Milgauss Z Blue | Why I Bought The Rolex Milgauss Z-blue Dial 👍👎


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Why I Bought The Rolex Milgauss Z-blue Dial 👍👎


[MUSIC] Hey, everyone, Tristan. Back with another video and in this video, we’re taking a look at and reviewing this watch. This is the Rolex milgaus’s with the Z blue dial. The model number on this one is the one 11600 GV. And this is a really cool watch. I think something that I’ve been wanting for quite a while. Just recently, there was some rumors that they were going to discontinue this model, but they actually didn’t end up discontinuing it here in 2021 Maybe they will discontinue it next year and if they do. I think the value of this model is going to soar because the blue dial is pretty sought after. And I think quite unique. Now as you can see as I move it around here. And as it catches the light at different angles, the blue can vary from looking like quite bright blue to almost black. You know, just depending on how the light hits it. And then it also has the green. Um, sapphire crystal as well. So it kind of gives it a green tinge, you know, from the edges at certain angles, Really a cool watch. Uh, now the thing is this watch does have some controversy behind it, which also kind of makes it cool and sought after in and of itself, but a lot of Rolex people don’t really understand this watch and can’t really figure out how it fits into the Rolex lineup. Because, you know, unlike a submariner or a sea dweller, it’s not a dive watch Unlike a GMT, it’s not a pilot’s watch, unlike the Daytona, it’s not a, you know, speed or racing watch. And unlike the day date, it’s not a businessman’s or executives watch, so they don’t really know exactly where to place this watch, but in reality, what this watch is geared for is towards geeks, and I say that in all seriousness, it is geared towards engineers and scientists because it is a milgauss and what that basically means is that the movement inside of this watch is protected from magnetic frequencies up to a thousand gals, hence the name milgauss and also things like radiation and stuff like that inside the case back, like if you were to open up this case back, there’s actually a whole nother case back inside there, which I think is made of iron, so the whole movement of the watch is actually encased in sort of like a faraday case inside this outer case, which makes it protected up to a thousand gauss. That’s also the reason why this watch does not have a date on it as well because the date window would expose it, You know, expose the inside, so it wouldn’t have that 1000 gallons of protection, and so, yeah, this watch is really geared towards, you know. Scientists, basically, it’s like a scientist’s watch or an engineer’s watch. And I think that is really something that’s cool about it. Let me go ahead and put it on my wrist while I talk here. So you can get a sense of how it looks on the wrist. By the way, my wrist is, uh, six and a half inches in diameter. So this is how it looks on my wrist. This bracelet is the oyster bracelet. And also this clasp or bracelet has the adjuster. So you can actually adjust it by five millimeters as well. Um, to make it bigger. Um, just by going like that, and so so so this part can actually fold in like that or fold out. And, um, you can actually make it bigger as your wrist. Uh, you know, expands throughout the day. The watch is fairly thick as you can see here. I believe it’s a 13 millimeter thick watch, so it is fairly thick and chunky on the wrist, but I think that gives it a really nice wrist presence, and it looks really great under a sleeve and kind of, um, does make a statement for itself, So I I really like it in that respect. I did do a sort of 60 second showcase video on this. Watch a bit ago, so check the link up here for that, and you can kind of see more views of this watch, but the other thing is because of the fact that this has that iron sort of movement cage inside of it. This watch is a little bit heavy as to as well like when you wear it, you can really feel it, and that takes a little bit getting used to, but I don’t find that uncomfortable or anything like that, especially after you get used to it. Of course, this house Rolex is upgraded. Uh, famous stainless steel, which is better stainless steel than like what you find in lower end watches like Tudor watches and stuff like that. And also the thing about the sapphire crystal here. That’s green is, um, apparently it’s so difficult to make that they didn’t even have to patent that green. Uh, glass that green sapphire crystal. Because they think that nobody else will be able to figure out how to do it at all, so it’s. Apparently, you know, quite rare in that respect as well, but as you can see here, the watch kind of looks, uh, blue in certain lights and then in certain other angles, it might look black. Uh, you know, just depending like. If I go like that, you can kind of see. The the dial’s kind of turns black. So it’s a sort of radial dial as you can see. Um, which I think is just really cool. And then the other sort of controversy about this watch is a lot of people don’t like the second hand, take a look at the second hand up close. It is actually a orange lightning bolt. A little bit whimsical. I guess, but you know, a lot and a lot of people don’t think that’s very rolex-like. They think it’s kind of childish, and that’s another reason why. I think this watch is so cool because it’s in some ways in that respect, very on Rolex and that I think what, and that is what I think sets this watch apart from many of the other watches in the Rolex lineup. But as you can see. It’s got a very attractive dial. I mean, I think from a design standpoint. I really like the way that the dial looks. I think it’s one of the most attractive Rolexes out there, and I actually like that. Lightning bolt, secondhand. I think it’s just something special, not something that you see very often in other watches. So I think that is something that makes this watch quite unique and as you can see. The watch has a lack of Crown Guards or anything like that. So you just have the you know the crown here that’s exposed, although it is a screw down crown. So this does have some water resistance. Although again, it’s not really a dive watch, but you can get it, but you can put it in water, and you know, you’re not going to hurt it or anything like that. In terms of the aesthetics of this watch. I have to say that it kind of leans towards the business casual side. I think it’s the perfect business casual watch. I mean, certainly you wouldn’t want to wear this. Watch with a tuxedo. But I think you could wear it with a suit, and you can also dress this. Watch down too. I think it does look pretty good and kind of pops. If you’re just wearing like jeans and a t-shirt or something like that, I mean, imagine this watch with, like a black t-shirt or something like that. Uh, you know? Just I think it would. Pop, you know pretty well. As in terms of your overall look, but, uh, in general, I would describe the look of this as sort of a business casual. Look, let me go ahead and turn the lights off, and I’ll shine a UV light on the dial so that you can get a sense of how the loom glows and then let’s get that UV light shining there. There we go so as you can see, it does, and it does go pretty bright, and you can kind of see what’s lit up there. And what’s not in terms of the hour markers, but not the second marker. The other thing about this watch is, uh, traditionally up until now, it hasn’t been one of the super expensive ones that just shoot up in value, like, really fast, so you can still get this watch for a pretty good price. I mean, not too much over retail. Actually, so that’s another thing about this watch that I think makes it quite desirable and again if they discontinue this model or even if they discontinue the whole milgaus’s line, Of course, the value then will will shoot up on these. I don’t know if they’re going to discontinue the whole Milgaus’s line or not, but it is a possibility because their latest movements actually have some anti-magnetic properties built into them and all of their watches that they’re releasing these days because they’ve replaced some of the components with silicon components instead of metal components, so they made all of their movements sort of anti-magnetic movements now, although probably still not as anti-magnetic as the milgaus’s. But in some ways, you know, that might defeat the purpose of having a milgauss line in their lineup. You know, I just don’t know, um, but you know again. The milgauss does have a lot of history behind it and does have quite a following so that may not be the case. They may not actually completely get rid of the milgauss, but they may get rid of this Z blue dial because it has been around for several years now and Rolex does have the precedent of discontinuing certain milgaus’s models after it was brought back. I believe in 2008 they discontinued the White dial Milgaus’s a few years later so that one is now discontinued. But you know, I can’t really predict what the Rolex is going to do. Those are just my thoughts on that, So thanks for watching my look at the Rolex Z Blue Dial, Milgauss questions, comments or feedback. Please feel free to leave them. And, uh, thanks for watching ill. See you in my next video. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] you?