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Orient Ray 2 Vs Orient Mako 2 (comparison)


Hey, everyone it is. February 28 2019 And of all you having a great day today and welcome to the humble jet Youtube channel in today’s video, I’m going to be comparing and contrasting Two watches that I have in my collection and one of these watches. I already did a review on. It was actually my first review on the channel as you can tell in the title in this video. I’ll be reviewing the Orient, Mako 2 and the Orient Ray -. So this right here is the Orient Ray – and this one right here is the Orient, Mako -, but before we get in today’s video, we’ll do a quick risk. Check so right now. I am wearing another orate watch. I thought it would just be appropriate, so right now. I’m wearing the orient, Bambino. This is the version 1 generation 2 so well. Get a quick close up of my Orient, Bambino. So like I said, this is the Generation 2 and with the Generation 2 you have hand winding and hacking and like I said this is version. 1 There’s many versions of this watch, but version 1 is my favorite. This is a very classy looking watch. And I really love this as a dress. Watch what I did is. I got upgraded to love their strap for this, and I think the black strap looks a lot better than the bronze wrap that came with it and overall. This watch is awesome. So if the get started, we’ll get a close-up of both the Orion trade – and the Orient, Mako -. So the one on the left right here Is the Mako -. The one on the right is the ray tube. [MUSIC] Orient overall is a great watch brand and the quality. You get is phenomenal. First review on my channel was the Orient Rate 2 Which is this watch right here, and I actually like this. Watch that much. I bought the Mako to the Wraith who was in my rotation for about two months or so I absolutely loved it for the $200 price point. This has I bought this for about $140 and for that price, it beats so many psychos in that same category or even double the price and their sake goes for $200 $250 that this beats and these compared directly with the Seiko SKX and I recently just got this Mako. – I’ve been showing it very much. It’s very similar to the Ray -, But the subtle differences they have do make them completely different watches, but because the dimensions of the watches are exactly the same, it makes both of them very enjoyable to wear. These watches have similar specs overall, and I’m gonna go over. What’s the same about these watches and the differences, so the watches have the same specs. Overall for the most part, they both have the same movement, they have hand winding and hacking the movement. They have the app 6922 automatic movement from Orion. Both have 22 joules will have a day. They complication at the 3 oclock, so both these watches have a 40 hour power reserve as well as a 120 click bezel and one thing. I really noticed that was awesome about these Orient watches. Manicou is like Orion, Bambino. Wearing right now is how great the alignment is for everything, so the alignment with the chapter ring all the embassies here, everything is aligned perfect, and I believe the quality control with Orion is phenomenal, So I chose to get both of these in black. It’s my preferred color, but the Ray comes in blue and black. The Mako comes in blue and black and so has a Pepsi puzzle version, the wind, the 46.7 like to lug tip both these watches with fit most wrist sizes, and these both can be used in business and casual settings. And yes. It is a diving watch. It is a sporty watch, but at the same time, it only has a 13 millimeter width, which makes it a very good watch for business for me at work. I work business casual and I wear these watches all the time, and it looks great and either setting business or casual. The watch looks very classy, and now we’ll talk about the differences of the Mako and the Rey. So the first difference is the dial and the Enda sees the Mako has more baton style indices and Roman numerals at the six nine and twelve position, and the Rey has a more traditional Look. So looking at the Ray. It has more of a submariner look to it has the dots and the triangular plots around the dial and it does look really good and the next thing for both These watches is the hands. The Mako has sword hands and the Ray has or traditional dive style hands very similar to a lot of Seiko divers and one thing you’ll notice about the Ray. It has loom tip on the second’s hand, and the Mako doesn’t have that. You can see it right there. The red second’s hand looks really classy, and I think it’s awesome that Orient put the loom. Tip on the Ray and with the Mako. The second’s hand is completely solid. There’s no loom tip on there and I’m not sure why Orient put the loom tip on the Ray, but not the Mako. They’re very similar. Watch, is there for diving and for diving purposes? I can see why a loom tip is necessary. Do another difference between these watches is their bezel? Yes, they are the same size, But the numerals on the Mako are a bit more subtle. The Mako has smaller numbers and marks around the bezel. Another difference is the bracelets of both of these watches. And if you take a look at the Ray on the Ray has a different style than the Mako, but let’s look at the rate. So the Ray here has a ruch style on the outsides right here and in the middle, it’s a polished look. I’m not sure if you can see it on camera. But the outsides here are brushed. The inside is more of a polished look and on the outside right here. It’s all polished now with the Mako. And I really do like the Mako bracelet. A lot more for me. It looks a lot more clean a lot more high-quality and if you look at it. It’s fully brushed on the outside. I like the design better than the Ray and on the side here. It is polished on the side and the brushed look on. This looks awesome. Looks a lot more clean. Honestly, love the dial of the. Ray love the bracelet of the makeup and my ideal wash between these would be taking this bracelet off the Mako and putting it on the Ray and I may be doing that very soon now for the loom test and keep in mind the Mako – and the Ray -. They are very similar watches. They’re both predecessors of the Mako One and the Ray one or just the Mako in the Ray, and you’ll be surprised on the loom on these watches and which one is better than the other. Look at the loom shots. The Ray is on the right, and it’s obviously a lot brighter and the Mako on the left is very, very dim and compared to the rate. It’s honestly nothing. I compared the raid to hire and Seiko watches and holds its own very, very well and the Mako is actually pretty weep for its loom. So here’s the Mako Close-up that down and here is the Ray. Now we’ll look at the case backs. So behind the Mako. I stole this sticker on there because this is new. It has the Standard Orient logo If you can see that in the camera there and the case back of the Ray actually has the two dolphins in the back there, which is actually, really, really cool. I actually have a sticker on the back of both these. I had the way for about two months now. And I guess I never took it off. Button back to the Ray. If you can see, there’s two dolphins in the back up there. The Mako has a standard Orient logo they do prefer the Ray case back to the Mako case back. So if you were to ask me which watch I like more? I honestly can’t say I do love the Ray. I actually loved the race so much. I actually bought the Mako because I wanted to. Experience both washes. They both fit very well. With a forty one point, five millimeter case. And in my opinion, it’s the perfect size for a dive watch and on top of that. I’m able to wear these for pretty much all occasions, like I said for more casual occasions and for dress occasions, both of these watches look very classy and casual at the same time. And in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with either really quick. I’ll show you guys how both the Ray and the Mako look like on my wrist. So we’ll start off with the Mako, and now we’ll do the Ray. I some and the video right here. Hope you guys enjoyed the comparison of the Orient rate to and the Orient. Mako, -. They’re both phenomenal watches and like I told you, guys, I had the rate – in my rotation for about two months, and I have loved it so much. I actually went out and bought the Mako – and they’re great watches. So if you guys liked this video, please leave a like, subscribe to the channel. If you’re new, please leave a comment down below what you guys thought of this video and leave a comment down below. What you guys think of the? Orient raid – and the Mako – and remember I respond back to every single comment. I get and again, Hope you guys enjoyed this video today and remember to stay humble [Music] [Applause].

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