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Longines Master Complete Calendar Chronograph L2.773.4.78.3 Longines Watch Review


Hi, I’m Tim. Welcome to watch box and thanks for logging on. If you love this watch, email me team. Also with thewatchboxcom, your purchase and pricing email question line for buying this or any watch you see on any watchbox platform reach out to me directly. It’s in the description below team, also at thewatchboxcom today we’re discussing something that approaches the best value available in complicated watchmaking. This is the Login Master. Complete Calendar, chronograph and boy. Does it pack a suite of refinements day date month moon phase, a 24 hour indicator thus am pm. A chronograph with column wheel automatic winding with a 54 hour power reserve and a 42 millimeter steel case from a great brand that has been around and will be around the timepiece on my wrist, 16 centimeters and circumference wears nicely. The 42 millimeter case size doesn’t feel excessively large, given the 49.1 millimeter lug to lug span. It’s not as broad across the wrist as I expected. The thickness of the watch is reasonable at 14.4 millimeters thick, and it has a 21 millimeter spacing between the lugs, so it has a nice, broad proportional footing, even as it has a bit of a vintage inspired case and dial design. I would recommend it for a wrist as small as 14 centimeters circumference, and you can see it would fit underneath most cuffs, taking a look at the hardware and the software. I’m actually impressed by what you get here given the price of the watch. I would have expected Calfskin. Instead, we actually get medium rectangular scale alligator leather, with some bolstering to add volume. It is a medium brown with a contrasting ecru off-white stitch, and then you can see sheer construction on the side, the sheer showing the layers of leather on the underside. You can see this is a brand new longine factory strap, It’s calfskin on the underside, and instead of the pin buckle, you’d expect at this price point. You get a remarkably intricate double deploying clasp with twin trigger release. Also impressive is there’s a little lock on the underside of the clasp on some very expensive watches. You will see a screw fixed. Buckle like on vacheron! For example, and the screw fix buckle will ensure that even the deployment clasp can’t slip off the strap, leading to droppage. While you Don or remove at bedside. Well, here we have a little pincer that closes and locks. It snaps into place and it locks the buckle onto the strap, so the strap can’t slip out of the buckle when you open the deploying clasp that is not expected at this price point. Heck, I’ve seen hundred thousand dollar watches with clasps That don’t include anything like that now. The case itself is relatively simple. You can see the stamped case features a little bit of a nominal beveling on the edge of the lugs. The looks are fairly squared off. The mid case is simple and polished, and then it gives way to a domed bezel. There’s not a whole lot of visual nuance here, but it’s a handsome, harmonious form. You can also see that the pushers have shoulders to protect against excessive displacement or shearing and then we have a crown, which is a push down crown and features a longine logo on it. The watch is 30 meters water resistant. The dial features stamped guilloche and there’s a sort of pyramid or one might say a hobnail texturing to the dial, and it features a ray hot outboard, a sort of sloped chaptering that unifies the bezel and the dial base, simple black on silver white printing for all of the numerals, and you can see outboard. There’s a chronograph in minutes scale, and then in board of that, we have a scale that reads from 1 to 31 that is your lunette indicated radial date and then in board of that in a lovely vintage font, we have the hour track and then in board of that. We have a couple of mono counters. They are actually coaxial registers. You can see you have the day and the month with Chrono minutes up at 12 oclock, you have chrono hours and a moon phase down at six oclock, and then you have a combination of constant seconds and a 24 hour index over at nine oclock and what the 24 hour index does. And I’ll show you how this works, is it? Lets you know whether you’re looking at the first half or the second half of the day, so you know when not to use the calendar, correctors the danger zone in other words, so right, now I’m looking at three, but is it three in the morning or is it three in the afternoon and you can see the little 24 Hour indicator is planted, right where 15 would be so now you’re looking at 3 pm, right there? Now, The watch does include a quick set system. You are able to accelerate the lunette date, and this is also responsible for jumping the month Now the watch features a stop second or hacking mode. You can see if I pull the crown. Everything comes to a halt and then I flip it over and you can see the caliber l686 and let’s just be perfectly honest with what this is. This is a 7750 base architecture, but changes have been made to its functionality. The biggest changes you can see is the addition of a column wheel where the cam system would normally be. It makes for crisp actuation and it’s an upscale refinement unanticipated on a watch In this price point unidirectional winding, the watch has a 54-hour power reserve, and it also includes another refinement, which is the power reserve itself is a standard 7750 would be between 42 and 46 hours So getting 54 here just over two days. It’s a refinement. You don’t expect in this price point now? All the finishing here is mechanical, but the movement is good looking and of high grade. I mentioned that it’s 30 meters water resistant. Truthfully, that does describe the watch, which beats away at 28 800 vibrations per hour, A great looking movement pivots on 27 joules. And, of course you’re getting a lot of sophistication for not a lot of money here. As the Swatch group brand launching will always be around to take care of you too, adding peace of mind for the long term reach out to team also at thewatchboxcom for purchase and pricing details.