Lange 1815 Chronograph | My Favorite Chronograph: A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Flyback Chronograph


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My Favorite Chronograph: A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Flyback Chronograph


[MUSIC] Hi guys, this is Zach from watches on you. And today I am taking a look. At what is my favorite chronograph? This is the Illunga on Sona, 1815 Flyback chronograph! I just love everything about this. Watch I think it was executed, absolutely fantastically and flawlessly from everything from the case to the movement to the dial design. I think it was just done great, so I’ll go over the case first. But then we’ll get into the fantastic movement and the dial side of the watch. So the case is a 39.5 rose gold or pink gold case. It is, it has the classic long a design where it has the brushing in the center. The main case, polish lugs, polish bezel? This watch does still have the brand-new stickers on it from new. So if you notice any imperfections, those are just the imperfections and the sticker. The case itself will be high Polish on all the lugs. You can see some high polish creeping out there. The bezel is also high polish again that is covered in a sticker as well, but the case finishing is fantastic. Have you seen any long a, you know what? I’m talking about. They are all done with the utmost quality and finishing so now let’s go over the dial, so the dial as you can see. It’s obviously a coronagraph dial. You have your two sub dials between 3:00 and 5:00 oclock and 7 & 9 oclock. I really love kind of the design. They chose with this. I’m usually not a huge fan of some non-symmetric dials, But I just really loved this dial. I think it was organized perfectly. I loved having just two sub dials 3 sub dial coronagraphs. I don’t know it just closures the die A little bit too much for me, and usually if I’m timing something, it would be just be for a couple minutes. It’s not necessarily going to be for over 30 minutes, which this one counts up to so that would be totally fine by me, and then you also can see it as a pulse ammeter going around the outside of the chapter ring, which I think Pulse meters are just so cool, and I think they’re honestly the most useful kind of chronograph extra. I guess function versus is like a tachymeter or telemeter, because I mean, tacky meters. It makes sense to be able to calculate your speed and you think that might be useful, but you need to know the distance you need to travel and be able to find a landmark. That’s exactly that distance, so you can find your speed, just find your speed correctly, which can be very hard to do when a pulse a meter. This just allows you to track your heart rate, which I think is a very cool function. You just start. The chronograph, and it says, graduated for 30 pulsations. So when you count 30 pulses, stop the chronograph. And that’s your heart rate. I just think it’s really cool, and I actually want to go into the medical field eventually. So this just kind of relate to me a bit more. I guess than some others, and I think it’d be fantastic to have if you’re say like a doctor or a surgeon or something, I think that this would be just a great watch, so now let’s go over to go into the movement. So the movement is the calibre l9 5 1.5 and it is a flyback chronograph movement, so Ill. Start it here! The pusher action is just fantastic. By the way it’s so smooth and buttery, and there’s a nice click in there as well. So you know, you’re pushing. You really have to experience in person to understand what it’s all about, but it is absolutely wonderful and one thing that I don’t understand how long a does it. I don’t know if it’s just the watches. I happen to be looking at it, but it seems like long. A-actually time’s there coronagraph second hand with the little marks on the dial. You can see that it’s lining up almost exactly with those little white lines, which I think is absolutely remarkable that they are able to do that, and the fact that they can actually line this up, so you can get the exact. I mean, see that it is right on I that I’ve never seen anything like that on another mechanical chronograph, and I think it’s fantastic, so you just saw me reset it there, so I stopped it before. Reset it so then it’s going to stop, but as you can see, It’s also a flyback chronograph. So you don’t have to stop it to reset it. And this is great for different uses, particularly for navigational uses. This can be useful in a pilot’s watch or something. Where if you have to time it going in one direction, a certain distance and then you have to switch directions and go the other way this way when you go to the switch boom, you can just reset it and we’ll start right up again without having to stop at first, and you’ll be right on. So that’s the point of a flyback coronagraph. This obviously isn’t a pilots watch. It’s a dress watch, but it’s a very cool mechanism to have in a chronograph and it just adds a little extra flair to the mechanism, So now let’s look at the beautiful caliber, and this long is chronograph Movements are also finished to the utmost quality. I mean, you can see it’s fantastic. They made out of German silver, so that’s. What gives it that kind of warmer hue? There may be some movements and I just think that this is one of the best finished movements out there. I think long a does the best job in my opinion of any of the high-end on mainstream watchmakers. I prefer their movement finishing to Patek. I know some of you guys might disagree with that, but I just I like the style in the way they do it. I think that the coronagraph being so exposed and left as a manual wine. I think that was the right move to do. Just because it keeps the watch thinner overall, but it also allows you to expose the entire chronograph mechanism, which is absolutely wonderful, so there’s the fantastic movement there. So this is a thirty nine point five millimeter as I said, so now let’s see it on the wrist, so I have about a seven inch seven and a quarter inch wrist and this fits mine perfectly. I think 3938 millimeters for a dress watch is great. The 39.5 is definitely fine there as well. I’d say it almost wears like a 38 as well. I don’t know why I get the sense. Set up so deployers a little bit smaller, which I think is just fine. I think the proportions are fantastic for a dress. Swatch, nice and thin. It’s easily going to slide under the cuff of a shirt and it’s very comfortable. It comes on this very high-quality alligator strap, and you also get this solid gold The point, which I think which is great along as the points, are fantastic. Great job there very well finished. So this watch comes in JB. Hudson jewelers lent us this for the purpose of this review. It is currently for sale. It is for sale for a price of 42 thousand dollars, which is a crazy amount by all estimation, and it’s a very high price, however. I believe that this watch is worth it. The amount of attention to detail in this and the execution of this really can’t be matched in my opinion unless you’re getting into the high high-end independent watchmakers or something. I think long a does a fantastic job with this, and I think it’s worth every penny of the 42 thousand dollars. If you have to spend it if you’re just looking for something, you want to watch, that is the best made you want a chronograph? I mean, this is the one to get it’s flawless. I really love a long ago and Sona watches and I really love this Karna Graf in particular, and it’s been my favorite chronograph for quite a while. Now every time I look at it, I just love it and aspire to own it one day. Hopefully, so, thank you guys for watching this video. Remember to like, subscribe and share thank you. [MUSIC].