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The famous luxury pen manufacturer, Mont Blanc has been making watches since 1997 a far cry from its 114 year existence. How did this happen? Should montblanc be making watches? Are they any good all those answers and more coming up looking to buy sell or exchange A premium watch, visit watchfinder, the pre-owned watch specialist, A big thank you to every single person who watches and enjoys these videos. It really means a huge amount to us and to me. Personally, your subscription would be hugely appreciated. It helps more than you can know. Thank you! If there’s a simple answer to the question, why do montblanc make watches? It’s to make money. But with the simplicity of that answer comes the loss of nuance. If everything we’re all just about the money, we’d all be doing the most lucrative, boring thing imaginable within 2020’s top paying jobs. You’ll find the following lawyer sales manager, business operations manager, financial advisor jobs that I’m sure you’ll agree. Don’t tend to be hugely exciting, except to the people who do those jobs best. They are, here’s the thing about success. Humans tend to require some sort of emotional investment to draw the best out from within them and so when someone chooses to try and make money making pens or watches or whatever it can never really be all about the money to be truly successful. Of course, it was a sensible decision for Mont Blanc. Because the kind of guys and gals who buy nice pens tend to be into nice watches, too, Except that given what happened just a few decades Prior to 1997’s inauguration of the Mont Blanc watch, making mechanical watches would have been considered a very stupid idea. Indeed, the late 90s was such a tumultuous time to make the crossover with brands like omega on the path to recovery, the genesis of contemporary legends like Orwerk and Richard Meal to say the move was ballsy is underselling it. If you take the number of successful watchmaking firms versus the many unsuccessful ones at the cost of actually establishing said firm be it successful or not. You’ll soon come to realize that this was a project that someone at Montbonk held very dear to their heart that someone was Norbert Platt, then CEO of Monk Blanc, a role he’d held since 1987. Despite his critics, including a journalist who asked where to fill the watch with Inc. Platt continued headlong into the unknown and not only. Is it a false errand to start? What is effectively a new watch business with the singular motive of making money but to double down on that full hardiness and build a workshop too, demonstrates less of a commitment to profit and more one-to-passion the cynical among you may not see eye-to-eye with me on this, and I understand, but a spell in charge of a century-old legend with your neck on the block over an idea like making watches would be sure to make you see things from the other perspective. I’m confident in saying this, because although not every watch from the company has been a masterpiece, montblanc hasn’t just sat idly by making mid-level models to discount sale at airports, the sense of Platt’s enthusiasm for the project, which he has since handed on to his successors, remains very much apparent. Let me show you what I mean. This is the montblanc Heritage GMT being British. I like all my fellow. Brits enjoy a good dose of irony and its presence in the naming of a watch heritage when its origins draw back to the same vintage as home alone. Three has not escaped me here ends the list of things wrong with the montblanc Heritage GMT. There are some things that may have been less favorable with it, such as the 2 395 pound price for an etta powered watch, which may have been a little high, however, that doesn’t really matter anyway, since they’re all sold now the list of things that are good with the montblanc Heritage GMT, however, is long, especially when configured with the flavour of the day salmon. You get a sense very early on with the watch. How much the creator’s heart was in it, whether they truly cared about the details or just wanted to get it done and the Heritage GMT, rather surprisingly, tells me that its conception was caring and considerate and not post-christma’s party penitence. It seems almost ridiculous to say, but the fact the case is 40 millimeters and not 42 is already a great sign that someone knew what they were doing with this. Watch so many times. Does a design hit the market? That looks great until you realize that it was scaled for the wrist of John Cena. No, the heritage GMT is thoughtfully balanced and considerably judged a steel case that sits on your wrist rather than hovering over it like a low-flying UFO. It feels very shizula cult in that respect, and that’s no complaint where this watch really makes. Its bacon is on the dial, which is pretty much bacon coloured. The salmon trend preceded the blue dial trend and a trend, although it may be, its undoubtedly one. That’s not going out of fashion anytime soon. If our longan zoner has done it, That basically means it’s fine. The colour may seem very of the moment, but really, it’s just a resurgence of a similar trend that occurred at the beginning of the last century. A bit like how people now seem to be dressing. How I did as a kid, which is Weirding me out. But a dial is not made by its colour and so it’s in the attention to detail that the emotional investment in this watch really stands out. A slew of textures and colours balanced with knowing deliberation separates the GMT track from the seconds from the hours red, blue and black, including a black plating for the majority of the hands and markers elevate the perceived value of this watch to a casual. Is that a patek level with the deflated reply of no being somewhat softened by the use of the revived classic logo, even the tiny loom plots on the hours feel like a well thought out decision rather than the afterthought they can so often be every piece together offers a uniformity that doesn’t occur by accident, so many watches get elements right yet fail as a whole, and whilst this isn’t exactly a piece of massively collectible horology, its intentions feel honest and pure, a replication of the visual drama and purity of those watches a century ago, there’s a reason it’s taken this long to feature one of these here, and that’s because they don’t get sold on very often where I’m from. That’s a pretty good sign. Collectively, the heritage GMT feels like the work of someone who not only wanted to get paid, but someone who wanted to leave at the end of the day with their head held high and for a company to allow that to happen that needs to be a thread that runs from top to bottom. This could have well as easily been a generic looking watch with a montblanc logo on it to sell alongside the generic looking wallets and belts with montblanc logos on them and to be honest, that would have probably been more appealing to a broader market. But it isn’t, it almost doesn’t matter what the name on the dial says. It’s more about the attitudes of the people who make it discover more exceptional watches at watchfinder. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, please do consider giving it a like and subscribing to the channel. If there are any watches, you’d like to see featured, please let us know in the comments below.

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