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Sinn 356 Vs 358 | Sinn 356 And 358 – A Quick Comparison

Transcript: [MUSIC] Hi guys, it's! Bobby legs and welcome to another episode of Bobby. Legs loves watches today. I want to discuss Xin watches. Xin is a German watch company known for making very rugged tough instrument watches offering various technologies that they...

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Citizen Bluetooth | Citizen Bz1020-14e

Transcript: Hello, friends today. We are going to make a neurology video in this case. It is the site of my project, El Vegetal, 1000 2014 And it has been a long time since I wanted to make this video but between whistles and flutes. It has been postponing today. It...

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Blue Mako | Orient Blue Mako – A Closer Look

Transcript: Welcome to watch symposium. I'm Austin, alright? I'm getting ready to switch out watches. I think I'm gonna put the Orient in its box. It'll probably stay there for a few months and I'm gonna get out the Explorer too. And before I put the Orient away. I...

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Citizen Aqualand | Citizen Jp2000 Aqualand Promaster

Transcript: Alright, guys! I got a bit of a impulse. Buy from me personally. I bought this watch. Just the cool factor on it was just off the charts as soon as I discovered it. This is the citizen, JP. - Zero Zero Zero or JP. 2000 - 0 8 E. And it is the citizen...

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