Omega Seamaster Ploprof | Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m | Hai Geschützt!!! | Test | Review


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Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m | Hai Geschützt!!! | Test | Review


Gives [music]. Hello, my dearest Treasures 1 and Aldi handy. Maybe someday would like to become a darling. Here is quasi The grandfather of love Markus. What nonsense writing? But sometimes you have to be spontaneous be, and at some point, let go of them. Yes, what one is wondering about? What actually rode someone like that? Yes, and before we start. Please subscribe to me if you haven’t already done. So glock depressingly did not miss a video and guide would be great. Thank you today. I am actually putting a clock in front of you. That has been in front of you for a long time. One of my favorites. I haven’t been up like that for a long time. The screen. I don’t even know why so between although in between the thought keeps coming back to people, you get another one. And the language is from these small pieces technology here and the Omega Profi actually knows it per head or blog or proof can’t be called candidate Doblo. So I guess, Prof. 1200 meters. I admit that is a clock. Is that can quite polarize somehow fits like a fist on the eye. My channel, why probably doesn’t matter because the optics, of course, for many, it takes some getting used to, but I’m really into it. That is so for me. What, I do not adapt my arms, Just like a glove and I can find them through yours. Angular striking design, which by the way, comes from the 70s gorgeous and 70s that takes as a keyword that was the year in the omega This watch was developed with divers for divers back then as Bluetooth retrieval. Prokop, 600 back. Then it was 600 meters away and that was revolutionary. One of the greatest revolutions was precisely this tightness B. It was a block of flats housing whether that is revolutionary or it will never be one. Didn’t he have other options to get such water importance? Generate the fact it was a monoblock housing? There was the work from above inserted and next to it. The glass pressed in and yes there scored. With this technology, you definitely get an importance of up to 600 meters. Today is with the revival forward, So I remember 2009 correctly. The Prokop first came as a 1200 meter version of the vintage version back in the trade. And, of course, you don’’t need one. Thanks to modern technology monoblock real housing more, of course, especially when it comes to maintenance. Now the whole thing would only complicate so one speaks today, quite normal case, including case back. And there you come a whole times different coaxial work that in this Omega Omega in this Omega watch now. What else is running up interesting revolutionary? When you turn, the bezel would like to introduce here then would like to hide here. Then press here on this button and you can almost unlock it. Then you make a bolt unlock a lock and unlock your you can then turn. And this also adjusts this one that dives into him, not what would otherwise be quite problematic as well as the 1200 meters are definitely by house number, so the dimensions are also a size for with delicate 55 X 48 millimeters. That means jewelry on your hand. Yes, so you see with me? South East South East Big from north is totally easy going, yes. I admit that things look really modest on other poor people. You have to be able to wear it if you can and a bit retro style, and I really want something extraordinary on my arm. Then this watch is just awesome and beautiful, so you can see me. I like you as always, and now that I have you here from Omega. I got asked many thanks for that itches me again. So this one watch then you might also have to purchase. It is also interesting that there are now. Ten different combinations can be ordered from Omega. There is with a rose bezel. There is one completely gray variant, a black variant, this one with the white sheet, and the blue one also appears in. Its nice ring. Incidentally, it is made of titanium. The one I have here now and yes. Of course, there is a great variety, and you can feel a bit like that. Put together your individual favorite piece. Also, very important. You have to imagine you are just on that. Submerged 1200 meters down. You don’t really see anything down there here. A shark lights up on you with your diving lamps so meters in front of you on Alma to. And what are you doing this here? Because this tape is sharp, so check if there. Something survives in the end and accordingly remains intact and with. Your arm swims from it. You can at least be sure of the clock. Nothing will happen. It is strongly checked and accordingly. Do not worry apart from that. I think that this woven band is just plain. The clock can also be adjusted ingeniously. Beautiful down here. You have just completely normal. I do now it’s finally on a really nice chic, massive folding clasp tag. You can do a lot with, and you can see here down. There is a fine adjustment. You will probably be sharp because Davos is you can push, and then you adjust the thing so pretty ingenious solved. And yes, you can also after you are probably so you can also watch the clock perfect adjustment. At any time here, too, we have again at the carbon Crown Myself, Also again in a special screw cap. I let you guys so in the background. Also, the thing fade in again because the crown can be not even just turn up and be adjusted. So everything is very, very well thought out here on this watch has been done so you have already worked in. The 70s made a lot of thoughts and that’s why this is probably one timeless icon. Yes, from Mr Courtial. Work, 60 hours power reserve. Not much remains to be mentioned also mega, usual, absolutely reliable and precise accordingly. Top work in it adapted to today’s times, yes. Perhaps to be mentioned for the completeness, sapphire, crystal and natural a magnetic field magnetic field resistance up to 15,000 Yes, I had it before. So if you ever had a band next to the induction cooker, it was allowed to do it. Watch survival, but there is certainly and that you can probably tell me those who are more tech-savvy in this regard definitely say in the comments where there are still such strong magnetic fields rule. I would be interested once you write the comments there, come. In conclusion for me, it is an absolute clock with yes. I think, of course it is vintage, so the 600 Hof is a classic and always will be whether it is now here, then a successor, a classic will be put there for it is one modern interpretation of the classic from the 70s And if you are into that, you will probably have a lot of fun here and are accordingly equipped with those hand-laid that one is who can wear such a watch. That is the absolute wonderland for me. This is the UN. This is the watch in a win situation. Yes, I had read a comment last piece. There is as always in Kano with a narrow wrist. You can wear a large watch and you always see Cacau’s. Sorry so and I would also say here with. Was that the closing word to this beautiful region? Beautiful, because you also notice this watch. I like Omega very much and have liked it a long time before. I have them here now because I had a private collection of them myself. I would like to thank you with a like over 1 comment. A few a subscription falls didn’t do it, and otherwise we’ll see you next for sure video. That will probably be a Seamaster 300 the current version. Suffered with rosé, but there could also be many other. Great ones. Things are therefore, therefore do not forget to subscribe. And stay with me weighed until the next time until then clap!

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