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Orient Mako Usa 2 Now Available - Includes The Best Upgrades


Hi, this is mark from. Wanna watch calm and I have a new release? Today from Orient. Except it’s not new. The watch was released like three years ago. At least it’s the Orient, Mako USA. – – meaning it’s got the handwriting hacking movement. You know, although raise. Makos and Usa’s were replaced years ago. Use to have a secondary pusher at the – for the date and they were not hand whining. Not hacking organ changed all that a while ago, huh? Four years ago, or so anyway, so today? I’m gonna be able to show you the Mako USA -. I’ve got all three here The black, the blue, the white and I’ve also just brought along a regular Mako and Ray just to kind of really quickly show you, you know what the visual differences are well as well as the functional differences. I am wearing this will be in the video. My own white, Mako, USA -. Oh, I probably should mention. Why haven’t I had it in three years? That’s been out or whatever it is. Well, The Mako USA is a model made for the USA Market. That’s the USA name and the main importer Orion USA over in California. They’re the ones that commissioned the piece, so they got to sell it themselves for those years, which I can totally appreciate. If you have sometimes a hot seller, why give it out to vendors? Sell it yourself and make all the money yourself. I really have nothing wrong with that, but I am happy to finally have them. Loads of people over the years have been asking. When are you gonna get it? Cuz, obviously when they release stuff. I get it you’re relatively soon after, but this has never happened so finally today it’s here, check it out. So the Minko USA is gonna come to you in three colors white, which is mine and then the blue and the black so blue and the black colors are the same that the other original rayon. Mego came in So now like I said in the intro. I’m bringing the other two versions around just for quick comparison. This is a Mako. The quality of blue is, it’s almost exactly the same, a little bit lighter shade here size, extremely similar interesting to note that bracelets are not swappable. I get into in a minute, but the makeup. USA is a solid Emily bracelet. They do not fit each other crystals. I’m not sure about I’ve never really tried it Bezels. We’ll talk about at the end there. So this is a regular. Mako, it’s got it Still the hand warning hacking movement, but it’s got hollow end links normal loom regular mineral crystal, And then I’ve also got a black ray in my left hand, a black nickel, USA, Two of my right hand, very similar style watches, but obviously you can see those differences in the hands and the markers and everything as I’m going to show you of the older wall, obviously older original watches. So like I said, I’ve got three colors. I guess you know what we’ll do the blokes and obviously a fan of blue, although I own the white because there’s not many great white divers. So what does that mean for the Island? Watch brand, you know, flight, you’ll find out, Don’t worry. So Orient. Mako USA to blue, black and white part numbers, a AO 200 ad for the Black BD for the Blue CW for the White, It runs and Orient’s same F 69 movement, which hand wins and hacks 200 meter water resistance. Screw down crown for 200 meters when it comes out. I can wind up a hand to change. The time can change the day and I could change the date. It’s 41 and a half millimeters in diameter, its 13 thick, its 47 tip to tip it is a 22 millimeter lug solid screw down case back. It is now a sapphire crystal that is upgrade number one over the original series. It does have enhanced loom upgrade number two and it does have solid and link bracelet enhancement number Three. A lot of people complain that the original ray and Mako have a jangly end link and it is it’s folded over, so they kind of cheap that a little bit but understandable. Where is the original? Mako and Ray are now going for well into 200 bucks. These guys are priced around $300 so 310 or so 315 actually. I’m Yeah right now. They’re around 3:15 let’s see I talked about the water resistance. What’s inside what some pulling on a dial? Just check out the markings and stuff, definitely different hands and markers than the other two versions, nice 120 click originally the 120 click wasn’t upgrade, but now all. Makos and Rays are doing 120 120 click. I 128 click! New directional bezel sloped. People did pick up on this that, with the addition of sapphire, there is a small gap between the insert and a crystal on camera may look tremendous. It’s really not that bad. I own the white. One is you’ve seen, and it’s not like it’s collecting Pocket lint. It’s not horrible you like with the USB port on my phone is pack this stuff, and that’s not happenin here. We’ll check it out. Two-foot block sign, clasp three position, micro adjustment. We do not have a dive extension, not a true dive, wash, not an. ISO rated dive. Watch solid, screw down case back. So that’s the blue one. We’ll check out the black one black. Same deal. Guys, just, you know? I same bezel, same dial, just different colors. Silver hands works well classic, a little more exciting, but then this is the one, really a runaway hit. Honestly, the white version. What some this is mine like? I said so what they did. White dial black hands great some companies when they do, white dials do silver hands and it just kind of blends in contrasting chapter ring black does. It does awesome, then we have the black bezel. All the parts play off of each other, so well, and you know, this is worn and used. I do wear it. It’s got nice scuffs on it. I do wear it often. I’ll try it on and then I want to show you one more thing. So you saw this in the opening, but this is how she looks. On my sixty three quarter inch wrist below above doesn’t matter, and this watch will transcend wrist sizes. It, you know, kind of works with anything Beautiful. White divers go. I mean, when I get most watches, especially in a diver. Black is generally the most popular blue nowadays becoming more and more to beat out black. All the other off-color is never that popular on this one. It’s the white! The white is the runaway. I almost forgot to show you. The loom uses Animoto, Houma, Nova Amazing. I would say it’s on par with Supa. I was – Superwoman. / I! It looks amazing. It glows extremely bright, extremely well and it’s applied fairly thick, so it glows even better than just the normal compound does so. I had mention. Do you want to show you something about bezels? Of course? I want to a few months ago, right, I released those coin edge and sub styled bezels for the Mako in the rain people. I see a marked as a 50 USA and I said I don’t know, let me try and I did try and as if you’re afraid to do this yourself, you shouldn’t be the Mako in the Ray, Amazingly not and the USA. I don’t Orient did, but if you put a case back knife right here, if you want to tape it up, if you’re worried about scratching your watch, I’m trying to do it through the viewfinder, but it literally, I mean, it’s I don’t what the hell they did. You can’t get the bezel off if you put the knife anywhere else. I mean, you can, but it takes a lot of work. You just put a bit right around here and just push and Boop comes right off. Okay, so I sell as I said. Here’s a coin edge, bezel. I’m not gonna press it on because I don’t want to. I’m not gonna leave a permanent but just to give you an idea. So if you get the best aftermarket bezels we sell, you can then go ahead. Little crook it right, sorry about that, you can go ahead and pop on any of the SKX inserts that we sell and it will work. Of course it’s not seated all the way. I know that, but you know you can pick from tool time. Inserts numbered inserts. Batman Inserts Pepsi inserts. Whatever you want, self styling search. It’s thought it was really great that it fit like. I said bracelets won’t fit from one to the other, but the bezels do probably should say you cannot take the Orient insert and put it on this bezel. You must buy in SKX Double 7 sized insert. Okay, so that’s about it. This has been Mark from long. I watch comm showing you The Orient Mego, USA – new in my store, not new in the world of watch. But, hey, if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you too. So please, like the video if you enjoyed subscribe. Did you have that done? So yeah, follow me on. Instagram absolutely Put this on Instagram. A few days ago, questions or comments feedback. Put them down below. And I’ll be sure to address as soon as I can. Thank you very much. Bye bye!

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