Omega Seamaster Ceramic | 2019 Omega Seamaster Black Ceramic Diver 300m / Ref. / Hands On


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2019 Omega Seamaster Black Ceramic Diver 300m / Ref. / Hands On


Yes, hello, dear friends. Welcome back to the ferry house. My name is Alexander and I welcome you to this. Hands-on from the Omega Seamaster diver 300 meters. Ceramic was the technical data of the original cover in black ceramic. I have you here on the edge. Then you can be one of those. Get an overview of the dimensions of the housing and the one or other specification. And with what increase was the first thing me? I usually noticed this watch when I put my hands on videos here at Juwelier Placht dehe and thanks again for that possibility. Then under this halogen light, some clock is always on a bit problematic Because I reflect so very much and here you can see the dial too. You saw matt ceramic with these waves on it? That seems to literally swallow the light of the halogen spots like something black hole. It is unbelievable of all the watches that. So far, I’ve had these hands on videos in hand. So now I would lean far out of the window that I say this watch comes in here in the real sest. My recordings. Now over here, you can see this beautiful razor sharp. The lines of the black ceramic case and the omega really have done This typical cut that we know from the stainless steel case can also be transferred to this ceramic, and we also have this polished horns like we have known from the omega models for a long time and something like that typical design feature for me just this housing shape and yes yours. Can you just see that the pointers in the CS pop right up really nicely Stand out from the crown and the helium valve are made of titanium manufactured in exactly the same way as the bezel. The insert in the toilet is then natural again made of black ceramic with this insert like the normal one stainless steel Omega Seamaster 300 300 meters was already familiar. So now he asks me again. How was the operation of the bezel, 120 clicks unidirectional to know about the? I found it a bit by feeling a little less finished than the normal version in stainless steel. Maybe that’s because the titanium bezel is lighter. And if it’s made of stainless steel, that’s just another one feeling conveyed when turning because it has a higher weight. That’s why it comes there The click noise. Perhaps even more valuable is just a guess of me, but it’s best you make your own picture. So she was already super good, 120 clicks, omega quality, But I found it a tick less. I rate it as with the normal stainless steel models. So here is the floor. By the way the Sneijder lock system is also made of titanium. The floor is always put back in and screwed on so that the font always stays in the same position. Here we have it clasp, which is also made entirely of ceramic. So the commissioner has it not now decided on a stainless steel titanium part and then coated it. No, they also made the buckle from all-ceramic and it feels. Also incredibly good when you take it in hand. Even though it is only one small component, the feel is very, very pleasant and it will work really very, very valuable here. You can just see it again like that. Dial to simply put away this light. This wave shape seems to be it is really great because of it. It looks more so gray anthracite than the black pointer indices that stands out great and also forms again on great one’s contrast with this white. I’m all the inlay in the bezel. So strong watch. I have to honestly say the rubber. Strap is also ready. We already know that. From the other 300 meter diver models personally, however. I still find the rubber strap from the Omega Aqua Terra Series, a bit more valuable in terms of feel and workmanship. I would have wished that basically also for the Seamaster series. So for the over 300 meters here. But well, you can’t always have everything here again, That depends. I’ll show you again with the serial number on it and the recommended retail price and you can already see the clock here from the latest model series from omega from this year 2019 You should take a look at it, So if your black watches are possible, found the clock really strong. If you put the gun on my chest now would and ask and ask me. Would you buy it or which one? You might prefer another watch. If you have a black usa would like a completely black ceramic. Watch then I would rather be in going towards the dark side of the moon. The clock has me a little more picked up by them. I might have to do a hands on video. Again has another chance to get hold of one next time. I’m there on site, then I’ll have a look. Maybe I have yes someday. Luck that there is another one again. Yes, but if you are interested at this time, you got in touch with Stefan Plack from Julia place and just ask if you maybe he comes from near there, bad oeynhausen and / or could go there once is definitely a must worth stopping by on the market, and I had fun to show you the clock, and I hope you had fun and yes, then I just say goodbye and see you next time in the driver’s house. See, you are fine.