Marinemaster | Master Vs Master – Omega Seamaster Vs Seiko Marinemaster

Bruce Williams

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Master Vs Master - Omega Seamaster Vs Seiko Marinemaster


Hey, guys, welcome to today’s master vs. Master Head-to-head watch comparison. We’re gonna be taking a look at the Marine Master 300 from Seiko, the Blue Sl, a zero to three and contrasting that with the Omega Seamaster professional. This is the latest version with the ceramic wave dial black on a bracelet Now. Guys, I recognize. There’s a fairly significant price disparity between this Japanese luxury diver and the Swiss luxury diver. The Seco usually sells in the mid-2000s right now as of January 2020 retails for a little over three thousand and the Omega sells for the mid to low for thousands retailing. I believe a little over five thousand so you would expect the Omega to do. We’ll do better than the Seiko. Because it’s just about two thousand dollars more expensive. Why am I comparing these two? They’re very hard to compare. They’re very different, You know, Japanese versus a Swiss, but here’s the thing a lot of guys when they’re buying their first multiple thousand dollar watch purchase. They’re looking at the Marine Master. They’re definitely looking at the sea master. These two are very high on the on that type of list when you’re looking to spend over two thousand or over four thousand for the first time, so I’m gonna go through ten different aspects, ten different categories, and I’m gonna score each watch out of ten, so you guys can see which one fares better in which aspect and at the end of the video there will be a winner and you guys will be able to see just how close both of these watches are which I think is important. Considering the price disparity, so let’s start with the first category, which is dial details. I’m gonna give you a macro video of both of these watches. They both do an excellent job. Under a high level of magnification. You guys can see the beauty and the light play. The applied markers look excellent on both one’s very crisp printing overall. I mean, they’re both going to score very, very well. Nine out of ten for both of them. I love the large wave in the ceramic dial of the Omega. I love the metallic date disk on the Seiko and the light play and the color change going off of that blue dial. They’re both very well done now. Let’s talk about general finishing here and overall build quality. How do they compare? I think the Seiko does an exceptional job. When it comes to the case of the watch to me, This is grand Seiko level. When you’re looking at the finishing the polishing the brushing the lines of delineation in the light play here where it gets a little disappointing as the bracelet. The bracelet doesn’t quite feel like it’s on par with the case, so for that reason. I’m going to score this 8 out of 10 and I’m gonna give the Omega a 9 out of 10 The Omega has beautiful, finishing a love that the fine brushing here the twisted lugs and I will say the bracelet on the Omega feels like it matches the case in terms of quality, finish work and overall execution. Now, let’s talk about general fit and comfort level again. That bracelet, it’s going to bring down the the scoring here on the Seiko. It’s a comfortable watch surprisingly, because it’s larger in diameter than the Omega, but the dial is fairly small in diameter, so it feels smaller, the bracelet, it tapers. It tapers from 20 down to 18 millimeters at the clasp, so it’s comfortable and to me, it feels like a taller heftier. Seiko SK X. So I’m going to give it a 6 out of 10 just because of the bracelet, the Omega I’m going to give an 8 out of 10 There’s a room for improvement when it comes to you. A Chum comes to the Omega. It’s a comfortable fit, but it’s a very hefty watch and it does take some time to get used to. That bracelet does not taper, so it’s quite hefty all the way through. I mean, take a look at this Rather large clasp it does. It’s a bit of an adjustment in the edges of the bracelet or borderline hot spot. They’re a little bit sharp, so 8 out of 10 when it comes to fit and comfort. Now, let’s go to loom. I think this is where the sake of really runs away with it. Looma bread in my opinion is the best in the business super potent well applied here on the marine master, and I love seeing a partially loomed bezel to the 20 index, contrasting that with the Omega very nice Bicolor application of super-luminova. It’s it’s pretty decent and I would say it’s better than what you’d find on a Black Bay better than what you’d find on a super ocean from Breitling. But not quite as nice as what you’d see on the Seiko. So eight out of ten there on the Omega Seamaster, let’s talk about the crystal! I will give you guys some outside shots in direct sunlight and this will really illustrate just how much light plane there is on the crystals. Both of them have sapphire. Both of them are domed. I think they’re both very nice. The Omega cuts down on the light play a little bit more than the Marine Master. You can see that beautiful dial to a higher degree of clarity in those harsh, reflective lights outside in natural light so 9 out of 10 for the Omega A town of 10 on the Seco. Now let’s talk about tangibles. What does that mean, the things that you do to interact tangibly with your watch? So that is bezel, action and Crown option? I’ll begin with the Seiko! I like the say, Coe’s bezel action and I like its crown actions very different and feel than what you find on a Swiss luxury. Watch that bezel is going to be softer, a little bit more mushy feeling. I guess is the best way to describe it. The crown threads. Well, it all the positions are very distinct and to find the windings. Nice, but it’s not super smooth. Now if you compare that to the Omega, the bezel is a little harder to grip, but I think the action is more distinct and defined and I think it’s a little bit nicer to operate. Now you go to the crown action and that’s where the Omega really does a nice job. It’s very easy to unveil. It comes to the winding so 8 out of 10 for the Seiko 9 out of 10 for the Omega. Now, let’s talk about movement. I really like the 8 L 35 in the Seiko and I’ll drop in some video of it. This one was taken on the 6 105 reissue that I have just a little bit easier