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The Gryphon By Reactor Watch


You been looking for a good high-quality? Watch one that! I can really depend on one this rugged that can take whatever you can dish out and you know. I’m really tired of this. I mean, this is really convenient and easy, but in a way, it’s not. You’ve got to reach in your pocket. You pull out your phone, you check. Secondly, it’s very difficult to be discreet about checking the time and so really having a wristwatch, especially in a more tactical situation. Or you know, at shtf situation being on time, something that can last something that you can really, you know, take out into the elements, and that’s one of the things that, in fact. I had a few viewers. Get in touch with me on my Facebook page and just said. Hey, have you checked out the reactor watch? After a couple of different people had got in touch with me. I finally decided you know what I checked them out. They’re incredible, tough watches. In fact, Jimmy Ohms, who is the founder of reactor watches, worked for freestyle watch company for 25 years. In fact, they were the number two selling watch in the country, so they sold the company and then Jimmy started his own and he wanted to start with the toughest watch out there for active people. So we’re going to take a look at the reactor. Griffin, this is especially designed for military law enforcement sheepdog guys. That are just tough on their watches and Jimmy being into the details. Make sure everything is recycled. Now reactor offers over a hundred different styles and it’s men’s and ladies watches. So no matter what your style is. You’re going to be able to find something, but this obviously is something that I personally like, and it’s really one of the different styles. Most of their cases are forged stainless steel, and that really adds a lot of strength to the case. Now this is a really high-tech polymer. It’s called a nitro med reinforced polymer case and the reason why they went with the polymer case and it’s the same kind of polymer that goes into many guns, but they use that to reduce the weight and that’s one of the beautiful things about this watch is that it weighs just three and a half, so it’s a really lightweight watch. I’ve had a number of watches over the years. I’ve had it Rolex. I’ve had some really nice. Seiko watches some aviator watches very expensive, very nice, and they’ve lasted a long time, but there were some of these features that have been incorporated in the reactor that are superior to even a lot of those different watches for a lot less money. So I’m going to go ahead and spoil this one a little bit for you because I want you to watch this video because the price on these to me for what it is is very reasonable. This isn’t a thousand dollar watch. It’s not even a $700 watch. In fact, the retail price on the Griffin is 350 dollars. This is dive rated at over 200 meters, which, you know, it’s an excellent dive. Watch, that’s six hundred and sixty feet, But what Jimmy did was do something called the reactor. DNA and he looked for all the weaknesses in watches and one of the big weaknesses is right here at the crown. Even a really nice dive. Watch if you have the crown twisted. Let’s say to go ahead and set your time or to change the date or do whatever water intrusion happens right here. This is the worst place to get water and a lot of times. Guys forget to tighten down the crown or just becomes loosen one of the beautiful things about the reactor watch is. It has a triple seal inside the crown. So it’s going to seal. Even if you forget to tighten down the crown, it’s still dive rated at a hundred meters. I mean, that’s phenomenal. Good rainstorm. Nothing to worry about now. Some of you guys are saying suits. What are you doing, reviewing a watch? What do you know about watches well? My family was in the jewelry business for over 40 years, And in fact, I had my own jewelry store for a number of years myself years ago, and one of the things that we did was repair watches, repair bands, especially bands, change batteries and do all kind of things. One of the biggest issues is right here now. What we have is a steel bar that’s threaded and it is rated at 200 pounds of pressure. This is going to hold up to 200 pounds and this is one of the places. If you lose your band right here, you’re going to lose the watch because the band breaks the watch falls off, and you may or may not see it. This is what most typical watches have in their bands, and this is just a spring bar and it just depresses and you can slide it in and this will hold about 35 pounds of pressure, so you’re really getting a huge advantage with a steel rod coming through here that is threaded and screwed on now with this watch. Being polymer. One of the problems is is they do flex and they do move and that’s going to allow water to seep into the movement, but one of the things that reactor is done is they have a marine grade type 316l stainless steel and that’s corrosion resistant and it has super strength that protects the movement of the watch or they use titanium now again. This is just their polymer model. They do have the whole stainless steel or titanium outer cases. The bezel has really solid clicks. You’re not going to accidentally bump this. You have to really just get a hold of it to turn it. The band is rubber, but it has a stitched nylon all the way through, and that’s going to give you super protection. It’s going to be reinforced. Your bands not going to break, of course. It has a steel buckle. What I really like. Is this little keeper that catches right here on the band and holds it into place? Now we have the case back, and this is a forged stainless steel case back. It’s a screw fit, so it gives you really solid lockup. Compare that to your typical stamped sheet metal case back. This