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Zelos Helmsman 2 | Zelos Helmsman 2

Transcript: Alright, guy's, lets. Take a look at this zealous helmsman version 2 so this is the second iteration, hence the two. I'm not sure the date when they originally came out, but it seems like Zelos and all the sister. Brands of Zelos are all cranking out some...

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Seiko 62mas | Seiko Spb147 (my Pick For 62mas)

Transcript: All right, guys, let's check out this Seiko 62ma's style watch. This is the spb147 big. Thanks to Amin from amen reviews. I'll put a link to his channel in the description. He is a wealth of knowledge, and does some really cool, uh, live streams with other...

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Iwc Mark 18 | Week On The Wrist: Iwc Mark Xviii

Transcript: [MUSIC] Oh, man, it's chilly. I could put gloves on, but she's sensible. Welcome back to barking, Jack. I'm Adriene. And today I'm back in the mountains, and it feels like it's Christmas all over again. This place is just amazing. There's no footprints....

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