Oris Sixty Five 42mm | Oris Divers Sixty Five Review – Bico 40 Vs. 42mm

Bruce Williams

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Oris Divers Sixty Five Review - Bico 40 Vs. 42mm


Hey, guys, welcome to today’s video. We’re gonna be taking a look at the divers 65 from Oris, one of their top selling models. I’ve got a couple beautiful references here in front of the camera. The one on the right is my own recent purchase. It’s the 40 millimeter. Biko Biko refers to bicolor. We have a mix of stainless steel and bronze, which is really interesting and more on that in a minute. The watch that it’s sitting next to you is the larger version. It came out actually came out a couple years ago, but it’s all stainless steel. It has the black bezel insert in the beautiful lacquered domed blue dial. So we’re gonna be taking a look at the diver 65 and I’m gonna make a bold statement here when you look at the price point, and you look at the specs, you look at the bezel action, the luminescence, the base solita movement, and it’s hard to see where you’re getting value for money or bang for buck so to speak right, you can buy a watch That has a ceramic bezel. It has amazing Luminescence upgraded. Etem movements, bulletproof bracelets for quite a bit less than what you would spend here on the diver 65 but I’d say the diver 65 man. I would choose one of those over, say a Steinhardt any day of the week, so it’s kind of a poor value proposition, but a very good buy. I know that doesn’t quite make sense like you would think that’s contradictory, but hopefully throughout the course of this video, you guys can see the appeal of the diver 65 and really understand the reasoning behind that statement. So where does the appeal lie? Let’s talk about that. I love the proportions here on the 65 I like the smaller version better, which is a little surprising biz normally. I like a larger sport watch, but this 40 millimeter bike. Oh, is a dream on wrist? I love the dramatic taper of the bracelet and that the case feels very thin because the majority of the height comes from this dramatic bubble sapphire crystal that carries inner anti-reflective treatment. So you look at this and you just see pleasant proportions. It melts on wrist and that details really pop the dome dial is beautiful. The applied markers, the substantial hands, the blacked-out deep window and even the depth of the printing of the dial at all melds together and just looks really sharp, especially from, you know, kind of an oblique angle where you really see the distortion of the crystal. You see the dome dial and you’re getting those vintage vibes the vintage design? DNA from the watch. This is based off of that came out from Ori’s in the 1960s Now that’s an interesting point as well. Horace is an independent Swiss brand. It’s not owned by any other brand. That’s very uncommon these days and they’ve been making watches in the german-speaking region of Switzerland for over a hundred years, so there’s some good history here and this model. Specifically, I mean, it’s a nice, modern interpretation of one of their classic divers from the heyday. You know, the Golden Age of diving and dive watches another thing that I really, like is the amount of choice that you get from the OEM. The original equipment manufacturer you can choose from all stainless steel. Obviously, Biko. You can get bronze bezels. You can get different. Strap options, different sizes. They’ve recently introduced a chronograph in the diver, 65 family, which I really like, so there’s a good mix of variety here. There’s there’s a watch for you. Now let’s pull this diver 65 up a little closer to the camera. Look at some of these details. Look at that beautiful crystal, the thin profile. I love the crown placement here at the three oclock position and how it’s completely uncovered and a little prominent, not quite as prominent as what you’d find in like a Tudor Black Bay but very easy to operate to unthread nice action when it comes to the winding the time, setting the hacking all of that stuff, Here’s the bezel action. That’s one of the things that I think is a little bit of a disappointment because you guys can see. There’s a bit of place in between positions, so it’s really easy to operate and it’s nice and loud. It lines up fine, but I mean that play. Yeah, that’s pretty disappointing there. Now, let me give you the loom shot. The luminescence definitely leaves something to be desired. The hands are the brightest elements they last. Actually, they’re pretty decent when it comes to longevity, but the applied markers in the bezel, pip that you fake very quickly and it’s kind of a disappointing element of the watch. So let’s zoom back out. Um, and let’s switch, watch this here. Let me show you the larger version in blue. This one is done very well. I really dig that trapezoidal date window. The three oclock position. If you look at the original diver watch from the 1960s it has that element, So I like that attention to detail on Orissa. Spart now! If we look at the bracelet here, you guys can see again. A beautiful, dramatic taper. I really do enjoy that. But on the larger version, the love width is 21 millimeters, which is a little annoying when it comes to switching out the straps for aftermarket options. You just don’t have as much at that odd lug width size, so be aware of that. If you’re shopping for one of the two watches, hopefully seeing them side by side kind of helps you gauge, which one would be the better fit for your wrist. I thought I’d like the larger one more, but I got to tell you guys. The smaller one actually looks and feels a little better on wrist. I really enjoy the proportions so hopefully throughout the course of this video. You guys have a good sense of the details here. The high level of execution. Sure it doesn’t have the amazing specs. You know, you’re not getting sapphire, you’re not getting. Seiko, like Loom. You’re not getting these crazy features for less money. What you’re getting here is a really nice Original design from an independent watch company that has sharp detail work and has risk presence. It’s uncommon for a watch to kind of have almost laughable specs for the price, but be so appealing on wrist and have so many options when it comes to and sizes and movements. So I really love what Horace is doing here again. I would take this all day. Long over watches that cost quite a bit less like the Sea Star and the Steinhardt Ocean. One, you know, I could go on on the diver 65 Although it does have flaws is a really good buy. And hopefully you guys can see that here through the pictures and video and macro shots and such so. I want to thank you for taking the time to watch. Let me know if you have any questions I do. Have some fun upcoming content with Oris? We’re gonna be comparing this to the new Captain. Cook 42 millimeter version from Rado on a beads of rice bracelet. We’re gonna be comparing this to an Aquos and what just have some fun with it so again, Thanks for watching, reach out with questions and Ill. See you guys in the next video.