Rolex Gold Blue | Eine 32.000€ Gold-rolex Im Alltag Tragen | Rolex Submariner 116618lb Langzeitreview


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Eine 32.000€ Gold-rolex Im Alltag Tragen | Rolex Submariner 116618lb Langzeitreview


Friends at the end of last year, I had a really long-term dream of met me and bought my personal gray lodge, the golden one Rolex Submariner 116 618 lb with the blue dial and the blue Nice. And since I bought it, I mainly get it from you on Instagram. Many ask some of you are also wondering whether this has a good one purchase could be for you and a lot of people just want to know what it’s like. This watch feels like wearing it with the cats. Resistance of gold looks like a fair price for such a watch and also on the topic. I actually get a lot of questions to maintain value and that’s why today comes my own personal long-ter’m review of the Rolex Submariner in yellow gold. I tell you all my experiences from over half a year with the clock. I tell you how the watch wears in everyday life. Which wrists does it fit how? Such a watch is really sensitive to scratches as is the case with the prices and with the availability and what aspects I like with this watch have been noticed negatively and now. I wish you a lot of fun. Before we start the review, I have one more special offer from ours. Enduro supporter, who kindly sponsored this video Enduro, has become known for its robust content and only the best about it watches stop and is that you can change the size by hand at any time can be adjusted and so can be adapted to different bracelet sizes. We use the clocks not only as decoration, for example, here, too me in our studio, but also for our best macro shots and for them. The first 100 customers receive a 15 percent discount and free shipping in Germany on everyone and holders from the range of in Dur and around the discount to redeem. Just go to Enduro Point comes put one or more watch holders add to the shopping cart and use the coupon code. Watch White 15 when checking out and of course you can find this under the video in the description first. Let’s start with the specs and measurements of the sub to as we’ll find out which wrists. The submarino fits well. The submarino comes like all other modern set with a diameter of 40 millimeters. Many call this the standard watch size, but it is actually not the diameter, which is decisive for whether it is just good on, looks like the wrist or is not much more important because that is what she likes length of the housing and the thickness of the ur paint is from a little over 50 millimeters, and so she pulls out on my wrist with a circumference of 170 mm, but without it to appear too big, and that is also due to the relatively flat thickness of 12.7 millimeters. My wife has one, for example, wrist circumference of 150 millimeters, and from then on it will be pretty big. I would say is just as wearable if it is yours now. The tried-and-tested movement with the number 31 35 would be appreciated. And that’s the clockwork that has really been around for decades. I think 30 years or so built into the Ur is considered to be one of the the EU still has 48 hours as the most reliable clockwork ever to date Power Reserve. But I expect either this or the next at the latest year gets the full update and there will probably be the new 32 35 caliber upgraded with a 72-hour power reserve that is in practice so that the clock always runs. It must be put on at least every third day then. She stops herself again by moving her wrist. But now we come to the most obvious peculiarity of the 116 618 lb. This submariner is actually complete and also made of massive, 18 carat made of yellow gold And that doesn’t just refer to the case and bracelet also refers to all the accessories such as these small screws where the bracelet is screwed on, and that is very decadent. In my opinion. That means the value of the horn used is still that way about 6000 euro and how exactly? I get the time I write down below in the video description for all the curious, and I really have to say. The gold used by Rolex is one of the most beautiful shades of gold ever, especially really brand new. The watch looks almost perfect, and Stadtberner shines and shines, especially under daylight, and yet golden housing can do this from actually anything including your steel. Brothers can above all theoretically. I say they can also be used for diving. It will be the market until 30 construction of the 300 meters. This is waterproof from now on and with the unidirectional rotating bezel, you can also see the past diving time easy to read and will make one of the most beautiful noises when turning the sub. Marriner is at all worth due to the gold used, but above all, also one and a real flogger wrist. A black star in stainless steel weighs around 150 grams. Gold weighs almost 220 grams. And you can really feel that in comparison when you wear it and come with it. We also go to part two of the review, namely, wearing the watch in everyday life. Can you wear such a watch in everyday life? You have to ask this simple question with this watch. At least look at number one from two perspectives. Does this watch affect my surroundings on others? And how much does it attract attention and number two, of course? How sensitive is the gold used in the everyday? Life is just not scratched immediately if we often catch them directly directly with the first question. If you think that the submarine 116 6 18 MB, Then you are definitely right. I would almost say it is one of the most eye-catching watches ever knowledge from marina alone, everyone and then also with gold in the with blue accents means that you are often spoken to on the clock months of wear experience. I can tell you that hardly anyone. Not even watches is somehow freak and self watches. Has you on the clock speaks? A couple of my relatives wanted to know what that now please should and how much the watch costs etc, but usually the feedback is none or maybe a little longer. Look at my wrist. Nevertheless, I would not wear this. Watch Everywhere I pull. For example, I like my page five spots or my tricks on when I I’m just out and about with friends who have nothing to do with them, And if I were in the field service and sales, then I would be the watch. Actually, don’t wear it either because it is already thick, even if it is. Nobody tells you and I’ll tell you, honestly when I tell you a few days have not worn then. I am really happy every time when you comes back into my wrist and quite often I can’t. Do it like that really believe that I really bought this watch? Have my absolute dream come true for years, and that’s really the nicest thing about the ass off, but