Iwc Timezoner | Monster Iwc With So Much Potential – Iwc Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph

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Monster Iwc With So Much Potential - Iwc Pilot's Watch Timezoner Chronograph


Today we are looking at another. I’d BC watch. This one has bags of potential, but ultimately I do think it misses the mark [Music]. Welcome back, Jack. I am agent and I recorded most of this footage at the start of the year now. When I was down in London, I to BC boutique on Bond Street way before. All of this smelly stuff hit the fan as always. This video isn’t sponsored by ABC. This video is sponsored by Bark and Jack over a barking Jack Nut shot. We have a whole host of leather and NATO watch straps along with watch accessories, Jabiru, bark and Jack got a shop and check them out. So today we are looking at a monster of a watch. This is the Ida VC. Pilots Watch X Ona Cronograph [Music] So as I said, this is a monster oval watch. It is 46 millimeters wide. It is also sixteen point eight millimeters deep. It has a screw down crown, which allows it to have 60 meters of water resistance. And this thing isn’t just massive on paper. This thing is huge. It is as I say, a monster of a watch, but before we write it off because of its size. The time zone a chronograph does have some awesome features, the bezel, the dial and the movement are all its saving grace. The dial is busy. I’ll give you that. The dial is really very, very busy, but once you break it down, it actually makes it more legible and ID. Well, it’s quite obvious. I find this because most busy does that. When you break it down, you can start to understand what’s going on, so lets. Break the dial down. We have time function. We have a sub dial for the running seconds. We have a date function. We have a 24-hour dial and then we have the chronograph, which records seconds minutes and hours, so that’s a very busy dial once you break it down. It makes it a little bit easier to understand just like all the other. IDC pilots watches. I love the typography of the numerals. And I think that just screams. Iwc is screams. Pilots watch. I really do like how they’ve executed this date window. The date window? Well, the date function just blends into the background. If you don’t focusing on it, then it pretty much just disappears as part of the dial now for the reef. NC stuff. And that is the movement. This is the in-house caliber! Eight, nine, seven six zero. It is a column wheel chronograph with 24-hour and date functions as an end user. The big thing that stands out is its sixty eight hour power reserve. But what’s even cooler than that is the bezel and how the bezel interacts with the movement? This bezel is the time zone function. It is a ceramic bi-directional locking bezel and it has all the time zones around the outside. You simply press down the bezel and you rotate it, but the bezel locks in its kind of stationary position. You press it down to unlock it. Anything can rotate it in either direction as you rotate it. You are controlling. You are directly controlling the hour hand and the 24-hour hand. So as you cross time zones, you press it down. Rotate it and select. Make sure that you get the city that of the time zone that you’re in at the 12 oclock position, and then you are set that hour hand and the 24 hour hand and the date function have all been set the 24 hour hand. Is there to tell you what time of day it is so you can identify whether it’s nighttime or daytime. Obviously you can do that by looking outside, but actually no, not necessarily now it’s 6:30 and this could quite easily be 6:30 in the morning. So actually, yes. The 24 hour hand is really very useful. The cool thing is a date function, so all of this stuff is connected together, so as you cross time zones if you travel, go on a 12-hour flight and you cross the date, then you just turn the bezel and everything is set. It is so this really sound like a sales pitch. I love the bezel, but I love the best. I’m on board with the bezel. You just turn it and everything sets for you. If you mess it up and you go too far around on the bezel, and you choose an incorrect time zone. You don’t have to go all the way around the bezel to then get to the correct time zone. You just go back again. You’re not going to damage the movement by going either direction as an end user and thinking about the customer interaction with this device. I think this is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant at risk of this sounding even more like as sales. This isn’t a sales pitch. I I don’t benefit a tool if IWC sell more. I don’t care if I Debussy. Sell more watch. That’s that’s not the purpose of this. So this is just me talking about a watch that I think is quite cool, but there’s