Ocean 7 Watch | Обзор Часов Ocean7 Lm-8 С Механизмом Eta 2428-2 На Ремне | Ger / Eng Sub


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Обзор Часов Ocean7 Lm-8 С Механизмом Eta 2428-2 На Ремне | Ger / Eng Sub


Hello, everyone! Today we have an interesting watch for a review. This is a diving watch with 200 ATM water resistance. I have seen this watch on. The microbrand watches group on Facebook. This is a really great community where you can see a lot of interesting microbrand watch models. The link is in the description. I saw this watch in a thread of this watchgroup where someone posted the wrist shots of the watch and he said that. If somebody is interested, this watch is currently on sale, which did cost 700 USD Now they are on sale for only 300 USD, plus shipping and customs taxes, but still 300 USD for a Swiss movement and such water resistance. And such design is just a watch. You shouldn’t miss. The watch came without box, but but with papers with the vCard of the manufacturer, Mitchell Feig Here is the adress Palm Beach. The watch was shipped from the USA. Ups delivered the watch. We also have this cleaning and care cloth from Ocean7. Also, we a have a manual, pretty simple print manual and warranty information here. The manufacturer says thank you for the purchase. Please service your watch. Every 4-5 years. Please keep the manual for the future reference to know how to handle the watch here. We have some operating instructions. It also states not to use quick date change function between 9 PM. And 3 AM. It also says to ensure that the crown is wound up completely. Modell is LM-8 with a serial number 123 date of purchase is 15 January 2020 Warranty terms also exceptions of the warranty and so on, Let’s take a closer look on the most interesting part, the watch itself. If you at the design of the watch, they somehow look similar, especially the bezel and the inner ring bezel. They look like the Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller, But we have a lot of different and unique design elements. That’s why you can’t consider it as a copy or homage of the above stated watch. The case is pretty big 45mm diameter. The height is 17mm of this watch and lug-to-lug is huge 56 Mm, that is why this particular watch won’t. Fill for every wrist. It is 2000 metres waterproof, 200 200 bar. We have an automatic helium release valve on the left side of the case, which is needed for a proper operation with these water-resistance spec’s. The dial is very well made black coloured, not very dark, black, a little brighter. It has a calendar. It is nice. The the calendar windows doesn’t replace the 3 oclock marker. Some manufacturers just place the calendar wheel instead of the marker. The calendar window has a silber outline / frame. The calendar is a normal with black coloured digits and a frame around it. An ordinary date wheel. ETA 2824-2 Swiss Movement, 25 Jewels, 28800 semi-oscillations per second. As you see, the second hand sweeps very nice, A very interesting design. I like the second hand and that the end of it is coloured orange. We see a professional deep diver inscription on the top. We see Ocean7 inscription, a very thick sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. It is flat but is still looking very good to be honest. I would swap those too inscriptions and would place the professional deep diver inscription on the top. I think it would look better that way. I think the most interesting highlight of the watch is its bezel because it is very well made. It is also detachable. If you want to clean it 120 clicks. It works very well. The bezel is unidirectional, the numbers and markings on the bezel. Do not glow, but it doesn’t matter as I suppose. It clicks very fine. The case of the watch is pretty big. I immediately switched the watch to a nice composite. Watch strap because of this lug-to-lug size. It is not very comfortable to wear this watch on the OEM bracelet with the links because my wrist size is not as big, very nice crown with the Ocean7 logo Engraved Ocean7. It is a little sharp. If you put your finger on it, you can peel of some skin with this crown. It looks like there are even some bits of the packaging remained on the crown. When I unpacked the watch. The crown is protected by the watch case, polished sides of the case as we see matte surface on the top. Pretty well made. Also we have. We have an interesting caseback with O7 logo. When I received the watch, it was -17 S/D or -12 S/D. I gave it to my watchmaker to adjust it a little better. He said that it was adjusted to +3 S/D, but actually, the watch is more accurate. I will show you this in a moment. How the watch runs. I mesured this with an Android App. Watch, check before adjustment. They run like this +18 S/D +17 s/d after the visit to my watchmaker. They run +0,3 s/d. I have measured it from 13 to 23 February 10 days of testing and the watch ist approximately 0,1 S/D. I think it is very impressive. It runs great. The lug width is 24mm for the watch band. I will show you the OEM bracelet now. It looks pretty good, but I don’t like the endlink’s. The manufacturer should have made it more curved if it would be more curved, the watch would fit also to a smaller wrists. If I will put it on the bracelet will look bad because it will just bend down after this endlink. That’s why I placed the watch on the composite strap. If you want to use it with the bracelet, only a straight end bracelet will look good. It is a shame that the are no holes for a quick strap change. I think it would be much better. Here is the automatic helium release valve. We also have a diver extension clasp. I will not show it to you. Due to the bracelet is being still sealed. But if you push the pins on the side, you can regulate the length as I showed. I my review for Aevig Huldra V2 You can quickly change. The length of the bracelet also three holes for a micro-adjustment of the bracelet. Buckle is very well made. It closes good. The bracelet is luckily not very thick, which is a good point because the watch would be too massive and thick, otherwise. And with this bracelet, it is pretty decent and not to heavy, but I installed a strap onto it because it looks better on the strap. We also have an Ocean7 logo on the top cover of the buckle as we see. I didn’t like the quality of the finish of the endlinks as you see bad quality where the push pins are supposed to be installed. You can’t see it, but if you know it, it is not so nice. The finish of the bracelet at this point is not very well and those places I pointed out and also the endlink’s too. What else to say I will show you how the? Ocean7 looks compared to 090 Vostok Amfibia, in terms of the size. As you see, the Vostok is not noticably smaller, but because of these big Lugs, Amfibia is much more comfortable to wear because it fits the wrist better and this watch because of its lugs. I will not wear it on. It’s OEM bracelet for now. I will keep the watch in my collection. We wiil see how it goes. It is a very nice diver for amazing price of 300 USD great value. Nice lume Superluminova C3 Of course, it cannot be compared to Russian hand applied lume, which has bigger particles. I like the hands. I would prefer a bigger hour hand because the minute hand is huge and the minute hand is a little too small. Overall, I think it is an interesting diver. Watch a great addition to any watch collection, especially who doesn’t have a Swiss movement in collection. You get a great movement for 300 USD with this accuracy. I think it is great. This watch will definitely be tested in real conditions When I get to the see. This watch is scheduled for a water resistance test. I have chose a good fitting. Watch strap as I think it fits colourwise to this watch. It is 24mm wide all the way. Link to the watchband is in the description. The watch is really nicely made. I like the crystal. The excellent accuracy because the watch was tweaked so accurate, it will definitely remain in my watch collection forever because the watch is really accurate. The auto winding works perfectly high power reserve. Very well made bezel. The lume dot is also well made. Everything is well finished. Bezel insert is ceramic. If you have any questions about this watch, feel free to comment. I like this diver. After the fine-tuning with my watchmaker, They became a chronometer grade Watch as I think at different positions. They run Max 3 S/D diffence of the accuracy. Depending of the position, the caseback is not very thick. That’s why the watch fits perfectly to the wrist and due to a low weight. The watch is nice for everyday wearing. I also like the dial design. I like that. Every marker has a silver frame. You can see it at different viewing angles, same as on the hands pretty well made today that is all. I hope you like the watch. I wish you all great watch accuracy and great watches. See you in the next video Bye.