now we come to it. A somewhat less beautiful part, namely the wear and tear of the watch when it is worn as is the case with the new and favorite things, I have the clock sometimes worn every day and also for weeks without interruption, although I have firmly resolved that the watch will only be special occasions or at the weekend, and that’s my first watch completely off. Gold was my concern that this from a few times wear was already relative has strong signs of wear and so. I have a bit of fun with it Spoils because 18k Gold is really soft, and by that, I mean, that even a microfiber cloth with a few grains of dust inside the watch. So when you wear a golden one, you can only scratch it to watch how it looks a bit battered and worse from day to day no. Thank God, it is not that bad in front of small micro. Actually, you can’t really protect yourself from scratching and so do. I I honestly believe they are already in the completely new state of the ur in there, But with a little caution, I managed to get the watch in one state really as good as new. I hear about my own protective films. I put it on the case and on the clasp and they just put me in front of it. Protect small inattentions. That may sound very meticulous. I know, but I just love it When my watch looks permanently flawless and for the I have really got used to others, No more hasty movements to make with my left hand, and I have coined with many others spoken that seems widespread and almost automatic to be a habit when you buy an expensive watch for the first time and with it. I have to say that overall. I am surprised how easy it is. To keep an urn in a very, very good condition, but I also lay it always before doing anything that tends to scratch the watch, for example, when I do something with a tool maker or something like that one or the other likes each other there surely ask whether such a watch should not be able to withstand that and that the answer is, of course, there are also people who don’t mind at all if the watch is scratched and do not scratch at the end of the day, but only signs of use, and that means whoever wants can with the sub too hammering and flexing. It definitely doesn’t bother the function. At all. Since I bought this, I got especially questions about purchase prices where I got the watch from and what I think where it is going in terms of value in the future. I saw the watch in the shop of a dealer. I know over a corner And since the price at the end of 2019 when the watch was bought, really a top price was I decided back then that this was the chance to buy the watch and I would do it again anytime afterwards. For all those who might also consider the golden trigger. But now comes the question of what exactly is a fair price. List price of 32,500 euros. I would say depending on the condition and age. A fair price between 29 and 32,000 euros for models that really? If you are over five years old, you will also find offers among them with this. We are already quite close to the list price and who is at the official Rolex dealer is also allowed to buy this watch. Unfortunately, I would. Don’t suspect too much discount ask. Maybe five percent each, depending on how good you are as a customer. A Rolex has simply been delivering since a few years. There are significantly fewer gold models, but we’ll get to that in a moment for many when buying a Rolex. The issue of value retention is also important, important aspect and everyone only talks about the sport city models. Like zum, for example. The Rolex Daytona or the half or the Pepsi is included. Actually, the course of the golden zap is much more impressive for me. In 2012 you could have got this new watch for an unbelievable, 16,000 euros today, you have to put down at least 29,000 euros and that’s 80 percent and I see there no turnaround anytime soon, but let me tell you three reasons why I think that’s the number one reason gold models are. I’m compared to strong models, as just indicated really rarely. One Rolex tents give you 20 starts -. Maybe even a few more a year from the golden. It is more like three to four. That actually makes the Golden Sachs much better collector’s items. If they weren’t that common, they really are something special number. Two gold models are more likely to be bought by very high, earning people who are actually not so keen on the value of the watch. And I probably don’t actually belong to the poorest people who look like that. Strap a thing on your wrist. I think hardly anyone sells immediately his golden stick when the price collapses a bit and I’m there with the star models, actually, sometimes not so sure and reasonably number three. There are the economy models that are completely outside and also completely over prices are then he pays partially twice as much on the market as the the list price is, and the gold models are actually not yet like that inflated and still available for prices below the list. Price being me. I’m excited to see where the next few years will go as a last point to the things that I don’t like about the sub or the ones you should at least know or pay attention to before buying in all honesty. I love these pipes and then really had to go for a while. Think about whether there is something behind the pink Rolex glasses That makes me feel at the clock. It had bothered us because we noticed exactly two points point number one. The sub gets really dirty, pretty quickly, especially deposited parts. If you have simply washed your hands under water splattered or if you’ve sweated the shine is pretty cool quickly, and that’s not how the brushed steel shows for mine such stains, much less than the gold and point two doesn’t really bother me, but at least it struck me, namely the dial you the certain lighting conditions, especially under led light, a bit darker and also a little greenish on the outside. Then it doesn’t quite fit from the road, bezel. Otherwise, this watch is really the perfect watch for me and mine. The joy of this watch has really not diminished since day. One every time I put on warm clothes. I am as happy as a little child about how beautiful it is. The clock looks like and annoying my wife and me regularly they stretch over here and say, look how great the east, okay, those were my most important experiences from over half a year with the Rolex Submariner 116 618 lb when you are also faced with the decision. If you can buy this watch, you really have all the important information about it. The clock and with it. I wish you a nice day. If any Questions are too open. Then I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below. Listen and see you again in the next video bit then.

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