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Tritium Tubes That Glow! Nite Alpha 208 Review + Unboxing


Hello, this is what’s all about with another watch review and in this review, we’re looking at an offering from night now. I’ve reviewed a couple of nights before. And they’re British. Make they have quartz movements and their specialty is using tritium new tubes for their loom on their dolls. So without further ado, let’s start the unboxing process, so we have this outer sleeve, which is a little bit cozy. You’ve got night in a foil print on top and the logo either side. Lift that up here. We have a nice introductory bit of information. Few little cards, which is pretty nicely designed. Looks good and here. We have to watch in question, so I’ll lift this little section up here and there’s the watch sitting comfortably. I’ve got my spare links in there. So a fairly nice unboxing process, you know, pretty simple, pretty straightforward, but it looks good, nicely designed and put together the packaging. So here we have the watch itself. This is the Knight Alpha In particular, the 2:08 which is referring to the color scheme. So we’ve got the blue blue ceramic bezel, insert blue dial and also the orange hues as well. Really nice color scheme. I really really like it. It’s so much it’s refreshing to see someone to be different to the standard black. So I really really like what they’ve done here. Obviously it is a diving watch. Certainly no qualms in crystal about that, However, it does have certain a tool like tweaks to it as we’ll. Make sure that it’s really, really sturdy and, you know, ready to take anything. You give it it. Basically, so let’s talk about the specs. First of all. The price pricing is 480 pounds, which equates to about six hundred and fifteen dollars. So you know, for a quartz watch? Some people might think that’s a little bit too high. However, the build quality is genuinely sensational, so we will go through that in closer detail in a little bit little a while talking on going onto the site, so force 2 mil diameter, so you know, classic decent, chunky diving watch diameter. They’re a height of fourteen point eight mil, So it is higher than you’d imagine. It is a real chunky beast, and then it looked to look length of forty nine and a half mil, so really, really big, chunky and call. It creates a lot of risk presence. What we’re talking about a look to look length? One of the main things to keep in mind is the fact that this central link of the end link juts out quite a lot. So those are the small arrests as you can see there. Those are smaller wrists. It might be either uncomfortable or look a little bit silly, so that’s one of the the main not issue, but one of the main points. I I’ve noticed with the with the watch. So this is a coming in at 175 grams, and that is with links taken out, so it is really really chunky, especially considering you know, it has a light quartz movement in it. Imagine if it was an automatic, it would be even heavier, so it really does feel hefty and substantial on the wrist, 300 meters or 30 atmospheres, water resistance, So pretty decent there. You know, you covered for most diving that most of us will ever dream of doing so no issues of there. Whatsoever 22 Merlot quits so fairly straightforward. Look width, it looks good. You know, looks in proportion with the case, obviously 22 ml really easy to find the new replacement straps. If you did want to two year warranty as well, so if anything does happen, you are covered for a couple of years, so that’s good. Finally, the movement it’s using the Rhondda 7 1 5 Li and rather impressively that has a 10 year battery life its Swiss made and it has a 5 joules within us as well. So you know, the fact that it has a 10 year battery life? This is a watch that will last you, and hopefully, you know, will carry on ticking for up to a decade with no issues whatsoever. Okay, so let’s discuss the watch in closer detail element by element, so starting off with the doll. So mainly, the fact is that night really really play by the tritium selling point and it is really impressive as well. It comes in different grades. Didn’t the previous two watches. I reviewed came in t25 The number refers to the moleculars of tritium in each tube. This, however, has t100 tubes. And let me tell you now. It grows like a beast at night when I’ve got my watch box at nighttime. I have a watch box with a glass top without fail. This is always grow up, glowing the brightest. Now it doesn’t mean that is it’s like glowing like the Sun. Even in daytime, you only really notice it at nighttime because it because it is, you know, relatively gentle glow. It’s not like, you know when you first charge loom, for instance on it, and it’s really, really bright if it’s more of a gentle glow, but it is always there, and it’s always blowing and the cool thing about tritium tubes is that you never ever have to charge it. It is basically a reaction of gas now. It does have a lifespan of I’m not entirely sure many many years, so eventually it will very slowly Start to die down, however, you know, most watches. Realistically, you’re never gonna a lifespan of a watch. Watch, it’s ten years, probably. So, um, you’re never gonna have that issue with with this. Watch really, you know, you watch will probably get smashed up by you by accident before the tritium starts to run out, moving on to the dial design then really simple, straightforward, obviously legible. Legibility is a key factor here. It is a diving watch at the end of the day. So nice, bright hands against the the backdrop has a really nice A sunburst blue backdrop. As you can see with a very slight texture to it as well like a sunburst effect and just white hands against it. A really illegible, this sort of like a syringe, kind of design to it, which is nice to see something a little bit different as well. Obviously we have loom. Tritium tubes sat on each hand as well, which is nice and then we have this splash of orange, which works really well with the blue and obviously we have the orange in the blue throughout the watch itself. So I really like the color scheme a little bit different, a little bit out there, which is more than welcome, because sometimes, you know, just every watch. Being black is very, very boring so very very welcome. Splash of color, a date wheel here, a date window at four and a half as you can see is just white, and it’s just cut out. It is neatly cut out, and some people may grumble about fact that it’s wise. You know, it’d be nice if it was blue. However, you know, legibility thinking. White obviously is easier to read easier to to stand out as well, so moving on to the case