Nomos Weltzeit | Watch Review: Nomos Zürich Weltzeit/worldtimer Topper Edition

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Watch Review: Nomos Zürich Weltzeit/worldtimer Topper Edition


[MUSIC] [Music]! Hi, this is Zach with Warner wound and tail, be taking a look at the Nomos Zurich World Timer Topper Edition [Music]. So this is a watch, actually, the Zurich world timers a watch that they’ve had for quite some time. You’ll also see it called the veldt sights in German apologies if that pronunciation is incorrect. And then this is a special edition for topper, a limited edition of only 30 watches and we’ll go over. What makes it special the little changes? They’ve made for topper the first just looking at the watch in general. The Nomos lyric watches are a little bit larger and beefier than the other Nomos watches. You might be familiar with such as the tangential the club, but it has a really cool design. It’s very kind of masculine, actually for the brand but still elegant and on the you know, kind of the dressy and more formal side, it has a thirty nine point nine millimeter case, so nearly forty millimeters forty nine point four millimeter lug to lug and about eleven millimeter thickness with a 20 millimeter spring bar here, so it’s a sizable watch, actually, a little bit more of kind of a daily wear, you know? I think of know most. I think most people think of Novus they think of much smaller watches very, very thin watches, but these are definitely just a little bit heftier and a little bit chunkier. And as you’ll see on my wrists. I mean, they wear very nicely, but it certainly has a distinct amount of presence. The case is a really nice design to it. There’s beautiful, sharp lugs here. Long Lugs, which you’d expect from Nomos. When you look at it from the side a bit, you have these really nice lines. These cool contours the lugs actually come up above the bezel. A little bit. Just all really beautiful, really elegant. You know, obviously what you’d expect from. Nomos, but it doesn’t have that Bauhaus language. That maybe you associate with the brand looking out the dial, though. I mean, this is really where this watch is completely unique and a real, you know, I mean, this watch is just it’s super popular. It’s super loved by everyone. I feel like for a lot of people. This is the no most to get, and that’s because of the functionality, but I think also just the very unique take on a world time or aesthetic so looking at the dial. It’s really modern, really clean, and has this very interesting layering, the most visually impactful part to me. Is this floating middle disc here with the sub seconds that protrude out as well as the little home symbol on the right that kind of protrudes out. So those little breaks of lines are just really cool and clever and really just. I mean, nothing else is like this. Watch, then you have this whole sunken area in here. Which, in which you’ll see the 24 cities for 24 time zones as well as a disc here at 3/4 the home time functionality and then, Lastly, an outer chapter ring, which acts as your just primary index, so a lot going on, but all very subdued, very tamed, you know, even though there’s a city ring here and a lot of world timers get really really busy by sinking it down a level, your eyes kind of can quickly read the higher levels first and kind of descend into in like order of operations. So you’ll read the main time. Then maybe you’ll read the hometime. Then you’ll look at the city. Chances are, you’ll know what city it’s set to in advance because that would coordinate with your home time. So that’s where you’re coming from, Whereas the main time is where you are, but either way, you know, just all that information there, but not overwhelming, so this is where we can start to see some of the topper additions special changes to it, so the normal version comes in white or blue. This is obviously white, but what you might not be able to see quite from a still shot is that it is a lacquer dial, so its loss and has this beautiful finish to. It’s a very soft finish. It’s like the white is a little bit warm, not totally cold or crisp this even. I mean, I even feel like I’m seeing a little bit of like a yellow in there. And then there’s a little bit of a softness to the edge all around from that lacquer build up, It’s absolutely beautiful. I think is a really great decision for a subtle way to kind of make this special for them. It’s an unfortunate there’s only 30 of these out there because you know. I think this is a watch that would really tempt a lot of people and then on top of that, they want with the blued hands, which I think is a really fantastic decision. Also, blue steel hands always beautiful on top of the gloss white. They just jump off. They’re really high legibility, and they just add to that overall kind of luxurious feel of that level like that light level of gloss. I mean, as you move the watch around, you’ll see the hands. Go from black to blue, youll. See the reflections on the dial. Kind of pick up just all, really. I mean, just elegant and gorgeous. Lastly, here at this time zone for the Pacific, you’ll see Burlingame, which is where topper Jewelers is. It also is meant to kind of represent the fact that with these 30 watches, there’s a donation being made to the Burlingame, Parks and Rec. I believe $200 a watch. So you know, that’s just giving back a little bit, but so that’s a subtle nod to them. Certainly, if you’re from that area, I think that’s going to appeal to you as a New Yorker. I, you know, somebody told me about that. I probably just would have thought that’s a city’s name that I just didn’t know so very quickly as you’d expect. You’ll find a beautiful movement in here. This is the duw five two zero one, which is a slightly older automatic version automatic movement from Nomos. You know their newest automatics of the Neo Maddox, but this is what their automatic movement’s previous set looked like it’s absolutely beautiful movements decorated all around and it’s larger than the Neo Matic thicker, so that is why they developed that movement and then obviously this one has a world timer module on it, although that is not something that is visible here, it’s a believe 26 joules and it does feature their in-house escapement as well. But yeah, you know, turning this watch over is absolutely a delight on the wrist. The world timer wears really well, but it’s definitely much larger than the Nomos. Is that you know I am used to specifically? I have a you know. One of the 36 millimeter manual wound clubs in my collection, which wears very small, very thin, more like a vintage watch and this feels like a thoroughly modern watch and frankly, the aesthetic of it also thoroughly modern contemporary. There’s really nothing about this that feels like, you know, it’s coming from a past, and it’s a, you know, it’s actually it’s it’s very appealing. It’s a really nice size, though. It is definitely large. I mean, 40 millimeters for kind of a casual watch, I think. Is you know about the max size? I personally want for it. This is also a lot of dial, but because the dial has so much complexity going on. I think it really works at this size and yeah, just, you know, Overall very appealing. There’s something really kind, strong and actually pretty masculine about this that I really like the use of that. Lacquer white is so beautiful on the wrists. You know here. I have like a dark kind of gray black shirt on, and it really just pops out. Pops off the black shell Quarterman strap. You have here just really crisp and clean while looking at on the wrist, too. It’s also cool just to go over quickly. The world timer function. So right now, as I said, this is set to New York, so youll. See that the home time disc here points to the three. The minute hand is then at 18 so 318 and which also coordinates with the time. That’s you know on the hands now, let’s say. I went traveling, went flying. Just gonna push this button up here at 2:00 and look now. I’m in London and it is 819 so it’s as simple as that. So once you have the watch, set up, you fly around. All you have to do is push that button until you get there home. Time stays exactly where it was. I mean, that’s about it’s easy to use and easy to read as any world timer. I think I’ve ever seen so, you know, that’s part of why this watch is so incredibly popular and why it’s so desirable. You know, there’s plenty of world timers out there. They often get very fussy. No, most really simplified it and just made it really easy to use a functional. Lastly, this watch comes in at a higher price for in. Nomos, it is $6,100 currently that is true for the topper Edition as well as the normal versions. So yeah, definitely out of our normal price range, but as you can see, you’re getting a lot with this watch. And, of course it is, you know? German made in house movement cetera. So if you’re interested in this one, I recommend jumping on it because like, I said, there’s only 30 of these. This one being one of those thirty, so get a move on it. [music] you [Music]!

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