to access then the monocoque case of the Marine master 300 So you guys can see beautiful finish work grand Seiko level when it comes to the finish work. I like the architecture here. I like the power reserve. I love the fact that it’s in-house designed and executed down to the hairspring components and oils that lubricate the movement. The thing that’s a little disappointing, though, is the fact that there’s a fairly wide range of acceptable daily deviation. And even though I’ve never had a Nadeau, 35 That’s performed less accurately than chronometer levels of accuracy, The fact that you could spend two thousand Two thousand five hundred dollars on a Marine Master and have a Plus 10 second per day movement. That would be very disappointing, So I’m gonna give this an 8 out of 10 and I’m gonna give the Omega a 9 out of 10 They did such a nice job with this Coaxial calibre. I love the finish work. The radio striping the black polish screws. It no doubt it’s beautiful and the architecture is excellent. The free sprung balance and a full balance bridge, the 5 position regulation, the anti magnetic properties of the Silicon Escapement and the meta certification. This is really powerful for its price point and for that reason. I would prefer that over the 8l and the Seiko and I’m gonna grade it accordingly. Now the next category is brand perception brand history. So that’s important when you’re spending multiple thousands of dollars. What does the brand say about you as a consumer as a purchaser, The Seiko has amazing history and I could go on about all the great innovations and things that they’ve done the first automatic chronograph in space and arguably the first automatic chronograph ever made. They’ve won design awards. They’ve won accuracy competitions and they basically brought about the court’s crisis. They have some amazing history, but I’m gonna give them a fairly low score here of 6 out of 10 because of perception. Now I recognize some guys like to fly under the radar and having a beautiful marine master on wrist. No one’s gonna know that you spent, you know, two and a half three thousand dollars on this watch. It’s luxury that does fly under the radar. But what do you know when you ask an average guy what they think about? Seiko, at least an average Watch Bin And you gonna hear well? Now they’re overpriced. They keep raising their prices. Oh, they can’t align a bezel in a chapter ring. And most of the brand perception, at least now in 2020 is fairly negative. And for that reason, It’s gonna get the six out of ten Now. What about Omega? They have an equally rich history. I know they are owned by the Swatch group now, but their brand perception is very high right now, and that’s impressive, you know, they’re increasing their market share in a very competitive. Swiss luxury segment. So I’m gonna give them high marks 9 out of 10 most people, you know, most non watch people you ask them to name a few brands, they’ll usually recognize Rolex and Omega is a is fairly recognized as well and respected as you know, a nice company. A nice watch company now. What about extras? You know, like warranty or presentation boxes the? Seiko has a fairly disappointing presentation box. But you get an additional silicone strap very easy to change with the drilled lugs here in the case, and it changes the look very well, very versatile, very beautiful. The warranty outside of Japan is two years inside of Japan is one year so the warranty there a little bit behind the game when it comes to duration. So I’m gonna give them a 7 out of 10 here on the extras category, the Omega beautiful wood presentation box lacquered hidden compartment. You don’t get any additional straps. You would have to purchase the corresponding rubber strap or NATO strap, but a very nice box in a five-year warranty, which is quite a bit more than what you get on the Seiko and I think that’s really nice. So 9 out of 10 here for the Sea Master. So that brings us to our final category and that is versatility and overall design. I’m gonna say the Seiko has a beautiful Japanese design crown at the 4 oclock position, fully indexed bezel, just very beautiful, very functional, very fun to wear, but I would say more of a casual watch like this is great with shorts and a t-shirt. This is great being used in the ocean or on a boat. It looks a little silly when you put on a shirt and tie and you have a 15 and a half millimeter thick, chunky yet beautiful. Japanese diver on your wrist. I think the design is awesome, but the versatility is not quite as nice as it could be so eight out of ten here, and you compare that with the Omega Beautiful design, not quite for everybody. It’s a little bold. It’s a little contemporary could be considered a little cold and one. I think a lot of people will enjoy, so I’m gonna give this eight out of ten. Basically, the same as the Seiko? I think it goes in most situations, but still, if I’m wearing a suit for, I’m wearing a sport coat in slacks, I would want to address your watch and one that’s not quite as bold and contemporary as the new Seamaster is so you guys can see. The final scores here 78 out of 100 for the Seiko, 87 out of a hundred for the Omega, so obviously the Omega 9 points ahead, it has done better in most categories as you would expect it to with this commanding a $2,000 price premium. So I would say the Omega is the nicer watch overall, so if I’m gonna answer the question. Which one should you buy well? I think if money’s no issue, you’d probably be more happy with the Omega Overall when it comes to the tactile elements, it really exceeds in most categories, except for the luminescence, so really love the Omega. It’s about the best buy you can buy at that $4,000 price point. If you just want one, really nice watch to use as a daily driver. If if price is more of an issue, man. The seco is awesome and if you love. Japanese watches. If you love psychos really gotta try it. At one point. It is one of the best watches you can buy from them. That does so many things so very well. So there you have it. Those are my thoughts on the Seiko and the Omega The Master Versus Master Video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Found it a little bit helpful. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I’ll see in the comments section.