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Raven Defender Watch Review


Hey, there, everybody dynamics here from Watt report calm and today we’re going to be reviewing the Raven defender 42 millimeter. So let me get into the specs and price. You are looking at five hundred and ninety nine dollars. You could see. I already have it on my seven and a half inch wrist 42 millimeter by forty nine millimeter eleven and a half millimeters thick three hundred meters water resistant sapphire crystal weighs in at 90 grams. Of course, this is the DLC coated version and, as I said 599 USD. So now I wanted to show it to you on my 7.5 inch wrist to start out, so you can get a, you know, size gauge here. It does come on a natural rubber strap, which? I’ll talk about a little bit more. It also does come with this leather strap. Now, one of the things. I wanted to talk about as I have it on my wrist. I want you to take a look at that. Buckle now! I’m gonna be honest, there are very few things that I can point out negatively about this particular Watch. Stovall Raven Stovall, former Banaras, Now going to Bistro for us overall and Raven is their other brand. They make an excellent watch, so a lot of times, you know, if I’m going to be reviewing one of their products, It’s going to be nitpicking, but this happens both on the rubber strap and the leather straps away. This buckle is made as you can see when it’s sitting on my wrist. Instead of this buckle sitting more flush, it does stick out. It is just the way the buckle is designed and, of course. I would prefer if it was more flush because it is a little weird the way it sticks out, especially for this type of buckle, But I haven’t really snagged that or caught it on anything yet. After wearing it for about a week, so no issues there, take a look at the sizing holes here on my seven and a half inch wrist. If you are a large listed person you could see. I’m in the fourth hole with a seven and a half inch wrist. If you’re 7 and 3/4 I think you’re gonna top it out. I don’t believe in an 8 inch wrist is going to be where this strap out of the box and same for the leather. Strap, so let me give you a close-up. Look here! Let me get it off my wrist. Give you a close-up. Look now, one of the things two of the things. I want to point out the lighting here. My studio lighting is, you know very white, and it’s trying to make this dial markers. Look, white as you could see there it actually when I turn the camera here and get it in the lighting. The right way, it’s actually more of a pale yellow, almost a very faded vintage. Luma, looking color as you can see, you do have your dual crowns, and you know, this is for the time setting. This is for the internal bezel, which? I’ll show you right now, okay. It is a non-locking internal bezel, Of course, here’s. Your screw down crown, and you could see. This is also a no date. Watch as well, so it’s very clean looking as I said. This is the Mio de 90 15 automatic movement. It is an exhibition case back as you could see. It’s also a sterile case back. They decided not to put anything on there and you have the. Raven logo applied to the rotor. You also have drilled lugs one of the things. I want to comment about. Love drilled lugs very easy to get the strap off. No tool was included, though, and it comes with this nice travel case now. I can’t get it all in here on my camera. But it’s a very nice travel case that houses the watch and the extra straps and everything I just I would have assumed that a tool you know would have been included, but not a big deal now. These ran on Kickstarter. The price was significantly less, of course, which is usually the case with Kickstarter or Pre-order products. You know, you’re basically given them the in advance, and you have to wait about six to seven months and for that you get a significant discount at $5.99 though I still think it’s a very good price. You’re not gonna be able, it’s very hard to see, but and it’s even hard to see in lighting. What let alone under lights in the camera and photography is that this dial actually has a very, very, very, very light pebble texture to it and you can see the photos on White Report. Calm in the for review. Click up here. Click the I in the upper right-hand part of the screen to go over to the for review. I’ll watch report calm. But it actually has a slight pebble texture that I was only able to capture a few times with photography. Because you just don’t see it at all with until a certain light hits it, but it is very nice and I just didn’t want you thinking that it was a plain glass texture here on the dial because it actually does have a very nice little pebble texture to it as always like. I said you know when it comes to Ben Heurists or Raven products. I always talk very highly of them. They are, you know, one of the original micro brands in the sense of they’re not the first micro brand. But you know the first to really come on the scene and start making the splash and, you know, before so many others that have followed. You know, they’ve been around now since 2008 Ben, Aras and Raven have been around Ben. Eris actually bought Raven. I wanna say they bought Raven back in 2010 from the former owner, Jeff and kind of combined it with their Ben Rs company, which again now is overall. The inspiration or design of this watch is kind of, you know? An aviation or pilot style also combined with a dive watch, and that’s why they went with the internal bezel to kind of kind of close the gap on the two styles. Their wearability is great. They will see even though this is a natural rubber strap. It does tend to catch lint and dirt more than say, and I surf rain or Hirsh or some other natural rubber strap, see and get for some companies, but not as much as a silicone, and it is very, very, very comfortable on the wrist overall to me. It’s another homerun in my opinion for what you’re getting for $5.99 and you are getting it from a trusted brand. They are not a new brand. They are not a new one. You know to hit the scene. Steve, here in the US. He handles the US operations. His customer service is second to none. And anybody watching this video. I think if you’ve dealt with been arrests or even over the years, I think you would say the same that you know. They put customers at the top of the list, which is great to hear and one of the reasons people like micro brands so much, not only just a value. But usually the care that you get from the brands. Now there are going to only be on their website Black dial variations. Now when I upload this video, I’m not sure when I’m going to upload it and make the review live. These watches may or may not be available for shipping on the website Because they sent this out to me when they were sending up the Kickstarter orders. And you know, so I could start working on the review, so I’m hoping that they’ll be ready for sale on the website soon. Hopefully they’ll be available while you’re watching this video. If not, it definitely will be shortly, you know? Shortly thereafter, there will only be black dials available. You’ll get a black dial with either A brushed a blasted or the DLC coated finish, which is a blasted and then dlc coated finish. There were versions that you could have gotten on the Kickstarter. I think there was a blue dial and also a gray dial and those were only Kickstarter versions. So if you see those, and then you’re wondering, you know why you’re not seeing those on the website that would be the reason why it was another incentive for that. Kickstarter guys. But even though only black dials, the DLC looks great. They all look great. I really do like the blasted version as well. It just kind of has that military look to it, but for more information, more photos and everything else about this watch. Click the full review to take you to watch our port calm. This has been a look at the Raven defender, 42 millimeters as always leave a like or a comment here on Youtube. If you are not subscribed to our Youtube channel, please do, so you’ll never miss Another review. Follow us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You definitely want to follow us on social media. If you’re on social media, go find us. We are out. Watch report on. Twitter and Instagram. And, of course, watch report, calm on Facebook. You never know what we’re gonna do. You never know if we’re gonna have a giveaway and you also get to see all the photos and sneak peeks if you will of the upcoming reviews, so you always know what we have coming in for review and what to look forward to has been Don Evans for watch report calm. Thank you very much ill. See you guys on the next video.

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