Seiko 62mas | Seiko Spb147 (my Pick For 62mas)

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Seiko Spb147 (my Pick For 62mas)


All right, guys, let’s check out this Seiko 62ma’s style watch. This is the spb147 big. Thanks to Amin from amen reviews. I’ll put a link to his channel in the description. He is a wealth of knowledge, and does some really cool, uh, live streams with other people, so definitely check out his channel and tell him I sent you. So the reason I really like. This Watch is because of that. Deep, deep brown dial with the gold or gilded. Whatever you want to call it and almost tan. I don’t even know if we can really call this faux patina anymore like I think they’re just playing with the color ways. Now at this point, it’s not even really like trying to like, make it vintage looking or anything. At least. I don’t feel that way. Maybe you do, but, uh, this colorway. I love and definitely the 62ma’s. Those were hands down would be my pick. And I really really hope Seiko. I know you watch my videos and you’re listening. Do this exact colorway in the willard and you got me? I’ll do it, I’ll buy it right now. So, okay, so anyway, let’s get into the specs. You’re looking at a 40 millimeter case. I actually kind of measure it like 40.2 but we’ll just call it 40 40 millimeter by 47.6 lug to lug, You can see nice drilled lugs, and I’ll do some close-ups, but the brush and the polished finishings on this are like superb. It is very well done 13.9 thick, but that’s including the domed sapphire crystal. Yep, it has slightly proud of the bezel, and it is domed into the sapphire, so 20 millimeter lug width, the crown 6.5 millimeter. That is a perfect size for this case dimensions. I know I talk a lot about a seven millimeter. But when the case is the actual case, part of it is actually a little bit thinner like this one is 6.5 perfect for this Watch, So screw down, Obviously, 200 meter water, Resist, screw down case back. Of course, their information is there. It is a 6r35 movement with a 70 hour power reserve and a bunch of other features, You know, says right on there, Sapphire crystal. All that good stuff. It doesn’t say anything about a special or limited edition, so I don’t know details regarding that with this one. There are some other colorways that are limited and or special. I’m not really sure the details on those either, But I think I’ve had them on. I can’t remember you guys. I do so many watches, it’s crazy. So, um, you know, a while ago? Seiko released the sla-017. You know, the 62mm’s reissue, basically, and those are like four thousand dollar watches, right, so alongside of that, they released another one that was like an oversized 62 mas. And I remember just everybody. I mean, there was people that could buy the 4 000 Watch that they were happy. They were fine with that and I get it. That is a really cool watch, and it’s holding its value or going up, potentially, but and then there was, you know, people that were like, dang it. I wanted an affordable one in the 40 mil size. Well, boom, here you go. And, of course, there’s people that liked the larger case because they have a larger wrist or they just prefer a larger watch. So now with this one coming out or this style of watch, you know the SPB 147s and like numbers, basically. Seiko has all of their bases covered. They just dominate that whole market, so whatever your wrist size is. Whatever colorway you prefer chances. Are there’s going to be a model for you anyway? Um, 120 click bezel. Nice, smooth operation. Very Seiko. Like because it. Well, here’s the Seiko, so lines up and the printing on, you know, even the original one. The printing is instead of a chapter because this just has a metal chapter on the inside the printings on the dial, so a little bit easier quality control wise to line up the triangle with the PIP with the markers. I dig that I’m actually really liking that versus you know how they did with the SKX and well most eco divers. I prefer this method. I didn’t take this outside and check it out. Natural light, but I have to believe that it is beautiful because it looks amazing here in the studio lights and typically, natural lights are even going to be better, so you can see beautiful gold tone to the handset, the markers and even the printing along the dial. And then you also have the tan color on the bezel markers here to match the tan of the loom that are that are on the hands and the indices, so everything ties in really good. I would say I mean it would have been nice if they could have matched that off-white color to the date wheel. But I get it. You know, they probably have a gazillion of these date wheels laying around for different models, so toss it in there, but a little extra attention to detail to kind of match. Some of these up would be nice. I think as watch fanboys Seiko fanboys, we would appreciate that, and we would probably goggle over that pretty good, so you can see the coin edge on. The bezel is really good, as is the crown and then, like I said, the finishing is just it’s near perfection. So it’s, you know, nice sharp lines pretty pretty consistent throughout it. There’s a couple little dips, but, uh, the brushing on it is just the perfect depth and nice grain to it. And then the Polish relief is just super reflective as you would hope, so also the strap that they paired with. This is just better than the regular silicone. I don’t I don’t have one just sitting around here. But because partly because they put some sort of texture on the top. Almost I don’t know what you want to call that, and it’s a little bit thinner, You know, tapers! Even the metal keeper is actually a little bit smaller. So I’m digging that, you know, I’m not a big fan of the metal keepers. I would prefer they have the same material as the strap used as the keeper, but this works because it’s a little bit smaller. I’m okay with that matching hardware, of course and signed, but the strap is like I like the strap more than I like. Just the standard silicone one. Just the fact that they put that pattern on there. I think just helps break it up and really complement the watch. Of course there are going to be some straps. I’m sure from strap code that are going to be coming out soon for these models, but here you can see it on my seven and a quarter inch wrist. Um, I I think almonds. You know, he sent this to me with this. Strap already on the watch and I can see easily just wearing this no problem because you know you adjust one hole, you know, for, you know, whatever time of day it is, if you need it a little bit tighter, a little bit looser. It’s super easy to do on the fly, and it’s super comfortable, you know, it’s going to be water and wear resistant and everything like that. It’s going to hold up really good, so it looks fantastic. So, of course, if you’re a Nato guy, this thing would dominate on NATO. Honestly, I could even envision because I don’t currently have a really nice mesh bracelet. This watch on a mesh bracelet would be really cool as well. So whatever your preference is whether it be metal or the rubber silicone or of cloth fabric. Whatever you want to do, this watch is going to be able to do it. No problem, let’s kill the lights. Check the loom awesome loom. They can still glow at super green. Even though it’s a tan colored loom. I don’t know how Seiko does its magic. But it looks great. All right, guys. Thanks for watching. I’ll catch on the next video.