Omega Seamaster Deep Black | Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean “deep Black” Ref. Watch Review

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean "deep Black" Ref. Watch Review


Hi. I’m Tim, welcome to our channel. Thanks for logging on today. We’re discussing a big watch with a big name. This is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Master Chronometer GMT, Deep Black. You can see this 2016 full ceramic case debut, a diving GMT on our website subscribe to our Youtube channel. If you enjoy these videos and please click on the chord in the upper right hand corner of the screen at any time during this video to see our full sales listing for this watch with accessories included in the sale high-resolution images for your desktop and naturally complete pricing details for this. GMT deep-black. Now that’s the card in the upper right hand corner on my wrist, Six and thirty inches 16 centimeters in circumference. You can see this. 2016 launch is imposing its strident it’s striking. It’s everything the 45 millimeter or I should say 45 and a half millimeter planet ocean was, but it’s also stark in a way that only a full ceramic case can be you can see. The case is immense. It’s the same 45 and a half millimeter size We’ve come to know in the top end of the planet ocean catalog, but it’s not as hefty on the wrist thanks to the ceramic composition, what it is, however, is thick. This is unchanged from the steel version of the watch and at seventeen point, five millimeters that it cuts a striking profile on the wrist. Now, from luck to luck, it’s a little bit more reasonable than you might expect. Being fifty two millimeters horizontally across the wrist from extremity to extremity, and the strap does work. Well, not flaring out. It actually pulls straight down from the lugs, so this watch wears true to size, and I would say perhaps even a little bit more compact, thanks to the lightness of the ceramic, so I would say down to a wrist size of perhaps even fourteen and a half centimeters in circumference. You should be able to wear this. Surprisingly, well tailored watch. It does seem to be built for human sized wrists. Now it has a very substantial and beautifully executed natural rubber vulcanized strap You can see. There’s a little bit of texture underneath to aggress against the skin and allow moisture, sweat grit and oils to escape it also features. Stachel combination titanium and ceramic twin trigger folding clasp and you’ll note that there is a tuck feature such that any excess strap length is hidden underneath the clasp body rather than requiring minder loops, so it is a very clean aesthetic when buckled and this is a clean timepiece, using only slight variations in finishing texture to differentiate the different one might even say borderline monolithic elements of this all black case, bezel and dial combination. But you can see the classic. Seamaster professional beveled case is present and accounted for with polished bevels and satin. Finish case band. You also note the helium escape valve, which is a signature of these watches and while perhaps useless for those who are not engaging in saturation, diving luxury is always about having more than you need. Plus, it’s a wonderful conversation piece. Now The bezel is despite the GMT intent of the watch, still a unidirectional rotating dial bezel, so you get that 24 hour hand for the second time zone, but it doesn’t come at the cost of the ISO 6425 specifications that make this a true diver, You can line up the index with the minutes and broad arrow vintage style, and then time an interval of 0 to 60 minutes, even as you continue to follow your second time zone in real time atop a dial that is beautifully polished, high-glos’s ceramic in its own right, that’s right, The dial is ceramic, as is the bezel and the case. Now what’s the advantage of ceramic will one it’s lighter, too? It’s just a scratch resistant for practical purposes as a sapphire crystal. So if you’re not one to scratch or chip a sapphire crystal, you’re going to find that this watch is almost ageless on the wrist. Now you’ll note that all of the indices, as well as the Omega Marquis and Arabic numerals are applied for a high quality contrast with the backdrop of the dial and easy readability, It does glow like a torch at night, and, of course, the caliber, which is now a mate Oz chronometer, no longer merely cos C but tested as a fully cased of watch the time zone function of the hour hand indoors, and you’ll also note that the system does not stop the second hand, the minutes and the second time zone. They continue to advance so setting. The time does not affect the chronometric precision of the watch. Now when you pull the crown to extremity, of course. I’ll demonstrate this. You can synchronize the watch to a known accurate reference time. This is handy! Whenever you’re speaking of a chronometer, the ability to stop the seconds and synchronize. Now on the case back, you can see the new mate. Oz Chronometer Coaxial reference 18 I know six twin mainspring barrels 60 hour power reserve, dual time a magnetic silicon hair spring, you’ll note a full, dual anchored balance bridge and a free sprung balance for utmost resistance to shock induced timing deviation and again Thanks to the SI 14 hair spring also resistant to magnetism, it’s a handsome movement to look at, and it is rare to have a display case back on a 600 meter water-resistan’t watch, Of course, it is a Coaxial calibre in the grand tradition of the mechanism designed for Omega by the late George Daniels, So it even has a little bit of a higher ology pedigree, and you’ll also note the interesting alignment of the printing on the case. Back the screw in case back. This is known as the Nyad system from Omega allows all of the text to align top to bottom perfectly as the case Back is screwed in, so it’s never ask you or off-center aesthetics, taken to the level of perhaps spinal tap. This one goes to 11 everything is considered you can see, and you can purchase this handsome, versatile and highly resilient, full ceramic. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT on our website.

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