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Omega Seamaster 300 Chrono 2019 |test|review|deutsch


[MUSIC] Hello, my dear treasures 1 and all those who are not called treasures lands. I think so I have all of them under. Got a lid today. I have a very nice one for you and say it goes more towards Christmas slowly. He feels this crispy many. No, I just found the plastic plant, Not that attractive, but the plastic didn’’t come out. Tree isn’’t pretty, but somehow amri like. I don’t know I am. Maybe I am I am I. Maybe I am. Maybe it has become too soft. My heart is very, very open and wide and receptive to many romantic and beautiful, no matter. I introduce you today. An Omega Seamaster 300 chronograph. That was a long time ago. Actually that I had them here. They came in a pack of three from Olga. Thank you very much for the delivery and yes, this three-pack. That had the premise that. You can film yourself these three watches within three days. You already have one seen. That was the moonwalk and the next one. I present to you. Today is the Omega Seamaster 300 as a chronograph. And I think in the latest version of it, perhaps in the most beautiful version after the Rosé gold variant. I really like that too extremely good in general. Easy to this watch and what it is. What makes it so special for me? That is the total work of art in itself. Think they are beautiful from this serrated edge. It is really it is not a clock face That basically creates Wavy Lines were engraved. I don’t know what technology it works with. In any case, yours looks beautiful. Yes, and then the total sa tors too. This blue inner ring is simply an ultra attractive Watch for all those who I like blue, because if you don’t like blue, then it is probably not the case, but there are other cases too happen, but I just find this blue because honestly, now those of us who have been looking at watches for a little while longer know that this is actually this classic Seamaster 300 blue James Bond variants in one of my first semesters 300 at that time. I only look at the quartz version, but you can also see that I have a small one started and that it was not clear that for me. It was already the ultra measure feelings, so I really had it like many of them for sure. So to you, I’ve been looking forward to luxury watches for years. Yes, when someone wrote a Breitling print, It was such a revelation for me and I couldn’t afford it and I also thought of the newspaper, but he also knows that someone will be able to afford. I was very young then. And of course I’m still young today. Yes, and yes, and then somehow it develops. I think if you if you feel passion for something, then you somehow manage to do it. This passion can, of course, be satisfied at least partially. Don’t buy an apartment. Now that you find beautiful right now have it somewhere. We all probably still move within a certain framework, so we come back to this beautiful, only technically times the key data 44 millimeters in diameter. That’s a bit of what I found. She is not picking up. Now, either is already done is a week that comes from the coaxial work alone. So built in is children that you have to have tender arms like me around to be able to carry something in the size. Yes, she is big. She 300 meters three times with the water. Resistance Halion valve magnet protection up to 15,000 Gau’s discussion is also unnecessary that is so important in normal, everyday life. Certain professional groups will need that, but it’s nothing bad too. We have the silicon unrest spiral spring there, too, of course, the magnet or this magnet protection is me alone already guaranteed by the material. Then we have two in a row Built-in spring houses. I have to honestly say I didn’t even know. I don’t even deal with it that intensely, but clearly I have to go somewhere. In the year? The 60 hour Power Reserve. Come from where then I would actually have myself thought with 2 Built-in spring houses. There should be a lot more or me. Tell me now! Hublot complained with ten days 60 hours are not much more than 48 hours. No matter why it is always like that. Then we have a ceramic lime high gloss polished with applications. Pay deposits. I don’t even know how to get it. Technically, it doesn’t matter. Ceramic pushers that the blue pushers are made of ceramic that fits naturally back to the overall picture is, of course, just at such a planned point, ceramics and shock resistance. So let’s say it bangs somewhere is not the best. I guess that, but now pure guess, that’s why. The printer wasn’t screwed down at the moment wherever I start with the ceramics, of course, wherever I have what I have. Can he push in the ceramic that is ultimately the trigger for that chronograph functions and the moment I open the gate, Of course one. Yes, a shock from whether absorption so absorbing one accepted mechanism because it means. I don’t have this effect that maybe could suggest a few very tough, so I can imagine that that’s the reason because optically you have this unscrewed pushers as it were. So you know it from the other watches, then unscrew it, and then you can only move