itself. Then so the bezel really decent, chunky grip as you can see there. And then we have this ceramic insert as well. The movement is really lovely. It gives a really solid click. No back, turn whatsoever as well as you can see them, giving it a good wiggle and there’s nothing whatsoever, and it’s just so buttery and nice and definite easy to use so really impressed by the bezel movement. There, the insert again nice color scheme nicely done its ceramics, so all the detailing is engraved filled with loom And then what I really, like is the fact that the PIP of 12 has a teeny tiny little tube in there as you can see, but will sit in question. Detail was the macro lens on in a bit. But that’s a cool little thing that you don’t see very often. A little tritium tube. Obviously you use that as your point of reference when it is dark, moving on to the case itself so primarily well pretty much entirely brushed, which is good because that will be more resilient to scratches. We have a very, very thin, slight polished ring. I think around here, right at the base of the case back. But you know, it’s a diving watch, so I probably don’t think that any polished accents really necessary Here. Shape is fairly straight forward barrel shape, Nice, decent, thick, chunky crown guards as well and the crown itself again, really nicely done again. This orange being pulled through with this central filled channel and then the knight logo, nice and accurate engraves on the end there and moving on to the case back so the case back. Is you know again quite chunky in itself, It protrudes out from the case. We have the various details in the logo in the center, and then this little bit of information at the bottom. Just basically saying that you’ve got radiation gas troops with radiation radioactive material on your wrist, which is pretty cool. You know, actually feel a little bit dangerous. A little bit like an evil villain. Maybe a little bit of radioactive material on the wrist there. So that’s cool moving on to the bracelet. I love the bracelet. I really like the angular links as you can see and dependent, you know, when you’re wearing it. Look at the the variety of reflections going on there, all because of these different angles and fully brushed as well, so it is surprisingly reflective, considering it is brushed, But I really like the the angular top of it. It’s just a joy to behold, and as you can see, there really catches the eye and every link is nice and thick, perfectly manufactured, It’s so silky, smooth as well. It’s just really comfortable very easy to wear all day long, and you know, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to wear a bracelet all day long, but that’s not the case with this watch, and then finally, the double locking buckles, so we have the top flap, which you lift up and then two buttons either side to release the little nipple very, very solid, no complaints with it popping open or anything like that. And then we have the logo engraved on the top. Which is you know to to a a reasonable standard, the depths of the engraving. Okay, let’s get the macro lens on there. Then we just change the time, so obviously a screw and crown. Let’s get the macro lens on and have a look at in much closer detail, So let’s start off with the dial. I’ll see here. We have the print work very nice and fine, and then we have our double orange tritium. Schubert, 12 All the others Are this fat green tube, and then we have our date wheel. There, you know, neatly cut out would have been nice if I had a little border around it. Perhaps, and move it onto our hands, so here’s our second hand as you can see. There are troubie’s intercepts within a little bit of detailing of that. It’s at our hand with our tritium tube and a minute hand as well. You see if we can get a bit of a glow as you can see, there’s glowing. I’ve just covered my hand over and already it’s glowing, straight away. No need for it to be charged or anything like that, and then moving on to our bezel. Here’s the insert. Got some detailing here and inside. There is a tiny little tube. Hello, which is very cute and various little markings up until 15 minutes, all of them very accurately done as you’d expect. Finally on the bezel, we have this grip, really thick, chunky teeth, very easy to grip very easy to use as well moving on to the case, then we have brush sides and as you can see from our angles here, very sharp, well machined, no issues whatsoever. There, flipping it over to our crown. There’s our Knight, Lego and grape on the end, very accurately done and viewing on top very nice tooth and Orange Channel, inset almost like a band as well, which works so well with the rest of the watch moving on to the case back here, we have our central section with the logo, Nice and deeply engraved some information there about the the tritium tubes and other information here as you can see very nicely engraved indeed, and then finally moving on to the bracelet, our angular links at top very nicely manufactured indeed, and finally moving on to the buckle itself. There you go decent engraving on that also the brush top. Alright, then so. I’ve been so so impressed by it. Everything about it is so just chunky. Over-engineered over, manufactured such a thick sapphire crystal on as well See, you know, you tap it, and it’s really really. It gives a really satisfying 1/3 as well with a decent, reflective coating. I didn’t mention that. However, when you think about the specs in general, you know, yes, it is quartz. However, it’s, you know, one of the best quartz movements you can get 10 year battery life. It’s obviously Swiss made Ronda. So is very reliable as well And then just everything else, you know? The tritium tubes. The the fact that they’re t100 tubes as well ceramic insert, and the the way the bracelet is made the way the bezel is made just the design in general the crown. Everything about every single aspect is really, really nice. You know, if I’m being particularly nit picky as I mentioned previously. Yes, the date window might be a little bit plain for some And also the central, the central section on the the end links might be a little bit longer as well for Sun. However, you know that they’re literally the only two things I can think about it. The build quality is genuinely sensational. Is such a fat chunky. Watch, and if you like me, and you like that kind of thing then. This is a really really great option for you so. I’ve really enjoyed it. This is the Knight, Alpha 2 0 l8 That’s what’s all about, so thanks for watching. Guys don’t forget to. Like comment and subscribe as we’ll. See you next time you.

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