bezel. Although that idea is quite alien and I had never interacted with the watch this way. The initial feeling was, it makes sense. This feels natural. This feels normal. I think this bezel is awesome, and I think the bezel and the movement really make this watch, stand out. What else makes just Hutch Stand out is a prize, so this is eleven thousand two hundred and fifty pounds, Eleven thousand two hundred and fifty pounds. That is a huge amount of money. That’s a truckload of money. I understand people’s annoyance at our TV. CS price points. How they price their watches. I do feel like a lot of comments around, especially the previous video around the Spitfire pilots watch a lot of those were comparing it to a Hamilton comparing it to as in, but that’s the same difference as comparing a Rolex Submariner to as in or a Rolex Submariner to a Stein Heart is yes, you can compare them and yes. The argument could be Why spend six thousand pounds on a Veronica Samara. When you could go buy as in for a quarter, a fifth of the price or a Steinhardt for a tenth of the price. Yes, I get that logic, but it’s that’s you’re getting a completely different products there. You are buying a completely different thing, And that’s the same with Iwc. Hamilton, Xena and all of that look, but eleven thousand pounds. I feel like it is a serious chunk of money That is, I don’t feel like this watches refined enough to justify that price with the others. It felt okay with the others. I could see that where that money had gone. The mechanics in this watch are very different from what we see in other watches, and there’s a price to that, of course, but I can’t. Ignore the overall package of this watch. I don’t feel this watch is eleven. It didn’t feel like an 11,000 250-pound watch. The Daytona, for example, is a far more refined product granted. The movement in the Daytona is far more simple than what’s in this IWC, but ten thousand pounds for a far more refined product. I think is getting more palatable than what this ID. VC is offering to do another comparison. You can for the same money all out. Sorry for five hundred pounds more. You can get yourself a radix. GMT Master – and an Omega Speedmaster professional for five hundred pounds more and arguably you’re getting two watches that do exactly the same thing as this watch Without that bezel mechanism inside this, that must be expensive. I can imagine that is but as a package. I think this watch is far too expensive. It’s far too large and far too expensive, which I find kind of annoying because as an initial offering, I think this watch is incredible and within a market that is so obsessed with bezel watches. If you think about the GMT, the the Submariner, the Black Bay, the C master, we like our bezel watches and had they created a 40 millimeter version. That is more slim. Yes, maybe it can’t have that fancy bezel mechanism inside, But I think this can be there. Black Bay 58 This could be the Submariner there see must, but at 46 millimeters wider in 16.8 millimeters deep. It’s not gonna work for me for me. These are all my opinions, the own my appearance. I’m sure someone who enjoys their large watches and is in the position to drop eleven thousand pounds on a watch might like this. This is and there were some watch. I do really like the watch. I think the functionality is brilliant, But as I said of stuff, there’s so much potential here, but it does Mr. Mark guys. Jump me comment down below. Let me know what you think about this. Watch particularly the bezel and that pricing Because I think they’re gonna be the to kind of push and pull factors of this. Watch if you don’t follow me on Instagram at Barkin Jack or on Facebook, then you might be aware that I have started a Facebook group. Drinking coffee and talking watches. It’s just, I know There are a million and one Facebook groups, but this is just going to be if you like what this channel is about. Then jump over there, and it’s kind of continuing conversations that way, and it’s, you know, it’s actually having conversations because here it’s kind of just I like to think it’s two-way, but it does feel one way, and I want to hear what you guys think and kind of interact. So if you’re into bark and Jack and you’re into talking about this stuff, watches, cameras, just bark and Jackie stuff, then jump over to Facebook and join the group drinking coffee and talking watches. If you like this video, then do give it a thumbs up. If you like the star of this content, then hit that subscribe button down the bottom there and a little bit icon, so you get notifications when I drop a new video, if your Instagram give me a follow at BARC and Jack and check out the watch straps and watch accessories over at bark injector shop. I’ll see you guys next time. Take care!