy, flashy, shiny strap. It needs something with a bit more character than that so the first thing. I did was just take it off the strap. I think it looks brilliant on pretty much anything that is has a relaxed look about it. It looks great on Nato’s. It looks great on more vintage style straps. I feel like it should because of its it’s to watch kind of heritage. I feel like it should not be on addressing. What strap in in any sense? The storm’s quite clearly heading back in. We’ve got some pretty dark clouds coming in. It starts to snow super super cold now to wrap up my thoughts on this watch and of all the watches that I’ve borrowed of people. This is a one that have worn the most. I am in two minds around the size of it usually. I feel that watches without a rotating bezel. There are above 38 39 minute. I say 39 million is still quite large. So this at 40 Usually I’d think is quite large. But actually, I think it wears really well in a weird way as I’ve mentioned previously. I really enjoy the simplicity of this watch. No fuss, nothing pretentious about it. It’s just there to tell the time and that’s it. It has a job to do and it does it very well. It’s seriously snowing now. Guys, you guys really give it a thumbs up. If you like this style of content, ah, that hurts. Oh, my, this is not fun. Why did we move to? Scotland, they house. No, that hurts your face. Bad idea. Anyway, so scrape down the bottom, hit a little bit like on, see, get notification Road opening video. Just put the chair over our faces lips. You get ripped off if you want us for the channel. Jump over to bark injector shop and check out the washed out. So you go over there and then you, what parrot is if you need to go and give me a follow our buck and Jack and follow the group that I’m part of a tree or ticks. I might see you guys next time. I want the Hammer face [Music].