is typical for most of your sports watches, your more inexpensive watches, but one of the big problems with sheet metal is that it flexes and it actually bends now. What happens here you’re going to lose all of your water resistance or your waterproofing right there any kind of? Bend now, of course, when removing these take a tool to pry this loose and any kind of warping is going to allow water to get inside your watch. And the reactor forged case, banks have been shot with a 22 long rifle without any warping whatsoever now. One of the important things, of course, is illumination being able to tell what time it is even in the dark and really to keep it all night long. You know, a lot of times, you’ll have some luminescent paint that are on some of these, and they’ll last for a little while in bright light, and then it goes away. Of course, many of your watches. You can hit the crown and it’ll light up, Of course, that drains your battery. But one of the things that reactor does is they have something they use called super-luminova and it absorbs light and then it cast off light with really super efficiency and reactor actually has a process that is unique, just for reactor, they take eight layers of thickness of the super-luminova and coat certain parts of the face and any of these your numbers and these right here all are super-luminova they get light, but when they turn off, you can see the brightness, and this will actually last all night long. In fact, it will dim down for sure, but it’s going to last, but if you’ll look at the nine oclock the twelve oclock right here on the bezel, the three oclock and the six oclock and the hands right here, those are tritium. So even when the Super-luminova dims way down, the tritium is going to kick in, and you’re going to be able to have constant light, no matter what now this watch has been in total darkness overnight, so you’re seeing the tritium and then, of course, at the 12 oclock, you see the amber, and that will give you orientation when looking at the watch, so I’ve just charged this for 10 seconds under a light and as you can see, the Super-luminova really shows up nice, and that’s only on their indi models, or they’re never dark model, and I’m going to just turn these hands, so you can see it and I’ll have to reset it, but right here you can see the ND and for those particular reactor watches, it has both the super-luminova and the tritium and the tritium has a 12 year life, and then there’s a 10 year battery life, In fact, reactor says that this illumination system is the brightest longest lasting in the world and it’s the only luminescent watch that’s certified to be visible for 24 hours. That’s pretty impressive. The movement is a Japanese quartz movement, so it’s not Chinese made. Japanese have been making high-quality quartz movements for many years, including Seiko and other brands that are just phenomenal. The case diameter is 42 millimeters its 14 millimeters thick. The length is 33 point. Five millimeters. The distance between the lugs is 33 and a half millimeters and the clasp is 22 millimeters and the weight again is 9.5 grams or just about three and a half ounces very easy to wear lightweight, yet it’s big and beefy, which I like, especially for a tactical watch. I’m out of the range. It’s really easy to just look at my hand. Instead of having up my phone there where you can get messed up, bust it up and two watches. Just look really cool. Of course you can go to reactor. Watch comm to get all the information. Look at all the different styles. I did a lot of research before deciding on the reactor. So what I’m talking about, you know? I’m pretty excited about it. Obviously, and you guys know how excited I can get over new stuff, but the reactor watch from all. My research was just the best out there for the money. I mean, you just can’t beat it and one of the good things about this watch. Is that if you do beat it, you’re not going to be super sad because for the price. I mean, around $350 that is a phenomenal price for the feature that are on this watch. And this watch will last you for a long time. They do have a if it breaks, we’ll fix it 2-year warranty, unconditional coverage, No matter what when they do repairs, they’re 48 hours or less so, and that’s also unheard of believe me. I know the industry, and I’m telling you for that kind of offer. I mean, they’re really standing behind their products, but you can also go to team reactor Youtube channel. I have it linked down below. I’ll also have the website linked as well down below in the description, but the things that really sold me on this watch Were the pen that comes through the solid steel pin. The mineral glass lens, the stainless steel core. That’s that surrounds the movement and then also with this case back this screw own forged case back and then with this super tough band. I mean, how many of you guys have had bands to break, so I think those are just a few of the features, and, of course, with the double illumination. I think this is just a great combination, so if you’re really looking for a really high quality, watch that you’re really not afraid to beat up. But yet you want one that you can really you can depend on. I think the reactor watches are just top-notch. Now, one good thing for you, guys. You’re gonna be able to see this watch in action over and over, and you’ll know immediately if this watch is really what they say, it is me. I’m really looking forward to it. Be strong, be of good courage. God bless America. Long live the Republic with this mineral glass case with the mineral looking and coat certain parts of the band. I mean, and so inside around the so inside this watch, OK? So inside cased, you know? I’m just tired of this every time I want. Okay, and a few guys out. There wonder if they’re paying me to do this. You’re on drugs.