Oris Big Crown Propilot Date | Ohne Schnick Schnack: Oris Big Crown Propilot Big Day Date


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Ohne Schnick Schnack: Oris Big Crown Propilot Big Day Date


[MUSIC] [Music] [Music]! Hello, my dear ones protect because they do not want to be called. Welcome for a new review of the ASB Crown Pro Pilote Big Day Date. So this name consists of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Yes, but I’m not complaining may have for my rest are sometimes not better. Yes, my loved ones before we get to the video. I would be very happy about a subscription. Put your thumbs up and off. You go an oris? A pilot’s watch is an aviator. Without it, I don’t want it to be mine, but I can still imagine that they minimalist aviator types among you are celebrating this watch. Especially since it is extremely attractively priced. The watch was made available. Von Altherr. Many thanks for it. It usually costs 1550 euros, and it is currently on offer for the 995, You can’t say anything against the crown is screwed and screwed so to speak or screwed on at 45 mm, big case, I pack the oil to my name, and I also come to the close in this train, Or it is funny made and a small drawback of the tape. So the 45 millimeter looks like this. Watch on my arm off. The band is just very stiff. I have to wear that for sure because it is really thick and massive, of course on the other hand. Good again, but I think it was, so I think times one often lies band producing Dad or something under here or I have another material. I know that sometimes it’s cardboard. I don’t know that your papa is in there and that’s why that’s to feed. That Is that sometimes a bit very tight, and unfortunately, that is a bit extremely tight. Is good comes with wearing it, but comes to a close and it is whole interesting, because if we close the clock now then I can show you nicely, then you have this. Yes, what is that about? You can really close and she closes. You is very close, nice and solid, so I like it. Very much closes vigorously. So you don’t get the impression that the thing. Somehow it goes and you can above all things here. This tie that tapers very strongly and integrates it quite steplessly here, plug it! In and of course, you can really ideally open the whole thing. Adjust his own hand on his insoles on his own arm circumference. I like that very much as well as the closure itself. Now really nicely. It is also funny with this quasi lift system that is when you are in peace attracts. Hermann used to doing in the USA, But here the clock closes from top to bottom so funny for it. Of course you get them nice and fast. So no idea what you are looking for thought. It is just unfamiliar, but in the end, it doesn’t matter, so we come back to. We have 17 52 works because it has 38 hours of power reserve and the view of the open bottom reveals to me. This is either 1 liter or a budget work. I guess, sillitoe. Yes, relatively unspectacular. Nothing, No high end, stop! The great work embellished a completely normal, simple standard work. But the watch itself will be guaranteed If I do more now Looking at the case is very, very nicely sanded. We have a nice rendel around the nice one in soy that is so slightly angled. Sometimes there are endings that are so straight up and run diagonally at the same time. I think that’s really nice. The crown is also nice and has a good grip, also the same action. The rest is completely yes for a to watch, of course, also very sensible matted. Screw the whole thing on and on turn a little Is that everything fits that all? I can’t do nice things to you. Now show the torque here because in the end. These are not glasses. Nice, but we have day and date so day and date, and that is too. I already pour a lot of what I personally like about. The readability par excellence is, of course, the second hand because it goes down in black on black and the red tip is quite thin and inconspicuous. So you can. You don’t have to read so well. You have to be careful to be able to pallise. You have to decide. I think it is covered with superluminova to be everything, ie. Complete numbers and indices light up. This is, of course, a clear advantage over the night in terms of the night readability in general, of course. The watch is also very good as a league. The 2000 minute hand and hour hand are clearly laid out and legible are kept completely white, and, of course, the numbers are also given up the black background in white perfectly. That is a very whole classic aviator Watch as one would like to say as a minimalist. I would have it now and oris makes clear as always very, very good ears. There is quality. Certainly nothing to complain about and for the price of 195 euros. One does there is not much to be said about this. I hope you enjoyed it. Give me your thumbs up and when he’s over. If you want to buy altars, I put the link in the description below, of course, and now I’m curious about you being the simple aviator or something like that. On the one hand, I am fully loaded. Chrono writes the comments macho until then [Music].

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