Rolex Milgauss Blue | Rolex Blue Z Milgauss 116400gv

Bruce Williams

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Rolex Blue Z Milgauss 116400gv


[music] guys! I’ve got a fun video for you today. I’ve got a brand-new one. One, 6400 Givi Rolex here. This is the bluesy mil Gauss. And as you can see, it’s still in the factory plastics with the stickers On exactly like you would get it from Switzerland and let me open it up here. This is not my watch. This does belong to a friend of mine who just barely bought it as you can see and how it is brand new, and he sent it to me and said Bruce. I want you to check this out. Do a video. I’m really excited about this watch, so I am honored to show the Z blue here on the channel. This is one of the coolest Rolex sports models that you can buy so big shout out to you. Rocky, hey, I couldn’t. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. This is a seriously cool. Watch and for you to send this to me. Brand new before you even been able to wear. It is just really awesome of you. So thank you, my friend. So what makes the milk house such a cool model? Well, you know, a lot of people are blowing smoke about the ceramic. Daytona, about the new sea-dweller with the red text and those are seriously cool watches. But I think the bluesy mill Gauss kind of takes the cake. I love a couple things about it. I really like the fact that this is an underrated model within the Rolex lineup. You know, when you think of Rolex, you generally don’t think of mill gauss, you think of Submariner and GMT master and Explorer and Datejust, and so I like the fact that this is kind of the underrated line, but it doesn’t mean it’s an. It’s a lame watch. I mean, this is chock full of really sweet details that I’m personally a fan of I love the larger 40 millimeter size. It’s got some heft and weight to it. I mean, you’ve got some really good wrists. Presence with the sighs and execution of the Rolex Oyster case, the added weight comes from the iron Shell or the Ferromagnetic cage that houses the 31:31 cow movement inside. So you’ve got some extra thickness, some extra weight, and it’s kind of nice to feel that while you’re wearing this on your wrist, you know to get that little bit extra sense of like I’m wearing tech and quality. I think that’s pretty cool. And then this one also has the electric blue dial now. I got to say this is probably the coolest blue sunburst dial that I’ve ever seen. It’s executed so well. I hope through these macro shots. You can get a sense of the quality because it is really well done and especially when you get it in sunlight. This thing lights up, and I like the fact that the electric blue ties in really well with that orange lightning bolt’s second. Sam, not only is. Are they complementary colors, but the fact that they are slightly using a play on electricity, you know, with the lightning bolt with the second sin and then also the electric blue shade of blue. I think that’s interesting. It ties in very well with the model name the mill Gauss so apart from this having some just fun presence and being an aesthetically sharp design. This has some really cool tech goodies to it so like. I said this has the caliber 31 31 from Rolex. It’s a very nice caliber. It’s got a 48-hour Power Reserve kiff shock absorbers, a glycerol balance wheel, a blue pair of chrome hair spring with the Begay over a coil. So you’ve got all the things that you love to see from Rolex. Yes, it is a superlative chronometer. So you are going to get two seconds per day accuracy, plus or minus, but you’re getting incredible. Anti magnetic properties here, so the movement is is shielded basically in a Faraday cage, it’s covered with a soft iron shell that will direct magnetic flux around it and then pair that with the the anti-magnetic hair spring and the different alloys that they’re using this thing can take some serious abuse when it comes to magnetic fields, so it’s rated to what 1,000 Gauss hence the name mill Gauss or 80,000 amperes per meter. I think you could absolutely go way over that. I think that’s a conservative estimate of how tough this watching caliber is, so it’s got the tech goodies, and then you’ve also got the exclusivity of the underrated line. The mil Gauss in that beautiful electric blue dial and then that Z crystal, the Green Crystal. So if you look at this straight on, you know, you get clear, there’s no haze. There’s no distortion, but then you look around the outside of that crystal, and you can see that Rolex green hue and it is seriously cool. They don’t do that on any other watches, except for the mill. Gauss line so again! You’re getting some nice exclusivity here with this one, and yeah, you’re getting a screw down Twin lock Crown Oyster Style bracelet with an easy link extension, and then something else that’s interesting Is you’ve got some engraving here on the case back, which is something that. Rolex generally doesn’t do unless it’s a real special model like a sea-dweller. So it’s really cool that they’ve done that here on the on the oyster again. Just another little detail. That’s really silly when you think about it, but us. Rolex fanboys really appreciate so in the end. This is just a seriously cool watch. It’s got the tech specs. It’s got the exclusivity. It’s underrated! It’s absolutely stunning. This is one of the most beautiful watches that. I’ve had in for review. I mean, this is really cool. So, rocky, dude! You’ve got an awesome watch, yeah? I love it! I thank you so much for letting me spend some time with this. This is really really special. So those are my thoughts on the mil. Gauss, let me know if you guys have any questions. Please reach out to me and I’ll catch in the next video, Cheers!