here. It is only indicated that it works accordingly immediately, and that could be a reason for it. Yes, it has neither water resistance that is what I expect from a diving watch, excellent watch, and by and large, it would be Omega Courtial 9900 Master Chronometer work also, because what I got here back then had at that time is good, so I don’t know three quarters of what has happened. Planet Ocean had a way to understand it. How my watch was measured in the chronometer. Area is very close. If there is a bit of transparency for the customer, then there can be a bit. Watch the accuracy of your watch when you leave, the werkes ran. I think a nice idea is needed. I know not yes, Sapphire. Crystal anti-reflective on both sides. So it’s in with omega. The price range is indispensable that is not so would be below. We have nice glass bottom on. Those are also worthwhile because the craft is for me. A very beautiful work is really attractive, of course. Due to the rotor, you don’t always have full insight like living. A mountain could look like it is always quite natural. Hand-wound kind of like partly with the speed master. If there is a really nice work, then then, is it just a dream to look at? But here is still absolutely sensible and attractive. I can’t help! It should say technical data abfrühstückt overall impression. Yes, absolutely high quality, A really wonderfully beautiful watch. That is on one in every point. The highest level of workmanship is the typical omega folding clasp. Be it the bracelet or the entire case, everything Omega makes watches of the highest top level and for me, there are actually no two opinions, and I think many of the much out there will see here now. I agree that you really have a brand with Omega. Actually, no errors allowed and really processing technology here. Absolutely, we have not been up for discussion. Super perfect. I can’t differently. Say, yes, and all in all, you have already noticed that. I am totally thrilled from logo. It really is a watch that is something else. You always ask for innovation and design, technical evolution, and that’s both. It is simply a wonderful. Watch the way the clock face. The application needs Superluminova. The pointers are made also in Blue, also with Superluminova. So it really is a really good one great watch. And, yes, while I’m interested in it, I can absolutely recommend it Without any restrictions dream on the clock list price. Is it at boa? Good question? [MUSIC] You’re from the internet with an edge. If you don’t get any further, I’ll say the above. So so price price is this one I knew, of course, but I wanted you in. Yes, and who is interested in such a watch? You know, my dear ones. I offer a top price service That means I go to my homepage and click on the USA exclusive club at the top in the bar. He would have to go into the shop and There. I offer you the possibility of new ones, so I am not looking for them. Were and no Rolex. So I can tell you from a lot of manufacturers. Negotiations for that means I will negotiate for you with the manufacturers not for the manufacturer with the concessionaires and really with concessionaires. So today I don’t have gray hair. But I negotiate for quasi with the concessionaires and try to get an attractive price to get it out for someone who is interested in this watch or also in other watches are the popular brands omega wide links, et cetera PP. How can I surely get you for the attractive price now? Not the last price gray market. Yes, because food concession, it is concessionary swara, and there has to be a certain or you can only have a certain price game. Just not go down, but for that, you have really official ones that are really done and you know? I work here only with reasonable people. At least you can think so if he is interested in it. I would like to take a look again now. At the end of this video always returns to our telegram telegram. Note members now exchange a bit of monsters about every day off. I’m not always at the start, but in between and a lot of others larger Rainer Maria from this point, the Karl Den, Jay Fiedler, etc. The stuff keeps saying. Hello, but you make it cool. I have fun in between. I read everything. So I at least throws lie this time, and there you can times Log in will definitely find one or the other answer to your questions. The boys are always super nice and nice like everyone in the community and now. I want to know from you. How do you like them? She is the schöninger mega. Or would you, for example? Would you be the Seamaster reading a Rolex submariner to pilgrims? Compare 13 chronograph. Yes, I can’t do anything at the same time, because otherwise they only have the other chronograph In the same key. You will now be much better at doing it on your own home Planet Ocean or Seamaster 300 What is your favorite cinema? Graf Pakt’s mini comments do not care and now. I wish you whenever you. This video is having a nice day. Nice rest evening. Nice rest. Tomorrow or good morning was still given to me. Thumbs up would be nice, but until then, my dear ones Zschau.

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